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Capello apologises for index

Capello apologises for index

England coach Fabio Capello is 'very sorry and upset' after seeing his controversial player index released to the public.

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Simon Raggett (Chelsea fan) says...

Doesn't this just show what a complete muppet Capello is!!! Time to go Capello, the sooner we get an English Manager back in place the better!!!

Posted 10:07 19th July 2010

Jack B (Arsenal fan) says...

The FA screwed up royally by changing Fabio's contract before the world cup. Why don't they ever learn? In any other country Fabio Capello would've been sacked after the world cup with a string of such poor performances. I still think he should go now, pay the man and be done with him! His tactics are poor, he's indecisive with making important in-game changes, his basic England Xl was no different to Sven's or McClaren's! Finally, the most important issue is communication, his English is terrible, so what's so great about Fabio? I could have done better and i'd do that job for £60,000 a YEAR! The FA are a bunch of morons wasting money on Fabio Capello that could have been far better spent - i don't think this issue is taken seriously enough! Why is one man getting £6 million to do a job that any Englishman would do for a normal wage?

Posted 10:07 19th July 2010

Peter Butler (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is no-one blaming the FA here? If Fabio feels that he has to do this to manage his team then let him do it. The fault is with the FA releasing them. All these calls for Fabio's head are ridiculous. If we were a club football team you would be embarrassed by your own fans. Every manager needs time! And he needs some new signings.

Posted 09:54 19th July 2010

Jonathan Davies (Arsenal fan) says...

To be honest, who cares. The media are making too big of a deal out of this, and using it to vent some of the anger from the World Cup. But no one can bring that golden chunk back. Football isn't coming home and we have to accept its over for now and stop finding things to blame and look to the future. Let the past be the past, and put your head down.

Posted 09:42 19th July 2010

Keith Clay says...

Index, is that the players excuse for under performing in the World Cup. It`s the like of Rooney, Gerrard and Terry who let the nation down not Capello.

Posted 09:24 19th July 2010

Paul Dewberry (Arsenal fan) says...

A very bad judgement call on this by Fabio. Initially he must have agreed to have his name used, for monetary gain or not. However I wonder how the media or the FA would have reacted had we had a successful tournament and therefore the ratings would have been kinder to the players.

Posted 08:52 19th July 2010

Paul Robinson (Sunderland fan) says...

who really cares if the players loose trust in him....we lost trust in them around 2004....not 1 of them i wish to see in an england shirt again nor did i this year

Posted 08:49 19th July 2010

John Best (Portsmouth fan) says...

Yet another boo-boo by Englands highest ever paid manager. Time to go Fabio!

Posted 08:13 19th July 2010

Pete Raku (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What a 6million pound moron! The only way he can salvage any credibility at all is to drop the following, even if we don't make the Euros, fans will want to see these lot dropped and the new breed brought in for 2014 or at least given the chance to get to the Euros but whatever he has to get a grip and drop; Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand, Barry, Carragher [still can not believe his name is even mentioned], King, Upson, Crouch, James, Gerrard, Owen and Carrick for starters. How many people are just not bothered anymore because of these lot is untrue and not lets forget how Rooney had an epic fail during the WHOLE world-cup with all his advertisement leading up to it and how proud he is to wear the shirt, well apart from the extra sponsor money he was easily our worst player, even worse than Heskey because everyone apart from Capello knew he was garbage! So have a word Capello or give some of your salary to charity!

Posted 07:53 19th July 2010

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