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Seven and hell

Seven and hell

England FanZoner Tom Reed empathises with Fabio, but thinks he has made a mistake leaving Darren Bent at home...

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Toyin Omari-kinch (Manchester United fan) says...

I disagree, i don't think it's the same old England, some of the same players but not in regards to the manager, i think to say bring in another English manager is rubbish. We qualified for the world cup as one of the most high goal scoring teams, where in the past we've been biting our nails to see if we would qualify for major tournaments. Regarding the squad i think Mr Capello has been true to his word. It's not about football fans wanting to see their clubs players playing for England, (west ham fan complaining about scott parker) I think he's a great holding midfielder and had an alright season for west ham. not great you just avoid relegation and your best player was diamanti. But scott parker wouldn't cope against world class opposition. I think it would have been nice to see Adam Johnson but his time will come. Darren Bent has missed out twice now 1st Sven when he was england top goal scorer to Theo walcott who didnt play and now Capello, who has left the both of them at home - and rightly so. Theo will improve but Bent's just not international material and neither is Zamora. I'd take Carlton Cole and Gabby from villa before taking the other two. As for Heskey, he didn't really player for villa in the latter half of the season and on the last day when he played he scored. And when he is playing alongside Rooney, Rooney scores, because Heskey creates the time, space and opportunities for him to do so, whereas crouch, Defoe don't. Crouch for me transforms in an england shirt, but i think he's only dangerous if the balls coming to his head. Heskey can do that to and hold the ball up as if he was Drogba, Crouch can't. As for Capello's tactics i don't think you can predict, for me he's proven he will change them during the game and make big changes like the formation and subs against Japan. He's not a manager who's afraid to say he got it wrong and won't leave it to the last mins. Capello's the Man you'll see...

Posted 05:35 7th June 2010

Lynne Donnelly (Liverpool fan) says...

On the subject of injured players why is Beckham there ? Reports are that he will lift the team spirit what is he gonna do growl at the opposition from the bench ? or pose in a pair of designer boxer shorts ? Rio has to fly home after the USA game wouldnt it be better for him to stay to lift the team ? after all he was the captain, I agree that to take players carrying injury was futile especially after Cappello made it clear he wouldnt do that ! And yes Bent would have been useful, still he has made his choice , as did Alf Ramsay, all we can do now as a nation is get behind them and hope they do us proud !!

Posted 11:17 6th June 2010

Derek Redmond (Manchester United fan) says...

I couldn't agree more about the Bent/Defoe arguement or the fact that England managers pick individuals first. I would have put money on England if they played James, johnson, a cole, ferdinand, terry, gerard, lampard, barry, lennon, a johnson, rooney 4.5.1. if that team went behind a simple swap barry/crouch and you'd have a real attacking team with width and threats everywhere. But then i'm sitting at home and not in South Africa.!! Good Luck

Posted 13:20 4th June 2010

Mervyn Graham (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Its the same old story, another England Manager saying if players are injured or not on form they won't go. Then deciding that it depends on who you are. Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Emile Heskey go as squad players for there clubs NOT REGULARS. Gareth Barry, Aaron Lennon, Ledley King, Glen Johnson and Wayne Rooney all go doubts over fitness. Like I said same old story, same old England.

Posted 11:10 2nd June 2010

Pincey Keeble (West Ham United fan) says...

Same old england squad like every other before it if your face fits...Every england manager picks their favourites the best individuals but not the best TEAM!!! There is no balance to the team players are forced to play out of position to accomodate everyone.Where is the natural ball winner?(SCOTT PARKER) where is the natural width?(ADAM JOHNSON) I believe capello had picked his squad long ago and this whole 30 man squad nonsense was a fiasco! Remember the climate in S.Africa will suit the England players and playing with a bit of pace and width would have scared many a nation..but no it looks like we are going to play very narrow and predictable and be content with a quarter final place at best.£6 millon a year to coach a team that should be able to organise itself is laughable,we are talking experienced players and yet some of the players are TOLD where to stand!! I feel that unfortunately it is the same old england and i cant wait until capello goes along with this under acheiving bunch of players and we get an english manager who plays to our strenghts and picks a team and not a bunch of individuals.I could go on but whats the point Heskey is picked no form Joe cole is picked no form....Darren Bent scores goals not picked...I would like to have seen Zamora picked if he had been fit but i believe that would never of happened but then again we will never know.No doubt we will watch the pundits sticking up for their friends lamenting missed chances bemoaning are lack of technical skill the premiership the best in the world blah blah blah!!! And yet we get the same outcome something has to change and note i have written this pre world cup and not post world cup.I thank you.

Posted 10:43 2nd June 2010

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