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Go Green

England blogger Tom Reed urges Fabio Capello to stick with Rob Green between the sticks.

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Andy Cogzell (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Rooney should be a loan striker with Gerrard supporting in front of the midfield four of Lennon on the right Joe Cole on the left and Lampard, Barry in the middle as we need to get the ball down and play. With Joe Cole being a creative player and Gerrard's/Lampard's drive and ability we could with this formation actually see England play some very attractive and practical football maintaining possession which we have not done for a very long time!!!

Posted 10:38 18th June 2010

Changchun Martin (Manchester United fan) says...

See red - a red Hart. It's not green for go but Green must go. Capello is there to make the big decisions and he must make one now. I sorry for Green - I truly am but this is the world cup and any mistake can be so costly and for a keeper to make such a silly one should cost him his place - the other keepers deserve their chance too. To be honest I thought it should have been Hart from the start. This next match is so crucial and if Green makes another mistake it will more than destroy his confidence so give the guy a break and maybe use him again later - just get through to the next stage. Go on England we need a convincing win tonight.

Posted 03:36 18th June 2010

Nick Carter (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with sticking with Green now, however i would of started with James in Rustenberg anyway. I believe Upson should be picked in favour of King and Carragher, and Crouch should play ahead of Heskey, with Gerrard on the wide left and Barry and Lampard in the centre and Lennon wide right.

Posted 23:35 17th June 2010

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