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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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David Edwards (Everton fan) says...

This is the first time I have ever agreed with Merse. Funny but both Sven and Mclaren couldn't of screwed things up any better. From the selection of the squad in the first place. No place for Jagielka or Walcott... even Bent & Baines?? No cover for Glen Johnson?? Cara (give me a break). Joe Hart is far and away our best option in goal, despite his lack of experience. We went into a world cup not knowing our best team or even our best formation. Comical. Joe Cole must play, Barry must play, Hart in goal with Gerrard behind Rooney. It's our best team by a mile.... but with no real cover on the bench!! Semi's at the very best.

Posted 02:09 15th June 2010

Amir Khan (Arsenal fan) says...

if Heskey is soooooo good for Rooney, then why doesnt Alex Ferguson buy him? simple , strikers are selected to score goals. Heskey could not even make the first team of Aston Villa!!! yet Capello has so much faith in him! Im sure if you gave any striker in the premiership 50 chances even they will impress and be the best player in one game!! If you want to help Rooney score goals, forget this cr4p about Rooney needing Heskey!! Go ask Alex Ferguson and he will tell you to create a team of players who can deliver the ball to their striker but also have the talent to score themselves.. Capello is to blame for everything! late decisions of goal keepers, selecting injured players, leaving out in form players! Cole was left out, Dawson was left out, Bent was sent home.. Capello hasnt got a clue, 2 yearsand he still hasnt settled knowing who his first team is.. why does everyone give him so much credit? Forget his past, Benitez had a fantastic record for Liverpool, until this season, im sorry Capello has to GO!! and I believe he will when England fail to qualify.

Posted 00:04 15th June 2010

Darren Hunter (Liverpool fan) says...

Merse i couldn't agree with you more, how bad was James's injury they are saying he is fit so he should have played, i'm no goalkeeper but Green was never positioned right for the cross, he pulled a great save off in the second half but it wan't enough to save his blushes for me. Gerrard was quality stepped up to his captains roll but just faded towards the end of the second half, Wright philips can't understand that one it should have been joe cole all the way for me, heskey has been slated for his lack of goals but he ws never out of the action where as rooney never got into the action all game. The one ray of light i am clutching to is i still think we'll win the group and we are notorious slow starters so it's not all gloom and doom for me i'm still behind the lads 100%.

Posted 22:01 14th June 2010

Danny B (Arsenal fan) says...

comon capello..its not that difficult to see that england has only one forward worth playing and its rooney. now that we need wins in our last 2 games to avoid germany we cant risk trying another forward up with rooney and risk another poor attacking performance. england needs to play with a 4-5-1 with dawson pairing up with terry in the back now that king is probably out..carragher lacks pace and causes too many fouls in dangerous positions. play with your most experienced goalie david james. 3 central midfielders with barry as the holding and lamps and gerrard the attacking. if barrys still out move lamps to holding and pair milner up with gerrard. then use joe cole and aaron lennon as our wingers. both are experienced players with alot of pace and the ability to beat other players one on one to put in crosses. thats just my opinion but seems like the best way to go for now on to avoid more disappointment

Posted 20:29 14th June 2010

Rory Manning (Portsmouth fan) says...

I have too agree! David james should be playing no doubt! He should be Englands first choice! Green slipped up and now its time for someone else to get a chance! Heskey should not be playing he cant even start for Villa!! Crouch should be in

Posted 20:02 14th June 2010

Steve Powell (Arsenal fan) says...

Merse is on the ball with his comments Forget concerns about Green's confidence. Capello needs to select England's #1. After saturday's performance the jersey must go to James or Hart. My line up is hart, cole, terry, dawson,johnson, cole j, gerrard, barry, lennon, crouch and rooney Barry add's some steel in the middle and allows Gerrard to bomb forward to support the strikers. We need these changes for Friday or we will struggle again!!

Posted 19:20 14th June 2010

Bryan Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

England are average at best. I wasn't surprised by the outcome. True that Green made a costly mistake, but the team collectively played badly. We gifted an average USA midfield possession for large parts of the game. On watching the USA play against better opposition, they only tend to get 40% of the possession at best. For large spells of the game, they had control of midfield and Rooney suffered for the lack of service. It is my opinion that England has struggled to produce midfielders who can hold the ball up and link play as effectively as the better sides in Europe. For all the praise lavished on Gerrard or Lampard, can anyone imaging them keeping the ball and having a successful passing ratio of 89%? Well, Fabregas has a better ratio than either one of them. Xavier made a total of 259 successfully passes in a single game. These were not your run-of the-mill-pass- the- ball- to- the defenders you often see England midfielder doing. Can you imagine any England midfielder having a tally close to that. If England can successfully wrest control of midfield from the opposition, then we would have more opportunites to score goals. Most teams make mistakes when they cannot get possession of the ball and a sudden killer pass catches their defence unawares. England will suffer badly for a lack of being able to hold the ball where it matters most , midfield.

