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Green gift spares States

Green gift spares States

A terrible error by Robert Green cost England two points in their World Cup opener, as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw with USA.

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Manny Manfredo says...

Lets firstly say,well done to South Africa.I was one of those doubters who taught they could not host this event, but hey, they showed me. Were are the terrorists that we said the police could not handle. Yes, there were a few robberies, but the criminals were caught & sentenced to 12 years within days.. Big ups to SA.As for England..again, we fans & the media hype them up, only for them to let us down.If James played & he made an error, we would have wanted Green or Hart, so who no's..I think we will still get through, but lets try and get to round of 16 first before talking about the final. Any team can beat us.Remember, Algeria beat Egypt!

Posted 08:10 13th June 2010

Javed Khan (Manchester United fan) says...

Green was at fault but Gerrard should shoulder much of the blame for being turned inside out by Dempsey before he let fly with that missile of a shot!! Lampard was poor throughout, Carragher should never have been in the 23, Joe Cole is the main man!!!

Posted 07:51 13th June 2010

Terry Wogan (Leeds United fan) says...

England did not look too bad , but after the mistake by Green our heads went down . Come on and support our team , look at Italy in the last world cup they did not peak until after the group stages . We did not loose and the USA are no mugs. we will have a 2 more game teams did not turn up to this tournament , they earned it by winning and in so every team here is a possible threat . there will be no easy games .! .

Posted 07:50 13th June 2010

Raf Tom (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am disgusted with most of these comments, we have the worst fans in the world, it is an utter disgrace. I am in the armed forces and am very proud of my country, win lose or draw. You'd have thought we had just lost 5-0 to San Marino the way most of these people are talking. We drew with a good side and put in a half decent performance, and are still favourites to top the group. What a disgrace to our country you lot are. Those slagging Heskey must be blind, he was our best player, well done lad. The armed force are behind you lads.

Posted 07:34 13th June 2010

Jamel Fisher (Bristol City fan) says...

Does anyone think that the England camp might have access to the internet? all the criticism is not helping our boys at all. Why dont we all forget the last match and gee our boys up for the next one and actually support them rather than say how rubbish they all are! You call yourselves Englishman!

Posted 07:31 13th June 2010

Chris Prior (Manchester United fan) says...

How embarrassing it must be for some of the people posting comments.... worse for me because I find myself agreeing with Paul Watson (a Liverpool fan). One of you posted that England lost... others have given up already. How will you reconcile these comments if England do what is hugely possible and qualify. It's a World Cup and and anyone watching the game saw the pressure on both teams and I thought england were great. Dodgy goal is all... get over it. Still well in the competition

Posted 06:54 13th June 2010

Phil Mcgovern (Forfar Athletic fan) says...

England, tired looking team with no ideas. Long (boom) ball by centrehalf to big centreforward, USA, ok after very nervy start to game but started to play some attrictive football. No team will win this World cup on those displays. Can either team play any better thought? Milner was taken off because he was skinned 3 times by USA right back and then got booked. J.Cole was not his replacment as he has no pace to prevent the attacks. It was a defensive sub.

Posted 06:49 13th June 2010

Geoff Parry (Derby County fan) says...

I think that Greens mistake was a really bad one (International Goalkeepers should never make mistakes like that one). But in saying that ....Englands display on the whole was absolutely abysmal...I think that they are miles away from becoming World Champions...they are nowhere near the big football playing countries of the world...and since Capello took over I have never seen them play remotely like a team even in the top 100 in the world. England may have some good players...but as a TEAM...they are absolute rubbish.

Posted 06:31 13th June 2010

Steve Waite (Reading fan) says...

I hate to say to say I told you so (but my previous comments did not get printed).Had they been, I said that the USA would be no pushovers, and I was proved right. I also said that my big worry was England's goalkeeper position. I said that Joe Hart should start - NOT Calamity James, and now CALAMITY GREEN! What was Capello thinking when he gave Green the nod as first choice goalkeeper in this game? OK so the rest of the team did not play that well, but up until that howler by Green they were playing OK. That was the turning point in the game, and it gave the yanks a lift, and they improved from that point on, and England never got back into the game, and were demoralised by that howler of a mistake by Green. Why is it that the last good England goalkeeper that I can remember was Gordon Banks, and that was in 1966. I cannot remember one world class English goalkeeper since. Ok so there have been some average goalkeepers since then, but who stands out? Maybe Shilton, & Seaman but even they made mistakes which cost England dearly in World Cup & European games. Joe Hart seems to be the best up, and coming English goalkeeper so why not give him a chance in the next world cup game? Lets face it he could not do any worse. Look at England's current options- James who plays for Portsmouth who have just been relegated, and Green who plays for West Ham who only just missed out on relegation. Look at their goals against situation in the just completed Premier League table. What does that say about the state of the England's goalkeeping options? At least Birmingham with Joe Hart playing finished in a respectable position in the Premier League. Let us hope that Joe Hart gets a chance in the next game, and that England can prove the doubters wrong, and put this first game debacle behind them, and go on to prove to the world that England does have the ability to go all the way.

