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Capello apologises for index

Capello apologises for index

England coach Fabio Capello is 'very sorry and upset' after seeing his controversial player index released to the public.

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James Romeanes (Sunderland fan) says...

Why does Capello have to apologise for this? He helped develop a rating system before the World Cup, which has since shown the England team to be rubbish. But we all knew the England side were rubbish at the World Cup anyway, so who cares? There are two reasons he SHOULD be apologising: 1) For being unable to make a team that performs even in his own ratings system. 2) For not having the grace to step aside and say "Sorry, I can't do this job." when he failed miserably in South Africa.

Posted 15:05 19th July 2010

Rhomboid Goatcabin (Middlesbrough fan) says...

An index is nothing more than a tool. A tool to be used to continually evaluate performance so the best players are on the pitch. It's not a personal attack on anyone, and was not meant to be seen. If the players don't like how they were evaluated, too bad. Having said that, neither Fabio's, nor the players' performance were very good.

Posted 14:53 19th July 2010

Abeed Sarker (AC Milan fan) says...

The interest of people on this index amuses me. Its just a ranking system that automatically ranks players based on statistics! How long will the English carry on with this blame game? What is lacking from the English team is passion. I watched the English team get down from their bus before every game and they seemed bored. Comments made by several players also suggest this. Blaming Capello is, to a certain extent, immature. I think he did a wonderful job during the qualifiers and the players simply needed to up themselves for the world cup. England was not tactically beaten in any of the games (unlike, for example, Germany's win over Argentina, which required a very tactical approach by the Germans). The lack of passion from the English players was evident in their approach and they paid for it. Bottom line - On paper, England did not have a world cup winning squad (that said, neither did Italy in 2006) and they got beaten by one of the best teams of the tournament. It is time to stop the blame game, look at the weaknesses and look forward to the future. I personally do not think there is anyone better than Capello for this job and putting Capello under pressure now will simply complicate the rebuilding process.

Posted 14:40 19th July 2010

Jon Smog (Middlesbrough fan) says...

I love how people fully blame Fabio Capello for that disaster. No wonder the England players are unable to take any responibility for the fact that they were absolutly abysmal

Posted 13:14 19th July 2010

David Hudson (Leeds United fan) says...

These rankings highlight the England players who are professionals at their game, therefore having a 'real' ranking system to highlight just how good they really are (or not) is a good thing if it stops idiots calling them the 'golden generation'! If rankings systems are good enough for schools and children then I don't see why our 'professional' footballers can't be subject to them. Capello should not be embarassed - it is our players who should be - and maybe having an index which highlights their perfomances will make them play harder in future!

Posted 12:50 19th July 2010

Michael Jamba (Arsenal fan) says...

We're not simply getting mugged off by this guy, we're getting "Clowned off". Let's start negotiating with "Arry Houdini" to be the next England manager when Fabio goes.

Posted 12:45 19th July 2010

Garry Jackson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The England team failings dont just come from the manager and the Index doesn't matter anyway - its good to see exactly what the manager thinks, the problem is with teams in the Premiership who dont play English players - Arsenal play Walcott in bits but most of their starting 11 are foreign, Chelsea are playing more English but losing Joe Cole who will be replaced most likely with a foreigner only hampers the English national team. To help the national manager bring in a cap on foreign players so we have to play a minimum of 6 home players in a game, this will help the national team AND the lower league clubs.

Posted 12:44 19th July 2010

Eric Foster (Newcastle United fan) says...

If Fabio was sacked our spoilt players would firmly believe the poor performance was nothing to do with them. He was not great but he was not the cause of poor play either. Germany went far on basic techniques. Our players were too unintelligent to read tactics and you cannot win with guys who need spoon-feeding. As for the FA once again improving a managers terms prior to the challenge, they are lousy negotiators with too much money flowing through their hands.

Posted 12:42 19th July 2010

Greig Marshall (Rangers fan) says...

As a Scot I loved seeing England fail, however I cannot believe that the man (Capello) who was being portrayed as a god by the English media prior to the world cup is now the worst manager ever!!! The Capello index, who cares what he says on it, after all its what everyone else thinks too. And i keep hearing people whining on about him only telling the team they were playing 2 hours before kick (the same as del Bosque did with Spain) suerly about 7 of them knew they would be playing Gerrard, lampard, Rooney,Terry,Cole,Barry,Johnson. I hope the FA do sack Capello because it will be the worst thing they could do for England, they would fail to qualify for the Euros again(like 2 years ago) and us Scots will have something to celebrate again(cos we wont qualify either).

Posted 12:26 19th July 2010

Nick G (Sunderland fan) says...

Get real Capello and put your boots on Planet Earth You apologized for a controversial player index released to the public which reads like the Beano. Yet where is the biggest apology of them all after our disgraceful and well indexed exit from the world cup. You should have been made to either take the thrown and explain your tactics to the millions England fans, via Sky Television or been removed from your 6 million pound post.

