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No 'I' in team

No 'I' in team

Darren Williams believes a certain individual may have contributed to Portugal's World Cup exit.

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Kyle Wren (Manchester United fan) says...

Couldnt of put it any better daz. Ronaldo has been a big let down when everyone thought he would be sensational. Its the same with Rooney, high expectations, poor performances. Also, i would have to say that Messi hasnt really been overly impressive like he has this season for Barca, although he doesnt have Xavi behind him which for me, they are a terrific pair for Barca and that is why it led to him scoring a ridiculous amount of goals in every competition but he still has been involved with many of Argentinas great performances through out the tournament. They dont even have Durham on 'favourite team', terrible, Daz... get them told!

Posted 11:13 2nd July 2010

Tom Auty (Newcastle United fan) says...

fantastic read and 100% right ronaldo thinks he is the best on the pitch and a one man team but he isn't

Posted 10:48 2nd July 2010

Alan Brotherton (Arsenal fan) says...

Hey Darren you have got it all spot on fella. Portugal lke England are not a team. Certain individuals cannot take on teams that ave togetherness, heart and spirit. Alo totally agree with having video relays in games too. This was first time i've read a blog that is a trueand accurate state of a team and football. Bravo mate you havea new fan

Posted 10:35 2nd July 2010

Thomas Auty (Newcastle United fan) says...

i agree with darren, ronaldo thinks he is a one ma$$n team bbut he is not he needs to use all his team mates in future international and even league games or the team, awesome read and forgot about englandsdreadful world cup and lets look forward to the new premier league season and newcastle united to do well

Posted 10:35 2nd July 2010

Ryan Bennett (Newcastle United fan) says...

Darren; I cannot agree more about Ronaldo's performance. Football is a simple sport, and when you get to a level like this, it just simply comes down to who wants it more. Spain showed their teeth, and ultimately were the only ones to have a bite. Thank you for your blogs Darren, its been fun. Stay on for the new season please!

Posted 01:44 2nd July 2010

Lisa Halliday (Newcastle United fan) says...

At least the horrible winker has gone from our screens!!

Posted 18:55 1st July 2010

Theresa Booth (Newcastle United fan) says...

I agree 100% with Darren Ronaldo's display was poor and a embarassment to Portugal but having said all that i think the whole world cup his been a big let down!

Posted 17:42 1st July 2010

Davey Summerson (Manchester United fan) says...

Another fantastic blog Dazza. If only the England players had the passion that you do then we would be in the final mate. Keep up the great work.

Posted 17:42 1st July 2010

Linda Ragomo (Newcastle United fan) says...

Definetly agree with the video technology being put in place. There have been some horrid calls made during this WC and the USA team had 2 good goals not accounted for not to mention a few of the other teams being robbed of their goals. Some of the matches did feel like they would never end with such boring play but will say some of the players deserved Academy awards for there rolling around the ground so much crying wolf but at the end of the day Argentina and Brazil are looking very strong and let's not rule out Germany.

Posted 17:36 1st July 2010

Damian Southall (Newcastle United fan) says...

Totally agree with all of that, fantastc blog, forget England come on Newcastle!!

Posted 17:34 1st July 2010

Daniel Mcwaters (Sunderland fan) says...

Fully agree with you Dazza lad, this year's World Cup has been about team spirit and chemistry, and not about the individuals. Which is why the likes of England, Italy and France bowed out early, and teams like South Korea, Paraguay & Ghana have been rather impressive. What I noticed from watching Portugal is that they lacked that finisher, a Villa or a Fabiano. Ronaldo was often left smothered up front, and he cut a frustrated figure, but maybe, just like we did with Rooney, too much of Portugal's hope rested on Ronaldo's shoulders. Maybe he just isn't worth 80 million. If I had to pick between a lacklustre pre-madonna or a compact proud set of Koreans, that are worth in total, less than Ronaldo's hair gel, I know which I would favour, but I would need to spend a bit on nametags of course. Anyways, awesome read.

Posted 17:28 1st July 2010

Dave Selby (Newcastle United fan) says...

Ronaldo is, and always be, an embarassment to any team he plays for. Pouting, Diving Etc. really proves what a big girl he is....... Toon Toon.......

Posted 17:23 1st July 2010

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