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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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Jason Cox (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Can we all now please firstly lay off Robert Green - its done & dusted - Please remember Peter Shilton at Wembley against Poland in 1973, that blunder cost us a world cup place - did he perform for England again - I think he made a couple more caps! Lets do something that we as a country are very poor at and just back the manager and the team. Italy have started slowly, Holland didn't impress yet we cut them slack saying "it'll come".....Come Saturday morning after a 3-0 win we'll suddenly be back on track for the final, don't do the ortopsy until you have a body!

Posted 12:22 15th June 2010

Sunny Adams (Arsenal fan) says...

The problem with England football team is the media and­ press .It will be very difficult for England to win a WORLD­ CUP or European CUP, because of the way the media­ overrated the England team towards any major­ competition. English team are not only team going for­ the competition .Brazil or German or Spain or Holland­ or Argentina or Italy or France, their media did not­ make much noise or publicity about their teams¿ like­ the way the English media did about the England .they­ all goes into any competition without any distraction­ from their media or press, never overrated by their­ media, and they fully focus on how to win the cup.­ Winning the world Cup is not all about playing a­ beautiful football ...too much of hope, overrating and­ media publicity of wining the cup is what is giving the­ English team a massive pressure....until the English FA­ realise all these mistake before England football team­ can win a WORL CUP/European Cup .... Example is Greece­ when they won the European Cup, they came as under dog­ and they won... Brazil won in 2002 World Cup when they­ almost fail to qualify for the World Cup in 2002.­ Italian won 2006 with lucky but played ugly to win..England should come of out the­ shadow of 1966 world cup they won with help of the­ Russian line man and home advantages..

Posted 11:58 15th June 2010

Terry Huntley (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree fully with Merse regarding dropping Green. Joe Hart was by far the most consistant performer out of Englands 3 goalies during last season. As for James he is also prone to monumental clangers. This leaves Hart! Alan Ball proved in 66 if your good enough age and experience don't matter. Give the boy a chance

Posted 11:28 15th June 2010

Glen Beattie (Arsenal fan) says...

I'm afraid it's same old same old when i comes to England. We where woefully exsposed by lets face it a very average team in the USA. Joe hart has been outstanding all season but makes way for two keepers, one, whose team have been in the bottom six all season and another whose team where relagated while he suffered injury after injury. What must Joe Cole have felt when Shaun Wright-Phillips gets a start in front of him. On the subfect of the vuvuzela all i hear is that that is the way Africans watch football! Well i thought it was a WORLD cup not an African cup so if 90% of the worlds population hate the bloody things (of which i'm one) and the players find it annoying then surely the things must go! I can only see us reaching the last sixteen and thats only because Algeria and Slovenia are so bad.

Posted 11:26 15th June 2010

Bren Walters (Aston Villa fan) says...

A mistake like that is unforgivable. I understand that goalkeepers do make mistakes but a mistake of that magnitude at the World Cup cannot go unpunished. Dropping Green now will damage his confidence but he will just have to man up and accept there will be a consequence to his mistake. Get James in.

Posted 11:01 15th June 2010

Rambo M (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Poor result and poor showing but are we REALLY suprised?? Maybe with the managers crazy decisions!! Why did crouch not start? How did milner get in instead of cole and what the hell was SWP comin on after HALF an hour and on the LEFT! Its sven all over again!! Green shouldn't even be in the squad as james, hart and even robinson are ahead of him. Hart is the best of the 3 but we need experience now. With barry back its not rocket science. James, cole, terry, carra, johnson, cole, barry, lamps, lennon, gerrard, rooney Heskey, SWP, Crouch, Defoe, milner make decent plan B's. Capello wake up, curm on engerland!

Posted 10:39 15th June 2010

Matthew Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

Spot on as usual Merse, pity the England manager can't be as blunt about things as you. In my book the only big decision is between Lampard and Gerrard...if one plays the other is on the bench and you work the system around the man on the pitch. We know both players can easily drop in behind Rooney as a forward attacking midfielder and score goals, and it's criminal that we aren't utilising two of the best midfielders in the world to our advantage. There's no reason why you have to shoehorn both of them into the team all the time and if it's not working you can just sub like for like. Even Capello isn't man enough to make that decision...pitiful.

Posted 10:23 15th June 2010

Faraz Janoo (Arsenal fan) says...

Not all doom and gloom people. Just get Joe Cole, Barry and James (Heskey, Green and SWP out) and you will see a marked improvement.

Posted 10:07 15th June 2010

Nathan Abbott (Leeds United fan) says...

well sed but they did play well but that slip cannot put england down they will get far if they ignore that slip by Rob Green.

Posted 09:51 15th June 2010

Laurie Dyer (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree that Green should go but how many mistakes and poor control of the ball went before that speculative shot. If every time an outfield player miss controlled the ball we call for his dismissal we would have no players left! Talking of miss control..Wright Philipps..what a waste of space, time and time again you hear his name in possession and then he's lost it. Fabio please dont pick him. Crouch and Rooney up front for me with Gerrard just behind them. Joe Cole on from the start. Gareth Barry on too. I am hugely loyal to England and thought we did ok against USA who we underestimated. Roll on Algeria, Come on England.

