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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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Ewan Linden (Manchester United fan) says...

its clear england don't have goals in the team at a higher level, and they have been lacking it for while now. they have one world class striker in wayne rooney at the world cup the rest of the strikers just aren't prolific enough against any of the big teams. and then englands goal threat in rooney is injured wiht his ankle he may be playing in games but he isnt playing as he does for united. i do think joe cole should be playing but he should be the second striker as he has the abilty to feed rooney the ball gerrard should play on the left providing the support but this all depends on gareth barry being fit because gerrard-lampard doesnt work simply because lampard isnt good enough to make an imact at this level therefore limiting gerrard effect on a game. he should be deployed as a tackling midfielder playing it to gerrard lennon and joe cole and there to win the ball back. englands goal keeper has to be joe hart now and should have been against the usa. he is inexperienced but so is the german number 1. he is 24 and only had 4 caps and he did perfectly fine so why can't joe hart. englands major worry has to be the defence because since ferdinand's injury they have lost quick centre back for cover. john terry maybe great at last ditch and organisation but without a fast centre back partner if exposed to someone like drogba or torres it will cost england.

Posted 18:15 14th June 2010

Phil G (Aston Villa fan) says...

Mers I think you are being a bit harsh with Robert Green, but overall you are spot on. I think Heskey has his place against weaker (?) opposition but we will be better off with five in midfield when or if we get through to the knock out stages. Watching Algeria yesterday, the commentators were slagging them off but they seemed to pass the ball better than England, dont be surprised if we make hard work of that one.

Posted 17:49 14th June 2010

Steve Wilson (Liverpool fan) says...

Capello waited too long to replace Heskey with Couch. Why aren't ineffective players replaced at half time? We must play with authority from the start and each player must earn a place on this team. There's too much reliance on Wayne. We need others to score goals. I would like to see Defoe and Joe Cole play in the next two games.

Posted 17:37 14th June 2010

Suby Hernandez (Chelsea fan) says...

you all are talking about hw we should have beaten the yanks and all sorts, but yet you fail to remember these yanks beat spain last year and only just lost to brazil , credit to them they played well knew our dangermen and kept them quiet. It was the first match so obviusly it was going to be hard, yes rob green made a stupid unforgettable mistake but pointing fingers is not going to help our case one bit, lamps n rooney should have not been kept quiet by players who the world have not even heard off but unfortunately they were, joe cole should have started on the left capello needs to drop heskey who's goal ratio for england is worse then jose chilvaerts for paraguay who was a bloddy GK......capello ur wise and experienced enough to know the changes that need to be made...if carragher got demolished for pace by jozy altidore imagine if he comes up against the likes of torres,villa,kaka,fabiano,messi,tevez not to say john terry is speedy gonzales but hes no way as slow as carragher, he needs to give a dawson a chance... its not always about experience although it is an important factor look at germany yesterday who had a very inexperienced team out there.... rooney has proved this season he doesnt need a buddy up there to bring a ball down but play him through and make him the focal point n he'll strive under that and punish the same old england playing the same old long balls which frankly isnt how football should be played by a country that invented the sport....GREEN,JOHNSON,TERRY,DAWSON,COLE,BARRY,LAMPS,GERRARD,J.COLE,LENNON,ROONEY should be his team from now on although capello wont see it that way.......COME ON ENGLAND

Posted 17:22 14th June 2010

Alex Hughes (Everton fan) says...

Well said mersy !! Proper agree

Posted 16:39 14th June 2010

Peter Condon (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

let hart and dawson start the next game to gain some experiance for the next round. then after this world cup get rid of cappelo and get an englishman with some passion. great points merse. sorry about green but he has had chance he spilled the ball against mexico recently . also let rooney play up front on his own and make jt captain. eng to win come on the lads

