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White here white now

White here white now

The World Cup has started but according to Stephen Bradshaw no-one has noticised in New Zealand.

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Pete Bradshaw (Preston North End fan) says...

After the Italy game, there can be no doubt that football is the number one news item in New Zealand at the moment. Perhaps there was a slow start with the media coverage, but right now, even the All Blacks resounding win against Wales hardly makes the back page!!! Go the All Whites!!!

Posted 12:09 21st June 2010

David Whitfield (Ipswich Town fan) says...

Hi Steve coming from Ipswich originally I still feel the need to stand by my team whilst living here in Hamilton, We have met at Petes wedding by the way. I think credit due where credits worthy and I often remind Pete (whilst beating him on the golf course) about Ipswich finishing higher than Preston this season.

Posted 00:34 17th June 2010

Mike Neems (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree.......most of us Kiwis....including us living in UK.....know very little about the round ball game.....but it's great fun backing our "Minnows" and showing the great spirit and "Never give up" im sure all 100% loving every minute of our spotlight in the world cup. at least we are there.......not like some...."Bigger Fish" the game.......Come you All Whites!

Posted 21:35 15th June 2010

Steve Bradshaw (Preston North End fan) says...

Hi, Christian. I checked the online edition of the NZ Herald today and have to admit that there is a fair amount of WC coverage. 21 articles on the WC to be precise, with 10 specifically about the All Whites. There are however 22 rugby articles including 7 articles on the All Blacks, and 15 articles relating to netball, cricket, golf and motoracing. The lead story is about Victor Vito and the All Blacks. This is a few hours before NZ kick off their first match. I'm loking forward to a win today and I'm sure that tomorrow's pages will be domonated by the result. The real proof of interest in football will be when NZ go out. How much coverage will there be then? I can see that both you and HayleyB support teams in the English premier League and I know that there a lot of people over there that do the same. It would be great if football was more prominent there and you could proudly say that you were an Auckland City, Canterbury Utd or Team Wellington Supporter. Beat Wishes.

Posted 11:42 15th June 2010

Steve Bradshaw (Preston North End fan) says...

Hi, Hayley B. Having family over there and spending some time in your great country, I know that there is an interest in soccer ( I do wish we all could use the proper word Football). My grandson played at junior level before being diverted into rugby. There are lots of alternative sports over there and you haven't got the glamour teams such as Man Utd, Barcelona, Milan etc to inspire the kids. I'd love for the Whites to reach the next round and make a real contribution to the competition - I think that there would then be a real chance of the sport taking off. I'll be here in front of the TV, cheering them on. All the best.

Posted 10:47 15th June 2010

Christian Brienesse (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think the comments above are a bit harsh, and I have to agree with Hayley. Being a proud Kiwi, I have to say that there has been a lot of coverage of the World Cup, and it has been mentioned ahead of most sports in the media since the start of the tournament, There is definitely an interest in the World Cup and the All Whites.

Posted 00:45 15th June 2010

Hayley B (Newcastle United fan) says...

A bit rough I'd have thought - I've been really pleased with amount of coverage the world cup has been getting - on opening night, it precieded the rugby coverage *shock horror*! Yes, alot of people need an 'Idiots guide to football' to get them going, but the interest is there and its great to see. I've even seen a number of car flags - our own included, of course - no its not to the extent that it is in England, but its a start. Bring on Tuesday! (or, the early hours of Wednesday - the time difference is not on our side).

Posted 22:52 13th June 2010

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