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Green gift spares States

Green gift spares States

A terrible error by Robert Green cost England two points in their World Cup opener, as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw with USA.

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Paul S (Arsenal fan) says...

Who'd be a goalkeeer?? the team underperformed but Green is the scapegoat. Yes he made a mistake, but how many others did? England & the press should be as disappointed with only scoring one goal as the nature of the equalizer.

Posted 16:11 13th June 2010

Marcus Martinez (Newcastle United fan) says...

Im not sure what England has to be down about. You didnt lose and you will win your next two games. You will most likley be the top seed in the group. So as far as I can see your still on pace for what you want to achieve. I wish in the USA we had more support but hey Ill take what we can get. Also cant blame David Greene, that was a great save on Altidore's strike.

Posted 15:25 13th June 2010

Jeff Styris (Chelsea fan) says...

The final delivery from Lennon and SWP - but especially Lennon - was absolutely horrific. It was made even worse by the fact that the only avenues that we were taking were shooting from distance and crossing from out wide. Capello is sitting there scratching his head about not including Walcott.. Even though his final ball is criticized, I have never seen him do worse than Lennon did last night. C'mon England lets bounce back

Posted 15:07 13th June 2010

Nomae Srednuas (Manchester United fan) says...

Yeah a goalkeeping error but forget it. That's not the real story. For me the stand out fact from the game is that England don't have a midfield. Gerrard and Lampard are great at finishing moves but neither is a creative midfielder in the true sense. Capello has obviously realised that and has resported to the ol' Route One strategy. Can't understand why SWP came in for Milner. Joe Cole on a bad day is far superior. Also if Route one is the tactic I'd have Crouch on instead of Heskey.

Posted 14:50 13th June 2010

Nigel Hainsworth (West Ham United fan) says...

Yes he made a mistake but if it hadn't been for Green we would have been bottom of the group - figure that in your comments!! Also what about the two one on ones we had straight at the keeper and Lampard??? what was he doing ??? can anyone tell me??

Posted 14:33 13th June 2010

Johan Ward says...

C'mon England. Yes it was a terrible mistake by Green, but we will get over it, thats our bad luck out of the way. Still feel that Lamps and Gerrard can't play together. What happened to Dawson? Why choose Carragher? And where was Joe Cole? He is a key England player and he can link u with Rooney, we need all the best players. Heskey was awesome. England should have no trouble qualifing but we need to stick with the team, support the lads and we'll do well.

Posted 14:28 13th June 2010

Gerry Duffy (Celtic fan) says...

Capello should stick with Green for the Algeria game, James is a good backup only, and Hart is inexperienced. Blame the strikers for not converting several goalscoring chances, not the 'keeper. . England sholuld still qualify easily, looking at two poor teams today, Algeria & Slovenia. You would wonder how these two made it to the finals!

Posted 13:52 13th June 2010

Gary Gough says...

I feel for Rob Green, but now everyone has to forget about it , move on and support him. hes only human, everyBODY makes mistakes. Come on England!

Posted 11:49 13th June 2010

David N says...

Yes it was a shocking mistake, but at the end of the day we didnt deserve to win, and would have lost had it not been for Green's second half save. Couple of changes for the 2nd game, would take heskey out, he is useless how can someone not get in the villa squad and then starts for england in the world cup???? also take out milner, and bring in joe cole to play of the left, we desperately need someone with a bit of creativity, and bring barry into the midfield to play along side lampard and move gerrard to play behind rooney. On a positive note, thought Gerrard had a great game and showed how to lead a country was let down by the players around him. And also thought Johnson showed he is one of the best right backs in the game today, defended when needed and was probably one of the brightest going forward, put some great crosses in and had a great effort. Not too worried about the next 2 games so should hopefully still finish top of the group. C'mon England

Posted 11:44 13th June 2010

Les Elliott says...

Putting Rob Greens one mistake aside. I would like to see all three keepers play in these prelimary rounds. There is no one clear cut choice, so let them all have a chance, then we may have a clear cut keeper to take us on. My choice would be Hart and I would like him playing for Arsenal this coming season.

Posted 11:41 13th June 2010

Paul Cotty (Newcastle United fan) says...

