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Frankly it's time for Milner

Frankly it's time for Milner

England FanZoner Tom Reed believes James Milner should start over Frank Lampard against the USA.

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Jay Argh (Chelsea fan) says...

Whatever you feel about supporting the nation the facts are: We have unreliable keepers and only Terry and A.Cole are consistant in defence although Carragher will improve that. Gerrard is world class, as is Lampard but he does look tired. Wright - Philips and Lennon miss too many good chances which is fatal at this level. Heskey works hard but he also misses too many chances. Throw in our already large injury list and those out of favour and what have we got - NO CHANCE. In short, we are relying on Rooney, Gerrard, Terry, Cole to bring the trophy back and it just ain't gonna happen - no matter who we support or how much we want it too.

Posted 16:25 13th June 2010

Joe Neary (Derby County fan) says...

What do you all think now after last Night! I was adamant Heskey should not be in the Team but I was wrong I thought he had a great game. But as usual Rooney was MOTM, great engine Shame about Green, but still think England & USA will qualify.

Posted 11:52 13th June 2010

Nicoline Kakora-shiner (Arsenal fan) says...

England will never win the world cup if they do not sort out the midfield. Last night that is where the USA's goal came from (never mind Rob Green). The goallie is not the only player on the field - why was the ball allowed to get to him anyway. I have nothing against Lampard but he is an excellent example of someone getting somewhere because of his connections and perhaps hard work. He has no natural talent or "feel"for the beautiful game. He is also a stereo typical glory hunter. For some reason he is not dropped?? Untouchable.You will never win the world cup

Posted 09:03 13th June 2010

Diane Smart (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Frank Lampard may have class but last night he did nothing but there again he never goes for England so yes give James Milner a go he coudl not do any worse

Posted 07:23 13th June 2010

Steve Brown (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Spot on - Milner was superb!! Also Emile Heskey was a class act as usual.

Posted 23:53 12th June 2010

Kevin Winyard (Chelsea fan) says...

How right you are! Milner lasted a whole 15 minutes tonight! 15 bl**dy minutes! Seems to show how much you and the other anti Lampard people really know about football. No-one seems to notice how ineffective Looney is when he is man-marked (ie: every game). Lennon and SWP are rubbish at crossing the ball and using their brains and Carragher is just another Heskey (donkey).

Posted 22:27 12th June 2010

Your Having a laugh... (Leicester City fan) says...

I hope the author watched the game - and has changed his mind since...

Posted 21:52 12th June 2010

Aaran M (Manchester United fan) says...

Obviously you will say that about lampard your a chelsea fan, but i hate to agree with you, lampard is more experienced and is eager to preform, but his prefomance is yet to be seen. but to say milner over lampard is a big no no, lampard is alot classier than milner, he will create more chances for england and he'll be able to keep the ball more than milner so lampard is the obvious choice

Posted 18:15 12th June 2010

Gary Bolton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Lampard brings something to your line up, GOALS!! They win games, Lampard scores them by the bundle in club and international football, and you will need them if you are starting with Heskey!! Lampard has also been there, seen it, done it, and is an awesome penalty taker. I hope he sticks one in after 20mins to prove you wrong! Go on Lamps! GB (a spurs fan by the way)

Posted 17:44 12th June 2010

George Nazer (Newcastle United fan) says...

Lamps has had his best goal scoring season ever and was a major, if not the biggest part, to chelsea's success this season. No doubt milner is a great player but he is not yet in Lampards league. Gerrard just off rooney up top sounds like a good idea. CMON ENGLAND!!!!

Posted 17:23 12th June 2010

Josh Fogarty (Weston-S-Mare fan) says...

you my friend obviously have no idea about football other wise you wouldnt have written this ridiculous article. Lampard is one of englands best players. If milner starts it should be for Joe Cole who hasnt played good football in years

Posted 17:23 12th June 2010

Fred Statham (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I don't think todays game is a time to experiment with a player who is not fully fit. When Milner is fully fit, then put him in for Lampard. I agree that Lampard looks tired, but England needs him now........also, the more i watch Milner, the more he reminds me of Hargreaves.....COME ON, ENGLAND!

Posted 17:17 12th June 2010

Phil Elliott (Manchester United fan) says...

i think frank will play from the start but if he doesn,t pull his weight in midfield then he could be replaced by the young miller but we hope that england are winning 3-0 before frank is sub

Posted 16:46 12th June 2010

Nick Carter (Chelsea fan) says...

Frank Lampard has had an amazing season. Last month Sky Sports News were discussing why Lamps was left out of the PFA team of the year, and now your saying He should be dropped for James Milner, who has done well, but if your going to drop anyone, why not Barry. Plonk Lampard in the holding role, Push Gerrard forward and start with Lennon on the right. America won't be able to handle his pace, and Lampards passing is second to none. And for god sake don't play Carrick and Heskey. Play Crouch with Rooney and Milner on the left, with Gerrard pushing up behind Rooney and Crouch. I would play James in goal, simply because he's so reliable, and would play Carragher ahead of King, because of the aforementioned reliability. If we have a Johnson/Lennon and Cole/Milner wing partnership, with a steady Lampard (holding) /Gerrard (attacking) central midfield, the Americans should be outplayed, leading to Crouch and Rooney dominating the game, aided by the reliable Terry/Carragher defence.

Posted 15:47 12th June 2010

Jason Rigg (Liverpool fan) says...

In my opinion i wouldnt replace lampard with milner even though i cant stand lampard and think he is way overrated i wouldnt drop him, milner will probably replace lampard in the future but not yet. My team against usa would be green, johnson, king, terry, a cole, lennon, gerrard, lampard, j cole, crouch, rooney. but in my opinion when barry is fit he would go in next to lampard and i would drop crouch and play gerrard just off rooney, i honestly think that if we have a shot of winning this world cup we are going to have to play both formations and feel we would be alot better team with gerrard playing off rooney like he does at liverpool with torres and rooney as had his best season playing on his own so it will work just hope capello sees that, I do believe this is our world cup this year COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!

Posted 14:38 12th June 2010

Sam Smith (West Ham United fan) says...

i have to say this article is spot on, Lampard has been failing to deliver for England over the last couple of months and milner is desperate to perform and what with frank simply not footing the bill anymore he is the obvious replacement

Posted 14:19 12th June 2010

Andrew Payne (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

No Frank Lampard what a joke. Milner looked out of his depth against Mexico so why should he start against the USA? Im glad Capello is the manager and not this joker. I would suggest sticking to writing blogs but there not much cop either.

Posted 14:09 12th June 2010

Luke Young (Liverpool fan) says...

@saint a what sort of fan are you if you say england are going to lose you are a disgrace. back your country.

Posted 13:42 12th June 2010

Saint A (Chelsea fan) says...

Amusing article. The English team is way overrated and has a lot of prima-donna players. The only real world-class player is Rooney and he has a temper problem and he will most likely be red-carded in this game. Score 2-1 win for USA.

Posted 11:16 12th June 2010

James Bushy (Liverpool fan) says...


Posted 11:06 12th June 2010

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