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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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Andrew Keen (Manchester United fan) says...

I was shocked at Capello's choices, Joe Cole does more damage than Milner on the left, Milner is third choice in that position. Carragher is too old for this squad, we are going to face fast attacking in the world cup and Carragher can't keep up. Algeria on the counter can cause problems and so can any other squad. Dawson has been better than King this season and King can't stay fit. Keep Green in goal for the Algeria match so that it doesn't destroy him for the rest of the WC.

Posted 12:02 14th June 2010

Doug Davies (villa fan) (Aston Villa fan) says...

anyone but heskey!!! to be one on one with the keeper, average is all i can say about england all that hype and for what, if we carry on like that we'll be home in a week and abit, capello has to revert to the 4-5-1 formation to achieve any victory, j cole on the left, lennon on the right, barry holding and lamps and gerrard supporting rooney - capello please see sense !!!!!!!

Posted 11:58 14th June 2010

Lewis Crothers (Liverpool fan) says...

Typical england fans thinkin they have a right to walkover any of the not so glamorous world cup sides... its the expectation levels that limit how england play in major finals. That said, yes, on paper england should be beating usa but few teams ever hit the ground running at start of a world cup. Just think about italy last time out. I do agree that joe cole should play however. His attacking flair and ability to create something from nothing, is what england lack compared to the other big nations. Also they have the perfect player for rooney to play off in peter crouch, who CAN score goals. Im sure nearly every defender in these finals would rather b up against heskey than crouch, heskey might keep the ball well, but you need two strikers capable of punishing mistakes, not just one...

Posted 11:45 14th June 2010

James Barnett (Liverpool fan) says...

Stop picking on Emile Heskey. He was the 2nd best player on the pitch that night after Steven Gerrard. He constantly gets put down all the time but that night he did a better job than Rooney. At least he got into a position to have a shot. Rooney didn't. Rooney should of created space for himself but instead was happy to get marked out of the game by an ex Watford defender in Jay Demerit. Shows how the majority of the english team were below par. I honestly think that England might miss out on goal difference now. If Slovenia can grab a draw against England which is possible and then another draw against the USA then England could miss out. Slovenia are set up brilliantly and solid at the back and England play as they did against the USA they might get punished.

Posted 11:33 14th June 2010

Leigh Rathbone (Aston Villa fan) says...

too many mad decisions by capello. starting with milner was totally wrong. He was ill, and hadnt trained at altitude all week. Secondly the replacement was unbelieveable, what exactly does capello have against Cole. Merson is spot on, even giving Green zero I agree with. For me, gerrard should play behind rooney, with barry and lampard centre midfield. Cole has to start. we are lacking creativity in midfleid. Rooney looked lost. Put him up front by himself, make him the focal point - he loves that. Really really disapointed with Capelo after sailing through qualifiers

Posted 11:27 14th June 2010

Steven Barr (Rangers fan) says...

I cant understand why everyone says you need an experienced goalkeeper when iker cassilas had already played in and won two european cup finals at the age of 21. SWP and Heskey are awfull, never international footballers. Lampard should be played as attacking midfielder and joe cole has to start. Hart in goals and dawson with J.T not Carragher who's no even interested in playing for England.

Posted 11:08 14th June 2010

Ryan Jarvis (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

For the first time in his reign I have serious concerns about Fabio Capello. Green? SWP? Milner? Heskey? And I'm sorry but if a player is not playing well then drag him off, tell him why, and hope that they pull their finger out and improve for the next game. So Lampard, Johnson, and arguably Rooney, think yourselves lucky. Fabio, don't turn into Sven, no time for favourites, this is England, and we want to see desire. Play hungry players who give their all. We could learn a lot for the young German side, who for all their inexperience, played a lot better football than we did and excited their fans too.

Posted 11:06 14th June 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

first things first............robert green shouldnt even be in the squad not alone in goal,secondly we have a manager who couldnt run a bath not alone a team,in which quite frankly i could of won the qualifying group with my hands tied behind my back.this groups even easier,as all the team that played on saturday werent in a club side under 7th in the table this year up against a defender slung out by watford,a forward who made caragher look like a snail who scored one league goal for hull all season and makes heskeys ratio look good,and another who played about 2 games for bolton....we also have amanager who's as clueless as errikksoon and mclaren before him were with the same tactics,of thinking emile heskey makes rooney play better,......all 4 of germanys forwards scored yesterday and argentina have 2 better strikers on there bench than we have in our team.our manager also keeps secret his team selection secret till 2 hours before the match,a tactic that the average sunday league under 7's manager wouldnt do.he takes ferdinand who was never fit,regardless of the kick heskey gave his ankle,ironically the only thing he's ever managed to kick straight in his entire life,king who plays every other week upson whos always injured,and barry who isnt fit......theres only one way to redeem a side which quite frankly should of won all 3 group games 3-0 plus the first of which weve already failed,forget the holding role,we're in a group where weve no danger of attacking forces........go for their throat from the off with 2 wingers and 2 forwards (NOT HESKEY PLEASE) and after the finals get a man whos worth his corn not a clown on 6 million a year id do for nothing

Posted 10:49 14th June 2010

David Rose (West Ham United fan) says...

i think you are abit quick paul to out green as i recall a lot better goalkeepers have made total shockers in big peter shilton v poland ray clemence v scotland paul robinson v croatia david seaman v brazil so it happens to the best.i would stick with green or you shatter his confidence for life.come on england the dream is only begining.

