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Out on their own

Out on their own

After ending African hopes, Uruguay aren't attracting much support. Which is just how Shane Bailey likes it!

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Mary Kapodistria (AC Milan fan) says...

(actually my first team is olympiakos but there wasnt in the list so i put my second favourite team ac milan)Uruguay the most hated team at the world cup?give us a break i could actually say the most beloved team at the world cup.i am a big supporter of italy(after greece but greece generally doesnt go well in such things so i am with italy)but after t he big disappointment from italy i checked closer the others team too and uruguay became one of my favourite i was really happy when they won ghana!uruguay is team with talented young players who play with passion and never give up!a small sized country with such a great team .and in greece most of the people here supported uruguay!i have betted before world cup starts that holland will take the world cup but actually at the game against uruguay i was with uruguay!and suarez isnt the new maradona thats a silly think to say !suarez was punished for what he did with red card and a penalty but in maradonas case the referee didnt see it and wasnt punished and his team benefeated!ghana had its chancebut blew it away so stop telling these things about souarez

Posted 05:35 8th July 2010

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