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Fabio's American nightmare

Fabio's American nightmare

FanZoner Martin Hines argues that America beats England on a number of things including football!

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John Waters (Chelsea fan) says...

Interesting viewpoint, albeit somewhat a poor estimate at 8-0, think that 2-1 would have been a fairer result with USA taking the spoils, I reckon on Friday, Algeria will be a draw and USA to top the group with Slovenia!!!

Posted 14:42 14th June 2010

Jon Mckenna (Manchester United fan) says...

deja vu.. not Robert Green but the English press's reaction to his mistake. Oh my God how I get so bored with the way the British media react to things like this, especially in World Cups. Gerrard's goal was great but England's overall performance was not. US also had their chances. Why didin't England score more goals and take Robert Green out of the equation ?

Posted 08:39 13th June 2010

Jimmy America (Luton Town fan) says...

James, Robinson, Green... the list continues. Why can't I pick Dallas Cowboys as my favOrite football team???? MEH!

Posted 22:32 12th June 2010

Josh Allred (Arsenal fan) says...

A bit off with the scoreline but I would like to see my boys take 3 points from England today. USA! USA! USA!

Posted 14:58 12th June 2010

Rebecca Moore (Newcastle United fan) says...

You must live in Hollywood mate, so dream on!!!!!!

Posted 07:38 12th June 2010

Mike Perry (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What planet is this guy on??????????? Dream on mate and please dont watch the match as i think you may have the score a little bit wrong.

Posted 13:51 11th June 2010

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