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England's performance against Algeria wasn't easy to watch, but Tom Reed thinks his film reviews may be to blame.

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Tom Walker (Crystal Palace fan) says...

How is is that players who earn millions for the clubs can perform so badly for the national side? On Friday they produced a game completely devoid of any quality and did not deserve to wear the England shirt. Sunday league teams play better football! At this level there is no excuse for a display that utterly lacked energy, passing, movement, creativity and finishing. I will be cheering England on as always on Wednesday but part of me thinks that if we win the game and finish top of the group then this will mask the underlying problems with the team and the management. All the best to all the England fans showing their support in South Africa.

Posted 04:13 21st June 2010

Mat Cameron (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

I was gutted to see England draw against what was on paper a complete underdog, however Algeria played like champions on the day. I hate listening to England fans calling for managers to be sacked or why didn't you pick him, Fabio IS the man for the job and if you get rid of him then the FA better find someone as good if not better and I can tell you now that there is no one available. So fickle England fans suck it up! A handful of players in the squad need to show their true quality which they do day in day out for their respective clubs, and I think we can do it! Remember how we got there? The Croatians hadn't lost a competitive game in Zagreb before we destroyed them in the qualifiers. As fans lets forget the argument of who should be in and who should be out. Lets get behind the boys and give them some well needed encouragement. Sing from the start, chant names and for heavens sake clap when you see a good tackle and a great pass.

Posted 01:35 21st June 2010

Martin Button (Manchester United fan) says...

Wasn't aware that Frank Lampard played in either of the first two matches! Joe Cole must have done something seriously wrong - or else Fabio just doesn't want us to win the cup. Against USA injury and fitness of certain players may have dictated substitutions, but that wasn't the case against Algeria. So even if not in the starting line up (which he should be), bring on Shaun Wright Philips and Peter Crouch instead of Joe Cole - you're having a laugh! Hart in Goal; Upson or Dawson instead of Carragher; my two year-old son instead of Lampard (or failing that move Gerrard to central position and Joe Cole on left) and Defoe and Rooney up front, with Crouch coming on later if necessary. There is no point instarting with Crouch or a carthorse (sorry, Heskey) because all we then do is hoick balls upfield and lose possession (playing that tried and trusted English formation of 1-8-0-2). Or let's keep things as they are....... and welcome the lads back home on Thursday!

Posted 13:06 20th June 2010

Andrew Harding (Leicester City fan) says...

When will we realise we are not world class as a team, and even our so called world class individuals are highly inconsistent... just look at Rooney in this tournament. Lets take Frank Lampard as an example. Is he world class? He scores 20 goals a season from midfield in the prem, but he is an excellent team - so Chelsea parables in this context are irrelevant. Compare Frank to Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Messi, Kaka etc - are people telling me Lampard is in the same bracket, if so thats laughable. Technically he is toward the bottom of most piles, let alone the world class one. His technique screams scuffer to me - take that penalty v Japan in the warm up. He kicks across his standing leg, and when he does make contact with the ball he kicks it into the ground. The best thing I can say for him is that he seems to pop up in the right place at the right time for Chelsea - but that's club football, not international football. What purpose does he serve for England, he plays for too deep to have any tangible effect whatsoever. As him and Gerrard in the middle simply do not work, it leads to Gerrard (our best player?) being wasted on the left handside. If Hargreaves was fit I have him over Lampard everytime partnering Gerrard in the middle. Joe Cole on the left (I also would have taken Adam Johnson - unknowns can work wonders in tournaments) and Lennon on the right. We are defensively sound - no worries there. As a Leicester fan I am pro Heskey although I appreciate we may need to explore other options. I would start with Crouch & Defoe against Slovenia - I'd hope the fact they play together week in week out would have real benefits. And if that isn't an option surely we have to try and get the best out of our best players - Gerrard & Rooney. So maybe it's time to try the 451 with Gerrard in behind. 451 Hart A Cole Terry Upson Johnson J Cole Barry Carrick Gerrard Lennon Rooney

Posted 13:01 20th June 2010

Syed Jafri (Manchester United fan) says...

I believe that the English Football Team is highly over rated. When was the last lime they won a major tournament (1966 ?). Get realistic.