Posted 05:58 13th June 2010

Andrew Hall says...

The comment about "holding on to lead" says it all. Gerrard scored within the first 5 minutes - what happened for the other 85 minutes? You cannot rely on a single goal advantage. The USA deserved the draw.

Posted 05:50 13th June 2010

Wayne Chettleburgh (West Ham United fan) says...

I love the way the press and media and whole country jump on Green's back and asking for him to be dropped. James will make a mistake as will Hart, most goalkeepers will in this world cup cos of the stupid ball. Have you seen how it bounces or skips of the surface, its madness. Anyway yes Green made a fatal mistake but did pull of a great save later and his distribution is much better than the other keepers. Also why is no one saying how bad a game Lampard had, or how useless SWP was on the left wing. Even Gerrard drifted out of the game. Rooney did his usual running around the pitch trying to create a goal for himself only to lose the ball. Heskey had a 1 on 1 and got scared about scoring. Lennon forgot his running shoes today. The only player i thought did well was Glen Johnson. Why hasn't Capello tried Ashley Cole as a left winger and try Baines or Warnock at left back in the friendlies? Capello got alot wrong tonight and although my heart tells me we can win the world cup my head is telling me no.

Posted 04:26 13th June 2010

Richard Sauseda (Fulham fan) says...

I believe the expectations of the English football fans for today's match realistic. The reality is that American football has progressed to a world class level over the past twelve years. And we're just getting started. On any given day, the US is capable beating most teams in this tournament; i.e. Spain, Brazil, Argentina, England etc. Prediction: USA & England will advance to the second round. England will lose and the US will advance to the quarter-finals.

Posted 03:44 13th June 2010

Paul Gooch (Liverpool fan) says...

Not the greatest performance ever,granted , but England have played way better than this and lost games, so all in all not the end of the world people! Unfortunate mistake from Green but at least it's happened at the group stages, and not during the business end of the tournament. All power to Green! He showed good character during the rest of the game, it would have been so easy for him to crumble under the pressure. I fully understand the logic of Capello playing Green early in the tournament, James is the only goalkeeper until now, who has participated in big international tournaments. Way better blooding a replacement for James now as you can get away with mistakes in the group stages, smart move by Capello. Englands approach play was really good over the game but lacked the decisiveness in the final 1/3, with some awful finishing from Heskey and SWP(J Cole should be on the left he's got way more ability that SWP and Crouch for Heskey) . Capello's main mistake was introducing Crouch way to late in the second half as his height gave the USA instant problems. So yes England have lots of work to do but they will still qualify for the knockout stages, and then who knows??

Posted 03:35 13th June 2010

Sam Buhagiar (West Ham United fan) says...

If you watch the replay of the howler, Steven Gerrard was turned twice by Dempsey. Ask Spain how second rate the US is. Man for Man, England outclassed us, but they lack team unity. Gerrard and lampard both play the same postion. Tim Howard, was definately the man of the match. With any Quality up front, Donovan could have had three assists.

Posted 03:09 13th June 2010

Scott Teague (Manchester United fan) says...

A tale of two keepers, indeed. One thing we Yanks figured out years ago is a world class keeper overcomes a lot of shortcomings out on the pitch . . . Kasey Keller, Brad Friedel, and now Tim Howard. So called "Calamity James" is way better than Robert Green. He's similar to Tim Howard . . . dynamic, athletic, and can make big saves that keep a team's spirit up.

Posted 02:51 13th June 2010

Jason Linkerd (Arsenal fan) says...

Well, looks like football is definitely coming home...sooner than expected!

Posted 02:37 13th June 2010

Robert Crerrie (Liverpool fan) says...

Let's not do the typical English reaction and blame one person. We had enough to score a second goal which I'm sure would have won us the game but we weren't quite good enough. All we gotta do is beat Algeria/Slovakia, get a +4 goal difference and we'll still win the group I'm sure! As for team selection, Gerrard and Rooney are our matchwinnders, so play to their strengths. That means Rooney up front on his own and Gerrard just behind. Joe Cole has to come in on the left and hopefully Barry is fit to start the next game. That was our hardest game and we'll improve, COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Posted 02:35 13th June 2010

Larry Jacobs (Manchester United fan) says...

This is the problem with England; they think they can just roll any team over. Dream on. Listen, USA beat Spain in Confederation Cup and almost beat Brazil in the final. USA is not a minnow and, thining Slovenia and algeria are will bring yo down to earth. It's always the same unbridled expectation every four years and then falling flat. Give credit to other nations.

Posted 22:47 12th June 2010

Tom Higginbotham (Manchester United fan) says...

England players and media make me sick!! Am so happy we lost!! Like other things in life, we are better out than in, as far as world cups are concerned! C'mon Algeria!!!

Posted 22:43 12th June 2010

Kevin Brewer (West Ham United fan) says...

Why Blame Green why not blame the attack for not scoring enough goals Rooney was poor leave Green alone he made a great save not many mentions of that one mistake and he's on the scrap heap morons the lot of you

Posted 22:42 12th June 2010

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