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Goalless for limp Les Bleus

Goalless for limp Les Bleus

France's opening game of the World Cup ended in a largely uninspiring 0-0 stalemate versus Uruguay, who were reduced to 10 men.

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Benson Tumwesigye (Arsenal fan) says...

Domenech please save us from seeing Govou on the right wing, he was too slagish and he was more of a shadow of himself. Malouda or Henry should start instead of Govou. I was impressed by Diaby though and I think Nasir could have given Domenech a better option when Ribery runs out of ideas

Posted 10:36 13th June 2010

Nii Oko (Manchester United fan) says...

Did France really take a good decision by appointing Blanc with the team yet to start the World Cup? I think the timing of that could have contributed to the players' mentality and attitude towards Domenech. He also did not do himself justice with his team selection, tactics and the timing of his substitutions. You still can't count them out though, even without creative players like Nasri and Benzema!

Posted 11:55 12th June 2010

Margaret Glover (Liverpool fan) says...

I would love to have been able to freezeframe the moment that HENRY appealed for HANDBALL. Him of all people. He should not have been allowed to represent his country after his 'cheating' ways against the ROI. Such a miserable game to watch I hope it gets better.

Posted 10:26 12th June 2010

Stephen Ruane (Liverpool fan) says...

For all his flaws, Domenech's choice in picking Diaby for the starting XI was inspired. By far the man of the match.

Posted 08:44 12th June 2010

Maleele Maleele (Arsenal fan) says...

The France team are now feeling the two men left Nasri and Benzima and they were the key players of the France team but the feeling just come out and I think that France will not pass the knock out, an an Arsenal Fan I would say that the France couch should be sacked after the world cup and the other couch who lost mind is Dunga, he left the well experienced men and took show people so world football has changed so let is see what will happen to them Capelo also needs to understand that he left the winger Wolkot which is not good to used a man when you are fighting for something and when you get it you leave him so Engiland are going to feel the missing of their great player.

Posted 08:35 12th June 2010

Doja Wale (Arsenal fan) says...

Why for God sake a coach will dump the likes of Benzema and Nasri for world cup and despite that again he benched the likes of malouda and Henry in an opening match. Personally i think that kind of coach need a check up and i dont think is not after the trophy so far nothin disturb is pay... Common France you got better man to fill that space

Posted 06:46 12th June 2010

Brian Brosnan (Arsenal fan) says...

This just proves that the irish should be in the world cup, because if the irish were there they would but on a better show and their supporters would drown out the sound of those horrible horns and make the south african bar owners rich. come on the irish

Posted 03:52 12th June 2010

Goran Jovanovic (Liverpool fan) says...

Absolutely boring. Just compare S.Africa-Mexico match, it was so much better, exciting and I enjoyed it. I thought that Uruguay will win it, but France defended like maniacs. If they were a little more open, Uruguay would score and win. Uruguayans are my favorite. France sucked and won't change until Blanc comes instead of Domenech. I agree that Nasri and Benzema should be in the team, but I don't agree about Gourcuff. He is an excellent player and he will show it.

Posted 03:32 12th June 2010

Jason Fallows (West Ham United fan) says...

Congratulations to the ref for the only decent performance of the match. He made every call perfectly and was easily outshining the players of either side. Personally, i found both sides to be lacking the ability to finish.....which is amazing when you consider Uruguay's two top forwards scored more than 80 goals between them domestically. Build up play was only good in rare moments, Typical Uruguay performance (judging by recent years) but definately not what you would expect to see from France....hopefully, the next games of this group will be a little more exciting.

Posted 01:51 12th June 2010

Andy Fouracres (Leeds United fan) says...

For all of their critics France are a very talented team and could win this tournament. However, this is where Domenech enters the equation - absoultely clueless and witless - what exactly is his facination with Govou ? Benzema is quality - admitted he has not had a good season with RM but then, that can easily happen when you move from the French League to sides like RM - just look at Kaka's season.......... If I were a Frenchman then I would be appalled - Domenech is a complete disaster and the FFA should be ashamed of themeselves...........quite how these organisations are allowed to destroy their sporting nations with imbecilic and crass decisions is quite beyond's a bit like our own FA in England over the years....................forget democracy when it come's to sport.........just dispoese of these imebeciles who are supposed to run the national game.

Posted 22:52 11th June 2010

Peter Dowling (Manchester United fan) says...

How ironic was that ?Henry claiming for a handball in the box. Took his hand down fairly quickly though.

Posted 22:48 11th June 2010

Omid Karambeck (Newcastle Utd) (Newcastle United fan) says...

Raymond Domenech tactics were just awful..Malouda should have started in place of Govou who was ineffective..the absence of Nasri and Benzema are felt in the France squad..never expect goals with Anelka upfront alone expecting support from toothless players like Govou..!

Posted 22:30 11th June 2010

Kedon Bucchan (Arsenal fan) says...

this is where nasir was needed with his trickry to unlock that defence...cuz gourcuff was lose..arsenal boyz look good....

Posted 22:28 11th June 2010

Sean O hare (Arsenal fan) says...

is there a reason why domenech didnt pick nasri, i find it a shocking decision. i admit i am an arsenal fan but surely he warrants his position in that midfield that was short of ideas tonight in my opinion.

Posted 22:20 11th June 2010

Steve Quinn (Manchester United fan) says...

One boring game and I'm already getting moans from the missus. Cmpon guys. Need to up the pace a bit or I'll really be in trouble.

Posted 22:16 11th June 2010

Adrian Tee (Bournemouth fan) says...

I shall not be watching any more matches with the sound on those infernal hooters completely spoil the ambiance & I don't know how the players can concentrate

Posted 22:11 11th June 2010

John Singleton (Bayern Munich fan) says...

The French team sorely missed Nasri. There was no creativity in midfiled bar Ribery.

Posted 22:01 11th June 2010

Dave Van walwyk (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

"referee Nishimura confidently waved away appeals for a penalty as Henry's shot appeared to clip Victorino's hand." Henry had a cheek appealing after what he did to the Irish!

Posted 21:56 11th June 2010

Michael Morris (Barcelona fan) says...

All Domenech must have been hoping for were good performances from Gourcuff and Govou to take the heat out of the controversy of starting them. They were absolute RUBBISH!! Oh well..

Posted 21:54 11th June 2010

Wasim Magsi (Arsenal fan) says...

Yoann Gourcuff was a real disappointment he could barely stand up or keep the ball . Malouda should start the next match for Gourcuff and Henry in place of Govou

Posted 21:48 11th June 2010

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