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Green gift spares States

Green gift spares States

A terrible error by Robert Green cost England two points in their World Cup opener, as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw with USA.

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Jason Wade (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It was a good game.....England did great, just need to finish. USA was tough as they had a decent attack and defense.....Its sad that they both might be 2 & 3 after tomorrow.....C'mon USA

Posted 22:08 12th June 2010

Lee Elford (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Ok, terrible start. Things looked messy from the beginning. We should really be beating and controlling teams like america from the beginning. I saw no pattern or strategy from England; they went out and played like a kick about over the local park! Heskey did well, but he is not an England striker. He's never going to score you a goal. Wright-Phillips on the left wing? Next game Rooney on his own flanked by Joe Cole (where was he tonight Capello?) and Lennon, with Barry accompanying Lamps and Gerrard. Hart should start in goal. That was not a convincing tactical display from the manager tonight!

Posted 22:08 12th June 2010

Ben Rowan (Chelsea fan) says...

typical, a slip up in the opening game and all of a sudden the men who got us here are branded usless, if we all look back to 1966, what was the result in our first game?? and wanting to fire cappello???? again one result and he turns from hero to zero. we win the next game ur mind set will change! being a chelsea fan i should be more upset then the lot of ya.... part from mr cripps... losing aint in my blood!! and poor old green, he is a good keeper, and u all know that he like james and produce the amazing like the stupid, look at the save in second half!! first guy, guessing ur a yank, guessing u watch ur "rovers" and simply feel ashamed they can't match the chelseas and man u, jealousy is an ugly colur my friend.... p.s hope BP not get involvrf with ur judgement. i live in africa and i know they here love englnad, thanks to the PL, so what u mean is other nations that can't match the PL don't like england.... well done though, played a good game!!

Posted 22:08 12th June 2010

Ken Smithson (West Ham United fan) says...

Yeah howler by Green, but where were the rest of them over 90 minutes.

Posted 22:07 12th June 2010

Brendan Kearney (Liverpool fan) says...

As a Republic of Ireland fan I am watching with envy every day, negative England fans grow up and stop talking rubbish. Yes it's disappointing ye didn't win and Green made a massive mistake, but England had their chances to win the game and don't forget Green's save in the 2nd half. Two games to go in the group and in fairness they shouldn't be too difficult. Can't see England progressing much further though, Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard the only superstars in the team. My favourites are Argentina, a tough team with winners all over the park and a very strong bench. Great to see the French draw last night, I'm still very angry over Le Cheat and would love it if England rolled em over in the knockout rounds!!!!!

Posted 22:06 12th June 2010

Cary Cooper (Manchester United fan) says...

Green redeemed himself after a terrible error, although i wouldve liked ot see Gerrard console him as captain on the field in front of the fans and cameras. Regardless the Altidore save was top drawer. Heskey could've done with a bit better finishing but played well. Rooney did an alright job but the crosses tonight were not good at all. Glen Johnson had a fantastic game. Considering how much England improved from the first to the second half, I'm convinced they'll be able to do the same for the next game. Just keep raising your game boys!

Posted 22:05 12th June 2010

Tkm Mitole (Liverpool fan) says...

Green's thoughts...its a plane,.. no its a soccer ball..., no its a golf ball,.. crap, I cant find the thing! Its the second greatest British spill after BP spilled oil in the ocean 50 days ago. I am one happy American.

Posted 22:05 12th June 2010

Joe Lucey (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It is so frustrating to watch England play knowing the same players play week in week out in a different style. No tempo, no urgency, just sideways passes across the defense and then a pointless ball launched straight into the opponents hands. Get it down, get it out wide, stretch the play and get it into the box over and over again. Pick up the knock downs. Attack relentlessly. I know international football is supposed to be at a higher level but seriously, why don't we play like we do the rest of the year???? Well done USA, you have a half decent team but what you clearly have is a togetherness that frankly England will always miss by trying to play this continental style in international tournaments. Anyone got Terry Venables mobile number?

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

Kenny Slater (Aberdeen fan) says...

England have no hope at all.

