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Herr we go again!

Herr we go again!

Remember Munich 2001? FanZoner Tom Reed does - and thinks Franz Beckenbauer does, too!

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John Derangea (Arsenal fan) says...

english are over rated over paid they are simply not good enough to play against the est nations of the world the only time england might do well is if we had a premier league team and how many englishmen would even make that team to be totally honest what were england winning with a sriker dats only scored 6 goals all season emil hesky a goal keeper that was relegated and an 32 year old wet ham defender who was battleing relegation all season

Posted 12:08 30th June 2010

Richard Thompson (Manchester United fan) says...

i remember on the 19 of November 2009 i certain person handled the ball that eventually led to Ireland not qualifying for the world cup. all you english told us to stop complaining and get on with it. funny eh.. the irony.

Posted 14:11 28th June 2010

Tom Duff (Aston Villa fan) says...

2001 get over it

Posted 02:41 28th June 2010

Paul Wernham (Ipswich Town fan) says...

players come and go with all ther money but me and my son england till we die.

Posted 20:28 27th June 2010

James Flynn (Manchester United fan) says...

Germany should be nervous, but so should we, this will be a very hard game, and very nervy for us fans... i just hope we can pull it off

Posted 13:16 27th June 2010

Changchun Martin (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey don't knock all Scots and Welsh - as I am Scottish and have only posted positive comments. I too would support any British team or athlete in any sport. I like many non-English Brits love the English premier league and cheer on the the English team. Though if Scotland were playing England then my saltire and tammy would be adorned and my accent would be much stronger. But now it;s England's chance - a really good chance at that - so let's just be positive and ignore silly comments. Come on England.

Posted 12:26 27th June 2010

Kevin Maw (Manchester United fan) says...

Just remember, we beat Germany 5-1 in Munich in 2001, with Gerard and Heskey scoring - unfortunately Owen is not available who scored a hat-trick. We also beat them more recently in 2008. So let's not get too paranoid about the Germans - let them worry about us. We will win 2-0, with Rooney scoring and Lampard from a penalty won by Rooney. What a result that will be!

Posted 09:18 27th June 2010

Pauline Cranston (Newcastle United fan) says...

Come on England!!! another 5 - 1 will do! The previous comment is just typical.I have always been proud to be British and would always support any part of the British Isles is a world competition You need to amend your list of countries. There is no such place any more as the UNITED Kingdom. It no longer exists except in England. We are the only ones who ever fly the Union Jack. Alright you can be jealous but to actually support the opposition is disgusting.

Posted 07:38 27th June 2010

Alan Smeeton (Ayr United fan) says...

Good luck Germany,show Fabio and the boys how a united squad can play. It's a pity neither team will winthe cup, as Argentina will be the ultimate winner of the tournament.

Posted 07:23 27th June 2010

Changchun Martin (Manchester United fan) says...

As a Brit living in China we welcome the World Cup so much and especially the England matches but we also support any team that has one of our expat nationality - well that's about every team. Tonight I will go to our poshest hotel and pay 8 pound for a buffet and beer - that's a fortune out here - and I will watch the game in Chinese with loads of German and English fans. It will be great and I guarantee there will be no trouble. All I want is that England play like England can - they haven't yet but that's OK because now is the time to start. I believe in the English team and their manager - BELIEVE. Rooney to score at least a brace.

Posted 07:18 27th June 2010

Kai Lexx (Manchester United fan) says...

Typical of the jealous Welsh Ben. You're no better than the Scots. Each of you need some talented players then you might get to play important World Cup games against quality teams. I suspect the Germans might win but I'm just looking forward to a good game.

Posted 06:56 27th June 2010

Somrup Dasgupta (Manchester United fan) says...

Nice blog Mr.Reed. I'm writing as I know Mr.Capello might never read this comment but as you stated, you never know. I have been following Ozil since his team won the Under- 21 European Championships beating England. This guy is pure class, maybe not the finished arcticle but can only get better. The thing is Gareth Barry is most likely to be given the role to track him and I don't think he can do it, so my deepest sympathies are with Gareth. Which leaves Frankie and Stevie to provide help. My hunch here is that while we focus on Ozil, the likes of Muller and Khedira can slip under the radar. Unless they are all stopped, the Germans have players beyond Ozil to make runs off the ball. Now to the English players - You can do it Jimmy Milner. Cross decently like the Slovenia game and beat Holger Badstuber (you're better than him). Glen Johnson, I am not a big fan of yours but please don't go up front with your less than productive runs and leave Lukas Podolski unmarked. For David James it's time to show that you are good, if it goes down to penalties, show that you deserve more than cash-strapped Portsmouth. The rest have my deepest love and respect so go out there and make us proud. Come On England !!

Posted 19:24 26th June 2010

David Jones (Cardiff City fan) says...

Actually Ben not everyone. Good Luck England! you've got the potential to be world beaters if you'd only realise it!

Posted 19:16 26th June 2010

Gareth Bolsover (Reading fan) says...

I was there when England won five one. What a night, not only that the boozing went on for 3 days. You will never see an England away game result like that for the rest of time. Not only did we beat the best Germany side in the last 20yrs, we absoultly killed them. Old Franz has had his time like Sepp and Platini, who by the way had said nothing during this worl cup coz he knows his time is up, Move over Sepp and co, get the English head of Fifa and we would rule the world again. Come on lads, stuff them again in 90mins and make history, coz in 100yrs time you will be remembered not me, so Gasman signing off, lets ave it.. and if you are reading this Rooney, Hat Trick for you mate, as they say, Good things come to those who wait.... happy days, I could'nt go coz my wife is expecting my third child, never mind I will be watching anyway. Come on the lads, b

Posted 19:13 26th June 2010

Ben Dudley (Cardiff City fan) says...

Good luck to Germany from everybody at Cardiff City!

Posted 13:36 26th June 2010

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