Posted 15:38 14th June 2010

J. Greaves (Chelsea fan) says...

Ah, the World Cup. The occassion in which all England fans become like Liverpool fans: that sense of entitlement, the god-given right to win and be perceived as a major contender, no matter how much evidence there is that the competition has long since passed you by. We have to face facts: England has only ever been in one major final in the entire history of international football. Brazil, Argentia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Italy -- at least -- are all consistently better footballing nations than England and have been for most of the past 50-80 years. From wence comes these expectations that England are a real contender? Our top league may be -- may be -- the best league in the world top to bottom, but it is NOT because of the English players. It is because of the money English fans pour into the game that allow our major clubs -- almost all of which are owned by foreigners now btw -- to buy great foreign talent. The success of ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool allow us to "big up" English football when the reality is that English born players are for the most part very ordinary. You want the best illustration: how many members of the England squad would start for ManU or Chelsea besides Rooney, Lampard, Ferdinand, Gerrard, JT and Ashley Cole? Except for those 6 players, which England-born players who play in the Premiership can make any case for being the best at their position in the Premiership over foreign players? This result against USA wasn't that big a surprise at all. USA are 14th ranked, athletic and have more pace at nearly every position. What they lack in talent they make up for in team spirit and organization. They will be easily broken down and beaten but only by a team with some creativitiy and technical ability. Something England sorely lacks now. It will take decades to fix this problem, not a shiney new manager or a higher "work rate."

Posted 15:36 14th June 2010

David Barron (Liverpool fan) says...


Posted 15:29 14th June 2010

Phil Tobin (West Ham United fan) says...

Yes Merson is right, just put Rooney on, we don't need anybody else cos Rooney is the answer to all our problems...not. People make mistakes, James has on more than one occasion & Hart hasn't had a chance to make a mistake. The whole squad is there on merit according to Capello so like it or lump it we all need to stop this knee jerk reaction when things don't go quite to plan. We're not out of the cup you know?! What good will it do if everybody gets on Greens case? apart from ending what confidence he has left. Give Hart a go, but what if he makes a mistake too? He'll be rubbish & not experienced enough which leaves James & it wasn't that long ago the headlines were calling him Calamity James. Stop moaning, get behind the team & win, draw or lose support the lads after all they're all we've got. COME ON ENGLAND.

Posted 14:54 14th June 2010

Phil Hornby (West Ham United fan) says...

Well no doubt Rob Green will make a few quid with some stupid advert after the world cup like non stick frying pans or no nails

Posted 14:15 14th June 2010

Kevin Coney (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

So Mr Merson is saying that if Seaman had made a similar error whilst playing in front of him he would have wanted him out of the side because he could no longer trust him. Somehow I very much doubt it. It is the usual story of the golkeeper's lot. Whilst any outfield player, with the possible exception of your goalscorer, can make a howler and it is soon shrugged off, a goalkeeper's mistake is generally more catastrophic because of the nature of where they play. A goalkeeper, even the very best, is human and will therefore err occasionally. As for the comment from charlie Sheen that Green doesn't deserve to be alive; that is just shameful

Posted 13:58 14th June 2010

James Dinnie (Arsenal fan) says...

I was very surprised by the starting 11 on sat and baffled by the substitutions. Hart has had a great season and for me, is the best goalkeeper of the 3. James has a lot of experience so you could argue gets the nod over Hart, but Green would have always been my 3rd choice and only in the squad because there is no-one else to make up the numbers. The back four picks itself really with Cole, Terry, King & Johnson. LM J Cole, CM Barry & Lamps, RM Lennon, with Gerrard supporting Rooney playing up top. Each one of those players is then playing in the same position, with the same job, as they do week in, week out for their clubs. Barry probably wasn't fit enough to start so Carrick could have swapped in for the opening game. I don't for a second think I cracked some secret tactic here, it's probably what 90% of England fans are thinking anyway, I just why we don't play to our strengths?

Posted 13:38 14th June 2010

Siddiqui M (Arsenal fan) says...

Its a gimmick and media hype that England actually has a chance to win this World cup. I would be surprised if they make it to the quarters. The team lacks spark,zing, x factor anything you wanna call it. I mean if you have issues against Algeria, then how are we going to face the top dogs. If England makes a dream run to Semis and meet Argentina/Spain or Brazil it will be like last years CL final. England would be taken to footballing lesson like Man U against Barca. English Team got no flair, no artistry just plain football which is good when you have others around. lampard/ Gerrard/Rooney all do well because the clubs have foreign players who add another dimension to English football. The team isnt good enough if England wants to win at home in 2018 if they win the WC bid then send some English teenagers with talent to Barcelona youth, Arsenal youth and to Brazil or Argentina. They will learn the real football and help the cause.