Posted 19:19 14th June 2010

Chris May (Arsenal fan) says...

i personally think it was a decent performance by england. we only drew because of a freak goal. any other day of the week green gathers that ball up and we win 1:0 and all these threads would be full of "we're gonna win the cup" comments. the truth is england are a good side. a side i think will make the semis this year. but we wont win the cup because as someone else said we lack creative flair. we are very ridged and insist on always playing long balls, instead of getting it to feet and playing fast 1 touch football the only player i think who breaks that mould is joe cole. and so for the life of me i dont know why he didnt player instead of milner. cole should be in the starting 11 that said i would say leave green alone. everyone has a clanger in their career he wont do it again. pick joe cole for his creativity, use peter crouch. he gets goals unlike heskey, but try not to get too carried away. england are a bit like villa/spurs/everton in the league. a good strong side who can beat anyone on their day, but they wont ever win the league just get behind the team and try and enjoy the good moments like gerrards goal before we go home :) COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Posted 19:18 14th June 2010

Billy Bremner (Leeds United fan) says...

green is absolutely awful, I dont think he even deserves to be alive. he makes seaman look good and thats saying something, he is an appaling shot stopper and a disgrace to the english nation. He plays for west ham - say no more. that in itself gives evidence to imply he is simply not good enough.And Heskey, we need that elephant out of the team. we need to replace him kevin davis in our side i know he would fit well into the team and i wouldnt mi9nd betting he would finish top scorer in the world cup. I'm sorry but is the Green not deserving to be alive out of order?! I'd like to see you do better mate. It's cracking to hear such words of wisdom from a Burton fan. Please, enlighten me some more...

Posted 19:11 14th June 2010

Bradley Thompson (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

to Siddiqui M,"it will be like last years CL final. England would be taken to footballing lesson like Man U against Barca. English Team got no flair, no artistry just plain football which is good when you have others around". I didnt need to read what team you support to know you are another typical arsenal fan who hangs of every other word that comes out of your imbecile of a manager. Did you see the italians running down the wings doing step overs and silly flicks? NO. What happened when messi came up against chelsea he tried that flair and failed. Did inter have flair, artistery? NO. The only reason England dont do well is because weve got idiots like lennon running down the wing then smashing it into the closest defenders shins. We need someone like beckham, adam johnson perhaps or even bentley. Teams would fear us if we we plaiged their defence with quality crosses onto the likes of crouch. Instead we let lennon and wright-phillips run into walls. Another thing why the hell is heskey playing. It would make more sense to take the likes of zamora, bent or even kevin davies. players with skill. I would go as far as saying i would prefer to take kevin phillips than heskey.

Posted 19:11 14th June 2010

I am a Goalkeeper (Norwich City fan) says...

Some good points here Mersy. But, as a Norwich fan, having watched Green for six years at Carrow Road, I think I only ever saw him make two mistakes. The man made some stunning saves and I have complete faith he would redeem himself. After all, David James doesn't have the nickname 'Calamity' for no reason. I'm also a goalkeeper and I have played with this ball. It really is naff. It moves all over the place, it's like playing with a beach ball. And, I've kept twelve clean sheets in a row for my team, so I know what I'm talking about. I admit Heskey played well, but he should be marked lower. My grandma could have scored that! I really think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. We drew our first game against our group's toughest opponents. We're not out, we're still in the competition. England had more than enough chances to win the game and didn't, the problem with us English is always needing someone to blame. A scapegoat. It's pathetic. If we actually want the Three Lions to do well, let's get off their backs and get behind them. It drives me nuts. If England don't win the world cup, it's only right the Canaries win the Championship next year, hopefully with Fraser Forster among our ranks-future England no.1, like myself hopefully! 'Till the Algeria game, hopefully we all a little more rational and talking of a better result.

Posted 19:07 14th June 2010

Johnny B (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Word for word Merson, I agree with you word for word.

Posted 19:05 14th June 2010

Chris Mcwilliams (Manchester United fan) says...