Posted 09:32 15th June 2010

Richard Sauseda (Fulham fan) says...

Now that the USA vs England match is over, I can now cheer again for the English players I so much admire and enjoy watching play football. That is if the USA doesn't screw up in the next two group matches. :) Best of luck England. Have a great world cup.

Posted 07:45 15th June 2010

Ron Hemming (Birmingham City fan) says...

I agree with nearly all of Paul's comments although I'm not sure Heskey was our best player. For me that one on one miss was as bad as Green's howler. My problem is the choice of players to start with. King is a good player but hasn't played for England for years and, as proved, is an injury liability. Sean Wright Phillps hardly had a game last season and seems to have lost the flair and confidence he had some years ago. Emile Heskey couldn't get in the Villa side and Milner was obviously still feeling the effects of his illness. Carragher didn't want tp play for England and has lost about 2 yards of pace. Hopefully Capello wull learn quickly and will pick players in form and in their strongest positions.

Posted 07:33 15th June 2010

Mark White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wow I agree with Merse on most points, my team would look like this J.HART G.JOHNSON-J.TERRY-M.DAWSON-A.COLE G.BARRY A.LENNON-M.CARRICK-J.COLE S.GERRARD W.ROONEY I think that Lampard was out of the game and there was no fluid passing in the middle of the park, for all his faults, Carrick can pass a ball, Barry can tackle and J.Cole has the tricks when England are in a fix!

Posted 07:12 15th June 2010

Wayne James (Blackpool fan) says...

USA was always going to be the hardest game in the! why not play your best team?if the players are available you play them..end of story,we need to score goals! 4-2-3-1 Hart Johnson-Dawson-Terry-Cole Lampard-----------Carrick Lennon-Gerrard-J.Cole Rooney

Posted 07:04 15th June 2010

David H (Manchester United fan) says...

Agree with the majority.. Heskey has to go, play Gerrard just behind Rooney, bring Dawson in to partner Terry, send Carragher home!! Carrick or Barry in the defensive midfield role, bring Joe Cole in and give the 'in form' Hart a chance in goals. None of this will happen... bye bye Capello after WC WHY WASNT DARREN BENT INCLUDED IN SQUAD!!!?!

Posted 05:28 15th June 2010

Ben Mcrae (Aston Villa fan) says...

you guys are all nuts. support your team! geez.. no wonder every england player always looks shell shocked and terrified when they pull on the shirt. what would dumping him do to his confidence? the teams confidence? nothing. bunch of reactionary lounge chair generals.

Posted 05:11 15th June 2010

Martin Cooke (Leicester City fan) says...

I thought Johnson and Cole did better than Mersons ratings. Bit worried about centre back now Kings out. Agree with many others; Lennon, Barry, Lampard, Gerrard, J. Cole, Rooney as the attacking 6, Barry anchoring will allow all the others to get forward and hopefully get on the end of the chances that Lennon creates. Crouch to be used for last 25-30 minutes against Algeria because they will hate that.

Posted 04:18 15th June 2010

Jamie Druzinsky (Aberdeen fan) says...

great points, but dempsey could be on that england team so i dont know what youre saying about the usa not having anyone besides donavan that would make a 46 man team. not just saying that because of the goal. oh and dont forget tim howard could be starting for england, like he demonstrated when he shut england down

Posted 03:21 15th June 2010

Evan Halnon (Manchester City fan) says...

"We could've and should've won by five"... What is it with you English that make you think you're so superior to every other team? There was never a chance that the US would lose by five. It's an attitude like that, that may explain the draw. USA is a strong side. I'm hoping they bottle it again against Algeria. No more than you deserve.

Posted 03:09 15th June 2010

Damien Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Totally agree with everything Leigh Rathbone said & of course Mers! I am amazed that Capello made such a mess of it after such convincing qualification, or was the qualification against genuine top class opposition? Either way, why Green in the first place? James has had another outstanding season as has Joe Hart, it doesnt make any sense, Glenn Johnson great going forward cant get back, cant tackle poses no fear factor as a defender which is why he would get into any other top ten international side. Why Milner thats just stupid utter stupidity, the guy was sick! Dawson should have replaced King-FACT, Gerrard needs pushing up with Rooney they will murder defences, Lennon has to learn to cross a ball, Shaun wright Phillips is not a left winger Mr Capello and never will be, you bring him on when Lennon runs out of steam, Lampard and Barry in Midfield, you then have the passing you need to your wings with Ashley Cole and Lennon or SWP or indeed Joe Cole-give him a game PLEASE, totaslly agree with mers on the Darren bent one he would pose a real threat against these sides and is much much better than he is given credit for

Posted 02:32 15th June 2010

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