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Don't disregard Germany

Don't disregard Germany

The World Cup's shoot-out specialists are depleted by injuries, but don't underestimate the Germans.

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Danny Hyde (Watford fan) says...

What a game and what a way to start our tournament. I have already had the text messages of my English friends saying that Australia werte no usual thwe English football fans jelousy just amazes me....! You couldnt beat the USA and because we tore a poor Australian team appart it still seems to be our fault that you underachieve....!

Posted 00:06 14th June 2010

Nick Carter (Chelsea fan) says...

Germany have probably the best strength in depth in the tournament, better than Italy, Brazil and dare i say England. There are so many quality German players, i havn't seen the team selection but i'll give you a couple: Gomez, Klose, Podolski,Kiesling, Trochowski, Schweinsteiger, Rolfes, Kehl, Marin, Ozil, Lahm, Jensen, Westermann, Mertersacker, Friedrich, Adler, Neuer, Wiese,, and of cource the injured Ballack. Theres loads more, I just remembered Torsten Frings. Never underestimate the Germans.

Posted 16:40 12th June 2010

Ed Horn (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Expect Germany to reach the quarter-finals and once there...anything is possible! Their tournament pedigree is legendary so you can never count them out. Just look at the Euro 2008 tournament as a recent example.

Posted 20:34 2nd June 2010

Nick W (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Correct! Germany, have never actually been a team full of superstars and never play for money or fame but for the shirt! I just think the so called 'hatred' english fans have for Germany, is just jealousy because they play as a team and always support each other. They may not be the most exciting team to watch but that doesnt guarantee world cup success like Holland proved in the past, but the Germans get the job done, and 3 times at that, unlike England who have the players, but care more about money and fame than Germany. Thats why I've also adopted Germany as my country and hope they rub england fans noses in it!

Posted 18:38 2nd June 2010

Denise Sevier fries (Hamburg fan) says...

Great article: GERMANY ALL THE WAY!!

Posted 20:55 1st June 2010

Luke Hubbard (Arsenal fan) says...

i am a German fan and i think we always get lucky in tournaments and expect us to get to the semi's if not the final.

Posted 13:42 1st June 2010

Mark Edwards (Crystal Palace fan) says...

Germany are always tough even when they don't have a particularly strong squad. You know they are capable of negotiating their way through to the latter stages. Ballack'sloss is a blow but don't bet against them

Posted 10:08 27th May 2010

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