Watched the game in Dallas with 300+ Yanks and totally embarrased by a very average England. They actually believe they are as good as us! And I couldn't even argue after that performance! How SWP ever made the final 23, never mind getting a game on Saturday I will never know. Talk about headless chicken! Go with Rooney upfront on his own - he is the only forward we've got that can actually finish!

Posted 19:04 14th June 2010

Ever Ian (Arsenal fan) says...

Very rude towards the Americans. We all know you wish you had a Tim Howard in your side. Landon shut down Cashly Cole. I believe that our manager, Bob Bradley, deserves some credit for OUT COACHING Don Fabio

Posted 18:54 14th June 2010

Rich Campbell (Arsenal fan) says...

Do you not think that Paul Merson is behind England ? Do you think he wants us to Fail? ... Hes spot on and yeah you may say a little over critical but hes right , We should have put the USA to Bed and as for Emile Heskey yeah he was the best player but he is a striker and at this level if you get a chance you cant afford not to take it , and while he might link up nicely with Wayne Rooney if oposition take Rooney out of the game what do we do then ? hope Heskey gets 5 or 6 changes and scores one ? WE CANT TAKE THAT CHANCE !!! Maybe 4-5-1 is the option to allow Lampard and gerrard to play together , but certainly if we want to get out of the group let alone lift the world cup things need to change.... And its not being negative I want England to win as much as anybody but Fan support alone wont win us the world cup!!

Posted 18:46 14th June 2010

Michael Nicolson (Manchester United fan) says...

My main dissapointment was Wayne Rooney, he was like a shadow of himself is he not fit, too many games? The next point is the starting line up, for me Cappello is the best England manager for two decades, but he has definately boobed this time, Lampard must be dropped, he never shows the form for England. Secondly Joe Cole must play and although Emile Heski was the best player on the pitch he will never be in a winning England world cup team. Shame he wasnt red carded for nearly killing the American goalkeeper as well as crocking Rio, so without a doubt substitute yes but starter no. My team would be : 433 Wayne Rooney, Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon Steven Gerrard , Joe Cole, Michael Carrick Ashley Cole,Glen Johnson,John Terry ,Jamie Carragher Goalkeeper Joe Hart subs:Peter Crouch,Emile Heskey ,David James,Frank Lampard

Posted 18:40 14th June 2010

Justin Harper (Arsenal fan) says...

Its funny how every english person thinks they know better than capello now; yous are so short sited, a while ago he was being touted as the right man to lead england to world cup glory and now ive read a few people saying he should be sacked after the world cup! ITS BEEN 1 GAME! The english need to stop believing that they have a divine right to win this group and go on and do well, all the teams are on equal power and have as much of a right as england to do well! The english are bottlers when it comes to the big stage and their press are pathetic as they bring up 1966 at any chance given; everyone is sick of hearing it; win another world cup and shut me up but until then be quiet england as yous are nothing special

Posted 18:39 14th June 2010

Doug Drinkwater (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Gerrard 8 - seriously? Seriously? He's a Hollywood, Roy-of-the-Rovers player who did little apart from the goal and a few "this one's for the camera" sliding tackles. He's indisciplined and he lost the ball a number of times. The guy should be dropped for someone who puts the first team first.

Posted 18:37 14th June 2010

Mark Bendall (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Our weakest side is the left so what do we do all game? play it down the left, i was screaming at the screen for them to knock it right to aaron lennon but it just kept going left and between rooney and lampard we just kept losing posession, if we insist on playing rooney and lampard all the time, then at least use both wings and play joe cole who is a left sided player, we should have cole-carrick-gerrard and lennon in midfield(carrick to hold and let gerrard get forward) and defoe with either rooney or crouch up front, we shouldn't make rooney out to be our 'messi' as he is clearly not.

Posted 18:26 14th June 2010

James Turner (West Ham United fan) says...

These comments are laughable Green made a mistake thats all it was he came out straight after and faced the world, put his hands up and apologised. If we are going to lament players for making mistakes then I want Heskey out in front of the cameras apologising like Green did. Its a mistake its not like its knocked us out or stopped us qualifying is it? why dont we just get behind him. Upson has to start I cannot believe people are calling for Dawson, who has NEVER played and International game before in his life. Yet Upson who played alongside Terry all through the qualifying campaign never made a mistake never looked out of place and has even chipped in at the other end too. He is a Natural left footer which compliments Terry perfectly, so what if he hasnt had the best of seasons have you seen what the entire squad at West Ham have had to put up with this season, and if your judging him on that then Gerrard shouldnt start he hasnt had a great season either has he. Get a grip will you lot its the first game we never do well on our first game.

Posted 18:22 14th June 2010

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