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Frankly it's time for Milner

Frankly it's time for Milner

England FanZoner Tom Reed believes James Milner should start over Frank Lampard against the USA.

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Robert Bonnici (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I have to fully agree with Tom with regards to everything he has said. He's not only picked the formation I would go with too, but also the scoreline. I'm confident that England can go all the way this time and in hindsight, can see Spain as the only real threat to us taking the trophy home. However, this must be the first World Cup that I've known where our goalkeepers lack the quality of their predecessors.

Posted 11:05 12th June 2010

Mark Jonas (Liverpool fan) says...

Wait...what? You'd put Milner in over Lampard because Lampard has had a long season? You mean the Milner that hasn't trained for several days and has just recovered from a virus? Yeah, Lampard only bagged 20-odd goals last season - not like Milner!! Gerrard's long distance shooting ability!! What? Are we already talking about 'head down - welly it' tactics? What about Rooney? He's had a long season too you know! Sports Journalism - You're doing it wrong!

Posted 10:47 12th June 2010

Fred Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

I like the setup apart from 2 players. Lampard why does he keep starting? His club record is brilliant but ignore that and look at his England record and I'm sorry it ain't great. Heskey yes he may be big and he does give 110%, but isn't Crouch avaliable? His size scares defenders, he has great instincts and his stats for England are pretty good. Can you say that Heskey's England record is better that his? So remove Heskey and play Crouch and I agree with replacing Lampard with James Milner.

Posted 10:36 12th June 2010

Paul Reilly (Woking fan) says...

the third highest scorer in this england squad and you don't want to play him?

Posted 10:31 12th June 2010

Sean Huggins (Bournemouth fan) says...

Drop Frank Lampard??? how is this bloke writing for skysports? dropping frank lampard is not an option when it comes to picking the england squad, he has just had one of his best seasons in the premier league this year and now you are saying he should be dropped? disgraceful, is you are going to drop anybody then why is steven gerrard assured a place in the team when he has had an awful season, i thought Capello was picking form players. But Frank Lampard will be Englands best player this summer without a doubt!

Posted 10:28 12th June 2010

Peep Diz (Arsenal fan) says...

Don't think Milner has any valid grounds to replace Frank, yes he has had a good season but he has shown in the recent warmup games that he is not quite ready to replace Lamps. Experience is needed and although Milner is a good player he should be no more than a understudy to Gerrard and Lamps. Milner has come on a few times for England as a sub and impressed but I feel this is a liitle misleading. Coming on against tired defences and making an impact is all good and well but making an impact at international level over a 90 minute period is almost a completely different sport. We continue to write Lamps off every season and he comes back with a positive answer each and every time, no doubt he will do the same in SA and will certainly be one of a our main goal threats. PeRhaps you should of tackled the subject matter of "Who plays if Barry is unavailable?". Because your choice eleven was lacking balance. Good players but no balance in midfield. Every top team has an excellent holding player, why did you pick a team without one?

Posted 09:38 12th June 2010

Steve Finlay (Aston Villa fan) says...

i'd stick with soon as barry is fit, gerrard will be back on left hand side , i think ashley cole plays better with gerrard there, ashley is important for us this world cup, milner will come from the bench and give us different options... lets just enjoy it while we are still in it, for me england too predictable... but we can still dream.... i'd go with crouchy ahead of heskey . potential goal threat. bring on the yanks and we will show them how to play soccer(football)... COME ON ENGLAND!!

Posted 09:18 12th June 2010

Christopher Lane (Chelsea fan) says...

Lampard is way too good a midfielder to leave out of the England side. Also England have a habit of underestimating their opposition, like they did against Australia lost 3-1 at QPR's ground. The US are similar to Australia, old rivalries and now with a massive oil spill on the East Coast of the US, the US players and country as a whole will be even more hungry to beat us, (Thanks BP). Australia are desperate to play England as well, and stand a good chance if England qualify. Good Luck England, because you are really going to need it!

Posted 03:41 12th June 2010

Dave Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

What a surprise a Chelsea fan objects to a Chelsea player being left out of the starting 11. Personally, I'd take Heskey out and put Defoe or Crouch in and let England attack, attack, attack. USA are lightyears behind England realistically. Just be aware of the 2-3 players that might cause problems and just go out there and play a freeflowing game. Sooner or later the greater quality of England will show through. Don't be too wary of the teams you know you can quite comfortably beat.

Posted 23:57 11th June 2010

Nick Gupta (Chelsea fan) says...

no way...don't agree with this. lampard is class personified. agree that he did have a long, long season with chelsea and his friendly performances weren't that great, but he has a wealth of experience and is eager to perform. his class in passing and finishing is unmatched... milner may bring pace but he just can't replace frankie. Sorry but i don't agree.

Posted 17:44 11th June 2010

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