Posted 13:14 14th June 2010

Nik Hanes (Chelsea fan) says...

Really, the basic issue is the formation. Top clubs nearly all play 4-3-3 as it gives more control of midfield. Or some other variant which has 1 striker and supporting midfielders getting forward. You then look at our main EPL teams, and see they play 4-3-3 so thats the formation they are used to playing. Lampard not playing well for England like he does for Chelsea? Well, for Chelsea in a 4-3-3 formation he can get forward much more than when hes 1 of 2 in a 4-4-2. Yes, Heskey finally had a decent game....except for the clear chance on goal which he fluffed - we all knew he wouldnt score. Is the list of strikers other than Rooney so good that we absolutely must choose the formation to use them? Or do we have more midfielders we ought to build a fomaration around? central midfield - Gerrard, Barry, Lampard L AM - Cole; R AM - Lennon Gerrard and Lampard both have the freedom to attack as they do for their club as theres always sufficient cover. Lennon and Cole add to control of midfield, but add attacking options of guile and pace. And with Rooney up front and getting support from the attack minded midfielders, it means if theres a chance to shoot, its him and not Heskey taking the shot. Only we've never ONCE tried 4-3-3 despite it being the formation that our best players play in week in week out. The addage that England can only play 4-4-2 because the players cant adapt to other formations is rubbish - nowadays 4-3-3 is the formation they know, and clearly they have difficulty adapting to 4-4-2.

Posted 13:03 14th June 2010

Gareth Belton (Liverpool fan) says...

Typical over reaction by the press and some of the fans. Out of all the games I've seen so far only Germany look like world beaters and they did play an ageing Australian side. The USA are no pushovers, we controlled most of the game and had enough chances. Despite Green's error we still did enough to win it just didn't happen for us. Lets move on, we have only played one game for goodness sake. We will get better as the tournament goes on!

Posted 13:02 14th June 2010

David Rose (West Ham United fan) says...

merse ,you should know that the very best keepers make shockers eg shilton v poland clemence v scotland seaman v brazil do i need to go has held his hands up.he has been a man about it move will be in goal against algeria because cappello is wise enough to know that green won,t make the same mistake again.heskey should be hooked for missing that one on one .we will not win the world cup with one striker that can score goals.

Posted 12:43 14th June 2010

Anth Harrison (Sunderland fan) says...

We were crap and the keeper made mistake so what!! we didnt lose and we can still and should top the group on goal difference as i cant see the USA losing to the other two. After weve done that we should have enough momentum to get to the quarters and then its bye bye as always!!

Posted 12:38 14th June 2010

James Mayer (Liverpool fan) says...

Why does everybody turn against England when they are poor and then think they are the best team when they are great? And why does everybody scrutinize what the managers selections are because at the end of the day he is the only one who matters. If for once people would just support England and not have to scrutinize everything they are doing then maybe England would perform. And people mentioning Spain, Brazil Argentina we arent even in the knockout stages and we are comparing England to them. One or Two of these teams might not be advancing past the 2nd round because even though I fully expect these teams at least in the quarter final this is football and funny things do happen.

Posted 12:31 14th June 2010

Deano Hep (Hull City fan) says...

I think we should be looking at the bigger picture here. We are all picking holes in player after player, (rightly in some cases, i.e. Milner, SWP, Carragher, Green) but we seem to be missing the most worrying point. Capello picked a team to beat the USA. I'm sorry, but i thought the idea was, play your best side, fitness permitting, every game to get them used to playing together. Capello.....We, know the best 11 players, so come on, play them every game and forget this ridiculous 'Rotation' system. Its doomed to failure! Having said that, get it right and we may just have a team to sing about and be proud of, instead of picking them yo bits!

Posted 12:23 14th June 2010

Peter Womersley (Manchester United fan) says...

England , a side that always over promises and under delivers. In the same way players are over rated on the world stage. Expectations cause frustration. I really thought England could go all the way but after this game , i don't think they will. Watch out for Germany.

Posted 12:23 14th June 2010

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