Moving away from the UK a year ago for work has made me realise how vindictive the English media and some of the supposed fans are! Reading press and sport pages like this in the southern hemisphere are always positive towards their national team, win or lose, why on earth cant we do the same back home? Come on guys, we drew our first game in '66 against Uruguay previous winners twice and Italy drew their first game with the USA in 2006 with on own goal, both went on to win the World Cup. Lets support the guys with the hearts of Three Lions, from the common supporter to the short sighted reporters of our supposedly patriotic tabloid press!

Posted 11:38 13th June 2010

Chris Edwards says...

Our 2 top keepers from clubs who were relegated or just missed relegation - are we suprised? Why Lampard and Phillips? We had no control in the midfield. Why not Cole and Carrick to hold the line? He does it for Man U and i think they keep winning things? And Heskey - wasnt the only orange clad player on the pitch bright enough? Why cant we have a manager who plays our top performing players in positions they play and forgets about 'names'. We are the only Country to take ill or injured players. Why? Is this more about sponsorship?

Posted 11:38 13th June 2010

Mark Homewood (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

England can win the world cup. But far too much respect was given here. Note the lack of tackling and hassling the americans on the ball, we let them play!!!!!! If we carry on with this approach, the first decent team will knock us out, start getting stuck in boys!!!!!! We made them look good, lets make no mistake about that. All the idiots saying get behind the team, Fabio is a top coach and those boys last night deserve a roasting. green never cost us the two points, I feel for him, if he had something in front of him getting stuck in, it would have been 3-1 not 1-1!!!!

Posted 11:17 13th June 2010

David Matley (Stoke City fan) says...

Green shouldn't play international football again. He hasn't got the temperament for it, much the same as James. Hart must be given a chance. The centre of defence is also problematic, Carragher is much too slow, he will end up getting sent off. Whilst I thought the wingers got behind their defence, the crossing by Lennon and Wright-Philips was abismal as usual, what do they teach them in training. Thought overall we weren't too bad, but must find a way of getting Rooney in the game more.

Posted 10:56 13th June 2010

Jenny Kynes says...

It is no surprise that we struggle when you read this bunch of malicious rubbish. When we say England must play as a team - that includes the fans as well. Look how the support for South Africa brought out the best from their team. Where are the positives?? Stevie G and Johnson were magnificent, and so was Green to keep us in the game. Of course we regret what happened - but hey - that's got the howlers out of the way. Now if a few more "big" names start to contribute - we can all enjoy this world cup. But for goodness sake - stay behind our team. C'mon boys !!

Posted 09:06 13th June 2010

John Lloyd (Everton fan) says...

Listen to u lot Idiots. Support your country not put them down, if u ave nothing good to say about r country move out of it . Sort your heads out pathetic.

Posted 09:05 13th June 2010

Lee Devall says...

I feel for Rob Green, a mistake that made the result a draw but if the out filed players had done more with their chances we could have won 5. 1. Hesky, Wright-Philips and others had very good chances.

Posted 09:04 13th June 2010

Matthew Elliott (Manchester United fan) says...

My biggest concern on the field in our opening game was not the error of Robert Green, it was the joke that is Jamie Carragher. He is clearly to old and to slow to be of any use at this level and it only took about 10 minutes for everyone to see it!! Booked early after coming on and could potentially of been off before the end. Players skinning him at will and he looked to be able to do nothing about it. Dawson before Carragher every time Mr Capello. For the good of the England team Carragher needs to go back into international retirement with immediate effect.

Posted 08:43 13th June 2010

Alan Smith says...

Unbelievable!!!!! England on paper can win this cup.But with fans and media like the majority of you lot they have no chance! So from Bonnie Scotland keep up the good work and we will look forward to hearing about 66 for another 4 years!!!!!!!!!

Posted 08:37 13th June 2010

Keith Hawkins (Liverpool fan) says...

Englands problem is their midfield. Lampard and Gerrard cannot play together, no matter what Keving Keegan and the rest of the tools on ITV say. Look at the match closely and watch whenever 1 of the back 4 has the ball, neither of them 2 come looking for the ball hence there is no link up play between defense and the strikers. Capello needs to bite the bullet and drop 1. You'll see a completely different England then. Hoofing the ball long to Heskey won't win England the world cup. It reminds me of Ireland under Jack Charlton. We played long balls because we hadn't got the creative players like England do. Pity he couldn't have persuaded Scholes to come back. Barry and Cole to start next game!

Posted 08:18 13th June 2010

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