Posted 12:07 19th July 2010

Terry Tibbs (Accrington Stanley fan) says...

Who is the real moron though? He is the one making 6 million + being paid for this index and managed to keep his job after the shambles of South Africa. He must be laughing! The Italian is mugging the English off alright!

Posted 11:37 19th July 2010

Mohammed Jama says...

What's the point of hiring all these top managers from all over the places. The england players are lacking in ability and please stop all these stupid sponsor deals. Its got nothing to do with football and it shortly doesn't help the teams performance

Posted 11:36 19th July 2010

Wayne Tuttle (Norwich City fan) says...

After the contraversies of the last few England manager's. I'm glad the FA hired a man this time who hasn't caused any. Capello's a failure. The FA's a failure. If they had English pride like any England fan has, they'd resign with no payoff's for the embarrassment they have, they are and will carry on doing until they are changed. I have been a regular at Wembley for the last few years. Not going to Hungary game and no plans to go after that, now. That's the only way I can protest at the current regime in place. I refuse to help pay Capello's wages. My money, like many fans I believe, will now stay in my pocket.

Posted 11:32 19th July 2010

Pete Day (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Fair enough Capello has not covered himself with brilliance but he is still one of the best managers in the world . If the FA grew some balls and capped the Premiership to 4 foreign stars per team , this would force them to produce home grown talent and so help England's cause !!

Posted 11:23 19th July 2010

Nick Rothery (Leeds United fan) says...

No more foreign managers for England. No more nonchelance about our results. No more selecting over rated prima donnas. No more player power. Get Stuart Pearce and/or Ian Wright into the job and show these big girls what passion and love of your country is all about! We do not need or want anymore foreigner coaches that have no vested interest in Englands success!

Posted 11:17 19th July 2010

Rob Herriott (Arsenal fan) says...

Fabio can try to distance himself from these ratings as much as he likes. But the simple question is, if he thought they were a bad idea after the initial uproar caused why did he still go ahead and make the ratings anyway? Some one was bound to get hold of them. Just refuse to rate your players and you've stopped a problem from happening right there and then. Fabio has no one but himself to blame...

Posted 11:16 19th July 2010

Al Langley (Scunthorpe United fan) says...

He's rated Rob Green as the worst player there and yet Rob pulled off some fantastic saves that kept us in the game against the USA. Amazing how he rates James higher and yet he allowed 4 goals past him against Germany. Some of those were basic saves. like being beaten on his near post. But there again Rob Green doesn't play for the top 5 teams so he isn't important enough.

Posted 11:12 19th July 2010

Paul Murphy (Sunderland fan) says...

Fabio out & the people in the FA. lets get people in that love & know the game. We need you blood, forget about the European championship in 2012.

Posted 11:01 19th July 2010

Mohammed Khan (Arsenal fan) says...

Capello's position is untenable and so is the ridiculous position of the FA "board members for life" and their idiotic decision to repeat the mistakes of the Erricson years and give this guy a 2 year contract extension prior to the tournament!? Couldnt they have waited a month for the results to come in.? In Capello's case all the sordid behaviour adds up, the capello index, the lies about interest from Inter Milan to get a raise, the inability to get the team to play for him or to drop those who wouldnt, the lies , the speaking up for non marks like terry,lampard, cole, ferdinand,upson,green,james,johnson,barry, gerrard,carragher, who do not belong in an england shirt. And most of all the written media also need to hang their head in shame. For too long they have picked the team and protected and built up and pampered the lampards, and Terrys as "world class" while lying to the fans. I predicted to all that would listen prior to the cup that this team would not pass, they cant keep possession, too many chiefs not enough indians, too much ego,I knew the lampard and gerrard "experiment" had failed 3-4 years ago yet that shameless opportunist Lampard insisted before the cup to the media "me and stevie have to make it work its been going well". No it hasnt! and you two have had 7 years and over 150 caps between you to make it work!!!!! Drop both of them for good!! Rooney needs support, guys like lennon try but are not good enough. We need more northern honest types who can grow into the role, the Adam johnsons, who are not as big time charlies as the players down south and not as likely to go drinking in the same clubs as the london media. The last few English heroes have all been working class humble northerners like Gascoigne, Shearer. Oh and before those two snakes in the grass get any ideas.,,michael owen should also be dumped for good and same for Walcott another big time charlie

Posted 10:43 19th July 2010

Jon Wood (Manchester United fan) says...

The problem is that they all get paid to play for England! What is that all about. It should be through pride and passion that you put the England shirt on! We should bring in the younger talents to give them a chance. At least the greed has not taken over them yet and would be wearing the shirt with pride instead of pound signs in there eyes.

Posted 10:14 19th July 2010

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