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

John Rogers (Manchester United fan) says...

rubbish; rooney useless.where are you all coming from do you want us to peak in the first game greens mistake is a godsend let drop all our b;;;;;;;;;;cks in the group stages rather than the quarters and the semis like we normally do we will progress to the knockout stages we will get better we will win this competition come on england english and proud

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

Mick Dunn (Newcastle United fan) says...

I thought the USA played very well. Thier team contains some good players who play for good sides. England are still in with a very good chance to qualify. Felt soory for Green.

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

Robert Reath (Manchester United fan) says...

Unbelievable. First off let's fire Heskey. One on one with the keeprer and you hit him in the stomach. Enough said. This was a very poor result. Where was Lampard, was he even on the pitch? If this team can't beat a sub-par team I don' t think they are going to far in this World Cup. We must do better. Crouch should have been brought in at the 60 minute mark. I would also be surprised if Green plays another minute. Dempsey should give him some money. This game was a joke. England are suppose to be a world power, I did not see that today. Let's hope the rest of the tournament goes better.

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

Fmp Roberts says...

If thats what England can produce, they should be ashamed. With that kind of play they proberly have to reserve the plain tickets home next week.

Posted 22:04 12th June 2010

Steve Gran (Manchester United fan) says...

USA looked overmatched early but seemed to get more comfortable as the match wore on. Oh, and yes, thank you Mr. Green. But even without the gift, the USA looked more like a "team" than England. USA looks to advance (albeit as the second place team) while England will certainly bounce back and win the group but doubtful they can put it together for a run on the likes of Spain, Brazil, Argentina, et al.

Posted 22:03 12th June 2010

Dave Reed (West Ham United fan) says...

I think one of our nation's downfalls is that we are very quick to make scapegoats after games. I mean, just browsing through the comments here, you already have Lampard being pinned up as a scapegoat. I don't really see how someone who watched the game with an understanding of it could say 'was Lampard playing?', when tonight he played well in the centre of midfield, good distirbution, awareness and positioning, good effort from distance, and was unlucky not to finish off a 1/2 which he himself initiated with Lennon. Undoubtedly people's club support can sometimes cloud their judgement of the national team. I personally feel Heskey played the kind of game which he is adept at playing. He introduced people into the play well, and showed some nice link-up with Rooney and Lampard in the first-half, but unfortunately, composed finishing is not one of his qualities (which obviously an issue at this level of football). Very disappointing to see Joe Cole not picked ahead of Milner or Wright Philips whom I both felt had average games.

Posted 22:03 12th June 2010

Andrew Mera (Fulham fan) says...

I'm an American supporter and we're all very happy with the result! I felt bad for Green, however, he won't hear the end of it for a while, especially because he is English. Overall good game and best of luck to both England and USA!

Posted 22:03 12th June 2010

Steve Caballero (Worcester City fan) says...

Don't we like to winge eh? I've watched every game so far. Tonights England performance was on a par with the best I've seen. Terrible goal keeping error. Quality outfield play. Plenty to build on for a solid 7 points and progression. Will we win? Tonights performance made it seem more likelt not less.

Posted 22:03 12th June 2010

Steve Rogers (Milton Keynes Dons fan) says...

im in america and on that performance we have no chance ok green made a mistake but as for the whole game we didnt really play to our potential. DROP heskey for crouch and green needs to be replaced by hart

Posted 22:03 12th June 2010

Joe Deen (Newcastle United fan) says...

But what options do we have? The premiership has too many foreign players and as a result the national team suffers when it coes to selection. "2 excellent chances fell to players who do not play regularly for their clubs (Wright-Philips and Heskey). You will not win matches with reserve team players."

Posted 22:02 12th June 2010

John Gregory says...

There I was thinking Capello would pick players on form. The long ball game was pathetic. Rooney didn't get a sniff because we lumped the ball up to Heskey without success. Heskey is what he is. Gerrard and Lampard don't work together. SWP on the left??He is not good enough as it is but to play him on the left was the strangest thing I have ever seen. King predicatably off injured and is a disgrace that he was given a second chance. Add to that that hima and Terry are Slow and Slower. Shocking performance. What match were the pundits watching that said England were good?Ignoring Green's mistake that was truly shocking. Is this the Crazy Gang in disguise?

Posted 22:01 12th June 2010

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