Posted 10:41 20th June 2010

Gary King (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think its time to drop Rooney and Heskey. Give Defoe and Crouch a chance to play together for england. they have been scoring and combining well for spurs all season. I dont know what is wrong with Rooney but he has got some issues with his ankle or his attitude and he should be dropped to take some pressure off him and then introduce him into the game when we are winning. I also think Joe Cole should start on the left with lennon on the right, Gerrard and Lampard in middle. Just use Barry for games against teams with an attacking midfield in the later stages like Argentina & Brazil.

Posted 20:01 19th June 2010

Alan Parry (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

This England team has all the makings.......Defoe has to start!!!. This team is playing like there on a park on a Sunday league outting. Watching the last game was painful. I took the afternoon of work to watch this game, and have been depressed since. Speed it up Capp!!! we look like O.A.P's out there.

Posted 19:36 19th June 2010

Dean Bramhall (Blackpool fan) says...

Can Rustenburg be part of the problem? Training above altitude,playing at sea-level and it must take +/- 9 hours for the team to get to Cape Town. Next match in PE, why are they going back to Rustenberg? Game only in 4 days and the players will spend nearly 1 full day traveling,dosen't make sense to me. Why not go straight to PE and train at sea-level and have a full extra day rest or even extra training.I didn't think England played to bad in Rustenberg considering it was a opening game of a World Cup and would of won if not for Green's mistake.They looked like they had a lot more energy than they had last night. Could it be the traveling? Not many great games or goals,(only 2) here in the Cape Town matches and all the team have had to travel in from elsewhere in the country. But none have had to travel as far as England have. Look like a big over-sight to me or is it just bad planing?

Posted 19:04 19th June 2010

Ahdel Hussain (Chelsea fan) says...

Hart in Goal. Green and James not confident no good. We dont really have a super goal keeper. Hart is our best. Johnson and Cole, yes. Terry, no choice now. but carragher is no good. out with him in with dawson. (he is no special thing either but much better than carragher) Barry and gerrard middle. Milner and Joe Cole. out with lampard no good. spoling the balance. poor in the two games. rooney upfront with crouch. ps. defoe and lenon offthe bench if needed. also lamps there too go win the the world cup boys.

Posted 19:02 19th June 2010

Shane Bailey (Torquay United fan) says...

That was truely insipid - the worst England performance i can remember. There are evidently pretty serious issues within the set-up - i don't recall an England side that looked so desperate and inhibited. There is no inspiration, and the players seemingly aren't even enjoying the experience of representing the country now. Capello needs to loosen the shackles, because by restricting the players in the manner he is, our talented players have no freedon to express themselves. I wonder if perhaps the manager has taken the strictness of his regime too far? There appears to be some resentment surfacing. The most worrying thing for me is not that we played so badly, but that the manager remains completely unprepared to make the necessary changes. He's paid £6m a year and can't change things for the better against Algeria? Where is Joe Cole?! Ths formation DOES NOT WORK. Gerrard looks less and less comfortable on the left-wing. Wayne Rooney has had virtually no effect in two games, Lampard has been equally anonymous. You have to wonder if there are similar scenes in the England dressing as those reported in the French one. Something needs to happen - and if it's confrontation, so be it. Stuart Pearce appears to be Phil Neal reincarnated. How much is he paid to say 'yes boss', 'i don't know boss'. He needs to regain some professional integrity and question the desicions being made. Is he there for a reason? Regardless of his own preferences, the manager has to try something different now. The players he's selecting aren't able to fulfill the roles he's asking of them, so at least give them a chance to perform better with an alternate method. It's the time for a belated change to 4-2-3-1 (or 4-5-1). It's got to be worth a try at least. For our World Cup to end with another performance as inept as this would be unforgiveable. James Johnson Dawson Terry Cole Barry Carrick Lampard Gerrard Cole Rooney

Posted 18:58 19th June 2010

Mark Lomas (Barnsley fan) says...

i think fabio should give JT the captains armband back we were a better organised team when he was captain it shows were missing something and i think that something is a strong leader which i think gerrard is not (no disrespect stevie).JT is as everybody knows a born leader and the sooner he's reinstated the better we have not looked like a team since this as happened, is it just me or does this sound logical if so pass on to fabio asap yours hopefully worried england fan

Posted 18:57 19th June 2010

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