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Green gift spares States

Green gift spares States

A terrible error by Robert Green cost England two points in their World Cup opener, as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw with USA.

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Daz Archdale (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Absolute joke, how many times will the likes of Lampard be selected on past performances. No flair players, too many foreign players in the Premier League.Is there any reason Beckham is there getting his mug in every camera shot.

Posted 22:14 12th June 2010

James Ryder says...

Lets face it we can not win the world cup. The USA were below average team and for us to win the world cup we will have to beat the likes of Spain, Brazil, Argentina...And if we make mistakes against them teams like we did today we will get punished. Robert Green made a school boy error, but we cant blame it all on him for the draw. The best players in the world show their talent at the highest stage Rooney certainly didnt show that, he might be good at club level but hes not anywhere near that in international.

Posted 22:14 12th June 2010

Glyn Jones (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

the blame is with capello, you cant pick a goalkeeper like green,he picks a centre half who cant train or even have a kick about with his kids due to injury(king)and you cant pick a goal scorer who doesnt score goals..but i do sympathise with the players having to live on the low wages they get,if i did my job as bad as some footballers i'd have got the sack..

Posted 22:14 12th June 2010

Vivek Kasiram (Manchester United fan) says...

This team was way too hyped up by the english media, they are average at best and always were, not just tonight. And all you guys calling for dropping of players, remember who got England to the finals in the first place. Its not over, England still make the quarters

Posted 22:14 12th June 2010

Dean Haddow (Chelsea fan) says...

Green should never have been number 1. James has the experience and Hart is young and fearless, Green at best should be 3rd choice and it showed tonight.. Lennon has pace but cannot put a decent ball in. Why he brought on wright phillips when you have Joe cole sitting on the bench. Gerrard led like a captain should and converted his liverpool form onto the international stage, Lampard seemed to have an understanding with Gerrard which is promising. Carragher gives away to many fouls and i fear he will get caught out. Why capello didnt give Dawson a game in the friendlies i dont know as he has had a good season with Tottenham and also has some pace. Heskey links the play and does a job for England but is that enough at this level, clear through and once again scuffed it. Crouchy gets goals but seems to be better coming of the bench same as defoe. Rooney was quiet but didnt really get enough service. If Barry is back put Rooney up on his own, sit Gerrard behind, Lampard will then be able to play the position he thrives in, attacking. Joe cole left or Milner with Lennon on the right. We need a big improvement if we are going to progress lets hope the USA drop points against Slovenia so we get a little breathing space!

Posted 22:13 12th June 2010

Lee Bardsley (Manchester United fan) says...

capello got it wrong.lampard non existant! carrick should have played holding role giving gerrard more freedom.

Posted 22:13 12th June 2010

Nelson Williams (Everton fan) says...

It's easy to feel for poor Rob Green. He'll have better days in the near future. Tim Howard made the draw possible for the US. England have hope thanks to a cohesive defence. It was the correct result. Both sides should advance.

Posted 22:12 12th June 2010

Mark Harrold (Liverpool fan) says...

Poor performance by England, as the match was over I clicked on to CNN, their newscaster refered to England as "Great Britain",at least 3 times, they still have no idea about the "world" whether it's sports or politics.

Posted 22:12 12th June 2010

Richard Sumner (Liverpool fan) says...

Every tournament we enter we think we will win, we need to be realistic and accept that our players whilst earning fortunes are not of a sufficient standard to win anything as a team. In the premier league they are supplemented by top drawer foreigners with superior technique. It is time we stopped building this lot up. They are not worth their wages and football needs a major overhaul where only truly talented stars earn vast fortunes not every Crouch Heskey and Barry.

Posted 22:12 12th June 2010

Tim Daniels says...

How can Wright-Phillips be played ahead of Joe Cole? He shouldnt have even been on the plane,he is rubbish.,Leave Green alone,dropping him would ruin him.Keep faith in him.

Posted 22:12 12th June 2010

Rayhan Miah (Manchester United fan) says...

Rob Green is on his way back to england hopefully and capello needs to fix this time before i kill myself.

Posted 22:11 12th June 2010

Dan Harris (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

I find watching England very depressing we have so much potential and just flush it away. Im sorry but i do not see many positives from that game. Cappelo should installed a no 1 keeper months ago and got some stability in there. Also we just call every player world class one week to next when we watch match of the day. Rooney for example was very poor by anyone standards and he has carried united this season but when comparing him with Messi there is no contest. We need to get real and just play stop all the hype and let the lads give 100% and we will get somewhere.

Posted 22:11 12th June 2010

Mike Mandell (Barcelona fan) says...

This is a great result for the United States because at most now they will be chasing one team after tomorrow. Had England won, they could have been behind all three.

Posted 22:10 12th June 2010

Harry Tunbridge (Ipswich Town fan) says...

Well we saw the reserves of several league clubs !!! When will we see the real England team???

Posted 22:10 12th June 2010

Donald Macpherson (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is it always a shock to find England s Massively over paid players are n`t actually very good every tournament its the same,every manager who inevitably gets the blame, Players look good for their clubs because they are spoon fed from foreign players.

Posted 22:10 12th June 2010

John Mccormark (Chelsea fan) says...

England has some terrific players who played out of their shin this season but for the life of me I can't understand how they were left behind for effectively what someone here called second rate players. At least 3/4 players in that squad are not deserving of their place, SWP, Cole, Heskey, etc. These players couldnt even command a place in their league teams. Only english supporters would by in the hype that Heskey should be taken because he makes Rooney play- this is the stuff of fiction. but look it, most of you english supporters where happy with Cappelo's squad in anyways. On what i saw today all i can say is good luck, you gonna need it!

Posted 22:10 12th June 2010

Patrick Omeara (Celtic fan) says...

What's worse the Greek economy, Greek defense, or Heskey's fitness

Posted 22:10 12th June 2010

Vj Baxter (Liverpool fan) says...

History repeated... American War for Independence, the Brits could not defeat us! I can see Green turning Blue for that blunder.

Posted 22:09 12th June 2010

Jim Duffy (Celtic fan) says...

If it was Howard that let goal in you English fans would be saying what a great Goal it was,get a grip of your self's your team is very overrated

Posted 22:09 12th June 2010

Mark Nelson (West Ham United fan) says...

Seen Rob Green make a couple of howlers this season, which kind of puts him on a par with David James, both prone to throw the odd in the net!! Suggest we look more closely at the lack of quality finishing..

Posted 22:08 12th June 2010

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