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Who's on the plane?

Who's on the plane?

Paul Merson looks at England's World Cup 30 and tells us who'll make it and who'll miss out...

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Nathan Trigg (Coventry City fan) says...

i think the BEST 11 are Joe Hart, Glen Johnston, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Adam Johnson, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry, Aaron Lennon, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney. Gerrard should be captain!!!!!!!!

Posted 10:21 27th May 2010

Malcolm Bolton (Liverpool fan) says...

Robert Green David James Joe Hart Glen Johnson Rio Ferdinand Ashley Cole Jaimie Carragher John Terry Ledley King Leighton Baines Steven Gerrard James Milner Gareth Barry Frank Lampard Joe Cole Scott Parker Aaron Lennon Adam Johnson Theo Walcott Wayne Rooney Peter Crouch Jermain Defoe Emile Heskey Assuming everyone stays injury free, this squad could win the World Cup.

Posted 08:20 27th May 2010

David Paterson (Aberdeen fan) says...

As a Scot looking from the outside it always makes it interesting to have England in the WC but always great when you get knocked out :-) But I think you have a real chance this year as the draw has been quite kind to you. Possibly have France in the Quarters which you should win then its all about luck. Capello should have taken Agbonlahor and Ash Young - 2 quick players who have had better seasons than J Cole and Heskey. Ur team: Green, LB Johnson, CB Rio, CB Terry, RB, Cole, LM Milner, HM Carrick, RM Lennon, CM Lampard, CM Gerrard, FW Rooney. Carrick is still a class passer and holds very well unlike Parker and Barry (good players but like to get forward).

Posted 07:36 27th May 2010

Steve Dawson (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly Capello said players who are fit and on form will be picked. Why hasnt the Villa trio of Agbonlahor, Young and Downing even made the 30 but Heskey has? Id have taken Young ahead of SWP and Agbonlahor ahead of Heskey. First XI with the current squad: Green, Johnson, Rio, King, Cole, Barry, Lampard, Gerrard, Lennon, Milner, Rooney. Got to be attack minded from the start - plenty goals in that XI. Someone mentioned earlier Rob Green has a great record of penalty saves so that could count for something in the knock out rounds.

Posted 06:57 27th May 2010

Andy Richards (Arsenal fan) says...

Best XI would be Green, Johnson, Terry, King, Cole, Walcott, Lampard, Barry, Gerrard, Milner, Rooney. Walcott pips lennon as his runs are lightning quick, but Lennon is the better footballer for a 4-4-2. Green is the best keeper out of the 3, he has just been playing infront of the worst west ham defence ever. Plus he is brilliant at saving penalties - something England need for once!! Id take bent along and drop Heskey - cant work out why that guy has an automatic ticket.

Posted 06:51 27th May 2010

Scotty Scott (Sunderland fan) says...

funny that no spurs fan has a good word for darren bent,sour grapes i think,now you are seeing just how good he is given a fair crack of the whip,your loss our gain,capello must give him a seat on the plane,heskey take a hike mate your time is over.

Posted 03:07 27th May 2010

Antony Higham (Liverpool fan) says...

why is everyone slating carragher? a few seasons ago he was top of his game an was still warming the bench for england so he packed it in. Sven and Steve were a joke fabio is a world class manager who know s how good carragher can be.Would nt take walcott dont rate him at all. Hart would be my num 1 because say James makes a mistake in the world cup it could put us out.First 3 names on the sheet that are no brainers are Gerrard, Rooney and Terry and you have got to take Bent over Heskey i just pray that rooney stays fit.Shame Beckham cant play because his game is not really about pace and for Crouch who is good in the air.James milner has really come on this season and has got to play.I still fear for us ive we play brazil, spain or portugal but you need a bit of luck along the way maybe we will win a penalty shoot out you never no eney way F**K it COME ON ENGLAND

Posted 01:06 27th May 2010

Jan Paprocki (Liverpool fan) says...

1st choice xi. Hart, Johnson, Terry, King, Cole, Milner, Lampard, Barry, A Johnson, Gerrard, Rooney: Hart is the best English goalie at the moment. Don't think Rio has found his best form, recently he's been suspect at the back. Milner or Lennon on the right, Adam Johnson is perfect for the left to provide attacking balance to the team. If Barry is still injured then, i would choose Huddleston or Cole (shame Hargreaves is out). Then have Rooney as the lone striker with support from Gerrard.

Posted 23:55 26th May 2010

Paul Sanalex (Aston Villa fan) says...

I agree with a number of things Merson has said, especially leaving the likes of SWP and Upson out the squad. However, I really struggle to understand the hype in Lampard. He's made to look good because he has so many quality players around him at Chelsea, but for England, he's more often than not completely lost and ineffective. "Best attacking midfielder in the world" Thats a joke, unless we're talking about scoring from deflections. The other dubious inclusion would be Barry. Once again, this bloke is so over-rated its unreal. I would take Huddleston over him any day of the week. This Baines character is another strange one, especially when you have much better players like Konchesky up for grabs. Can't believe he never got selection, not even in a friendly. Great attacking and defensive fullback. I also hope Adam Johnson makes the trip. He's a very talented and exciting player and appears to handle the pressure of big games very well. At the end of the day I just hope we don't waste a valuable space on SWP. He's a championship player at best and should never be representing England in the world cup.

Posted 20:30 26th May 2010

Danny Hooley (Liverpool fan) says...

