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Dutch FanZoner Jon Jerrome hits out at Howard Webb and says both sides were guilty of 'brutality'.

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Miss A (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am sorry but even as a neutral watching the match I have to disagree with this article. I find it laughable to read comments after the game in English newspapers from players such Robben, DeJong, Van Bommel and Sneijder saying that the ref affected the game and that he was to blame for the loss. It beggars belief that these same four players were still on the pitch at the end of the match. If anything Spain have the right to feel aggrieved that Holland weren't down to 8 men by half time. Reality check to the Dutch team! Did you watch the match back? If so, you should hang you heads in shame and admit that the way in which you conducted yourselves throughout the 120 mins was disgraceful! I however don't think you have as you are still talking rubbish and blaming everyone else but yourselves. Lets not be so quick to congratulate Robben either just because for once in his career he actually stayed on his feet when he could have gone down. I am not a fan of Howard Webb but I think he did his best to keep the game flowing. Maybe he should have taken charge earlier in the first half but you can bet that the Dutch would have been the first to complain had they rightfully been down to 8 men by half time. Stop whinging Holland and admit the best team won and that you only have yourselves to blame for such a woeful performance!

Posted 14:09 14th July 2010

Maxime Aznar (Real Madrid fan) says...

Now there's a funny way to put: "Both teams were guilty of brutality". That is a sentence written down by a culprit who knows he is guilty but can go down alone with the ship. Face the facts: Had De Jong been red-carded (like Van Bommel), you guys would have been down to 9. At that point, both of Robben's attempts no longer exist. Spain won and relieved the "neutral" fans who love this sport. Had it been the faces of Van Bommel, littl' bum Van Persie and 60 year old youngster Robben on the picture of the victors, and the entire Football Planet would have raged in disgust...

Posted 20:25 13th July 2010

Jason Baker (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi! I was very sorry to see Holland lose the other evening. Thought they played very well, BUT they could easily have been down to 10 men way before they did and played over the top at times. Several of they´re tackles could have been red carded. I thought the ref had a blinding game except for the "missed" corner after the free kick, which led to the spanish goal. Don´t know how they missed that, but even so, as I said they played very dangerously at times. De Jong and Van Persie could have easily been sent for an early shower amongst others. Sure the ref made one error which cost them, but they only have themselves to blame for the host of missed chances. For example Robben had several one on ones which he fluffed (who later blames the referee for one error, nothing about owning up and saying sorry to his team mates for all those misses) . Grow up Robben!. Sorry, but gets on my nerves when people blame a ref for something when its just sa much they´re own fault.

Posted 14:04 13th July 2010

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