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Age Concern

Age Concern

FanZoner Hannah Cawsey hopes that Paraguay's youth will outdo the Italians experience at the Free State Stadium.

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Darren Taylor (Coventry City fan) says...

They had this same team last year with a few minors and still went on to win the world cup, they maybe old but sometimes experience is crucial. Don't underestimate the italians, everyone does yet they still make the last 16 and even further.

Posted 18:47 14th June 2010

Nick Carter (Chelsea fan) says...

Paraguay should win this match. Italy have made huge errors with their aged team selection. Picking Di Natale over Giuseppe Rossi, and leaving out Giovinco, Aquilani, Mario Ballotelli, as well as the wolfsburg contingent of Zaccardo and the fella who's name i can't remember Bazilrigi or summit, and also why does Cannavaro continue to play, and captain may i add, when they Rule out Totti and Del Piero. I'm not sure of who's in Italys group but i do not expect them to get through.

Posted 15:35 13th June 2010

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