Why take heskey. He cant hit a barn door, all he is, is just a good target man. Pace is a vital part of the game these days an he hasn't got any. Who is lampard? yeah he's scored a lot of goals for chelsea but england dont just need goals, we need a solid midfield. Its ok scoring but can he get back an defend. in my opinion NO. Gerrard an Barry for Midfield, they have a good understanding about each others game an have a far better partnership than Gerrard an Lampard or Barry an Lampard. we need performers not names.

Posted 18:20 26th May 2010

Avid Fan (Manchester United fan) says...

A solid team is needed in order for England to win the world cup and as a fan of England at every major competition i got to say that this time they have one really good chance at it with a manager like Fabio Capello at the helm. A factor that seems missing is the inclusion of the mercurial David Beckham who would have always been an inspiration regardless of whether he started a match or came on later in the game. Its a good choice by capello in having him in the coaching staff Players to be dropped would be shaun wright phillips, carlton cole , baines/warnock, huddlestone, upson, carrick and well i wouldnt want to leave johnson out so thats an option il leave to capello itself :D.. anywys this is englands year.. GOD BLESS THE QUEEN

Posted 18:02 26th May 2010

Mithun Siddarth (Chelsea fan) says...

It would be good to see England unleash their midfield power house by playing 5 in the midfield and play Rooney all alone. With Lampard Gerrard and Barry in the middle, It would surely be a deadly combo. But I know Capello thinks otherwise.

Posted 16:17 26th May 2010

Gary Holdstock (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Rita Muscat wants shooting for that post. Some people put their club before country during the season, but once thats over you should be 100% England if they are in a tournament. As for Man United providing the "Best Player as usual" !!! EErrrrr, didnt you pinch him from Everton where he was a sensation coming through their Youth Academy - you numpty. Man Utd are not providing him they poached him. Keep your moronic views to yourself it you are an idiot. Come on England show this daft woman that Our Country can be great again.

Posted 15:53 26th May 2010

Jon Philo (Crystal Palace fan) says...

its a good team but heskey and walcott should not be in it and bent and wrightphilips shouldn be in so fabio made a bad desicon

Posted 15:29 26th May 2010

Mads Herholdt (Liverpool fan) says...

Gabriel Agbonlahor? where is he? I think that Capello has shot himself and England in the foot, buy not taking Agbonlahor to the World Cup. he is so fast and would be a real danger to any defence. I think of the nominated strikers, should Bent stay home. He is good in th edomestic league, but he wont score a single goal at the Wolrd Cup, not a single one, beleive you mee!!!

Posted 15:14 26th May 2010

Jamie Martin (Fulham fan) says...

i think you should take emile hesky out and put darren bent or bobby zamora in because emile hesky isnt even that good

Posted 15:11 26th May 2010

Harry Shortland (Chelsea fan) says...

Let's face it ... regardless of how Gerrard has stunk up the place for England over the last 3 years, and regardless of how many passes he gives away every match, he'll go anyway! The Big-Name syndrome has once again affected an England manager! Heskey?? Are you kidding me?? He's constantly hurt during a game, and he can be roughed up until he disappears near the sidelines. How many times has this huge, fast, "threatening" figure scored for England in the last 5 years or so? 2, 3, 4??? He'll go anyway! I'm a little upset Jamie O'Hara didn't get picked! (not a Big-name.... again). He's the typical English player, aggressive, skillful, energetic, etc, etc, and would do great on the weak left side of our squad. Adam Johnson would do well in SA, but I doubt he'll get picked. p.s. the English performance against Mexico was, once again pathetic! Does Capello PRACTICE giving the ball away??? We couldn't put 3 passes together for the whole game!! Once again, we were decidedly second best, ....except in front of goal, where, we all agree, is where it counts.

Posted 14:36 26th May 2010

Blue4life . (Chelsea fan) says...

Rita Muscat how can you conisder yourself english when you keep refering to england supporters as 'you.' Grow up and stop being a miserable kiljoy because you clearly know nothing about football, hence why you haven't been to Wembly for 44 years and i'm willing to put money on the fact that you can't even name the full names of the starting eleven for Man U.

Posted 14:01 26th May 2010

Joel Etherton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

For the most part I like your team picks here. Some of them are easy to pick just because of how dominant they are. I have to disagree with you on Heskey over Bent though. Bent has come through for Sunderland and Heskey has not done the same for Villa. Capello's got enough deep WC experience in the squad that I don't think Heskey provides anything that Capello can't get elsewhere. Bent gives him a younger striker who is entering his prime years who has been snubbed for international duty in the past. I think Bent is due, and I'd like to see Capello give him a go.

Posted 13:30 26th May 2010

Zeki Akdeniz (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with Paul Merson, we should go 4-5-1, our best player Rooney, has had his best goal scoring year in that position, plus, the question always is who is good enough to partner rooney? So have no one !! walcott, Lennon, Joe Cole, Adam Johson are all attacking Wingers and will have more oppurtunity to press forward with a 4-5-1 plus, we can finally solve the Gerrard and Lampard problem, both flood forward which would leave us exposed in a 4-4-2, so 4-5-1 leaves a anchoring midfielder to cover that. This brings me to ledley King, Key man in my opinion, like Song for Arsenal, a decent defender, drop him in the whole DM and give him the simple breaking down job and he'll do it easily ! Then you have Terry & Ferdinand behind him, I dont see that team being broken down !

Posted 13:22 26th May 2010

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