Posted 10:24 14th June 2010

Mike Bassett (West Ham United fan) says...

Paul Merson i have to disagree with nearly everything you have said there. You basically have said that when any player gets the ball just give it to Rooney stand back and let him do the work? Thats exactly how Argentina, Spain and Germany play......... What was the point of bringing Gerrard, Lampard, Lennon, Cole, Heskey if all we want to do is give it to Rooney. Call up 10 English players from league 2 they will do that job. As for Green's mistake we all knew whoever was going to be in goal from the start would make a mistake. It was fate it was going to happen but should England be having a player turn on the ball 3 times 5 yards outside our penalty box i think not! Fair play Heskey didnt score his chance and thats what he is there for but how many chances did Rooney get himself in to? (and im not bagging him, i think he is a fantastic player). On a brighter note yes Joe Cole should of started and definately will next game and i do hope england turn it around and do well!!!!!

Posted 09:45 14th June 2010

Terry Tibbs (Rochdale fan) says...

Green's mistake is a very, very convenient excuse i'm afraid. It just takes all the limelight away from the fact that England were THAT bad. After going a goal up after 4minutes, they should have punished USA. However, the Americans looked the far better team for the majority of the game. I'm a big fan of Capello, but his decision making recently has left me quite frankly, baffled. Heskey? 90 minutes of huffing and puffing, but is he going to get a goal on the international stage? No, absolutely not. Rooney ceased to exist because his teammates failed to recognise that passing to him was a necessary thing. Lampard is smothered in a role which does not suit him whatsoever, hence why you see so, so little of him during the game. And as for Green? I feel genuinely sorry for him, it was a huge mistake but guess what? It happens! That error is a convenient excuse for the dismal display that went on in front of him for the entire match. But in all honesty, the English media are to blame. All they seem to be good at, is villainising the best players, so they don't play again, which brings me to my final point. That the best English keeper is not anywhere near the squad. And that man, is Paul Robinson. If England are to get out of the group they need to play Gerrard off of Rooney up top. Barry, or (I know he's had a bad season but still) Carrick sitting with Lampard, so that Frank can actually be exposed to what's going on around him. And Joe Cole HAS to play. He's that spark that England lack in general, he isn't afraid to actually try something. Him on the left, Lennon on the right. As for defence, just never play Jamie Carragher, because he is just shocking. Why he was ever included in the team is a joke.

Posted 09:37 14th June 2010

Charlie Sheen (Burton Albion fan) says...

green is absolutely awful, I dont think he even deserves to be alive. he makes seaman look good and thats saying something, he is an appaling shot stopper and a disgrace to the english nation. He plays for west ham - say no more. that in itself gives evidence to imply he is simply not good enough. And Heskey, we need that elephant out of the team. we need to replace him kevin davis in our side i know he would fit well into the team and i wouldnt mi9nd betting he would finish top scorer in the world cup.

Posted 09:33 14th June 2010

Matthew Clark (Birmingham City fan) says...

I agree with everything you talked about 'Ste Evs'

Posted 09:19 14th June 2010

Pete Grant (Manchester United fan) says...

Before the game I knew what the best team was in my oppinion but I also knew it was unlikely to happen, after the game I've seen plenty of fans name their team and it's the same as what I think but still I can't see Fabio using it. Hart, RB - Johnson LB - A.Cole CB - Terry CB - Dawson/King RM - Lennon LM - J.Cole CM - Lampard CM - Barry/Carrick, Support Forward - Gerrard CF - Rooney This team has the best chance of winning the World Cup for me, Look at Spain and Brazil who are both favorites because they have great passing sides that move the ball very quickly, with Lennon, Cole Lampard and Gerrard bombing Forward we have a mixture of pace and craft that the USA game was crying out for and this formation solves the age old problem of who should play the attacking role out of Gerrard and Lampard, both are powerful players in different ways and they are without doubt England's best goal scoring threat coming from deep, Barry or Carrick are both very good passers of the ball and both are more defensive than either Gerro or Lamps, in fact Carrick has a great long range shot on him just doesn't get forward often enough to use it. The support from the wings with Cole and Lennon would be second to none, Lennon has pace to burn but sometimes is left wanting with his final ball but then we would have Joe Cole who may not be as pacey but has one of the most creative minds in the premiership, then of course there's Rooney who would benefit from the fast attacking ability of this side and you couldn't hope for a better finisher. Frankly all Hesky does is slow England down, in a way that is what he's there to do being the hold up guy but does this England side really want slowing down when our best Club sides utilise the counter attack to such good effect, this would be playing to Gerrard Lamps, Rooney's and Lennons strengths and you only have to look at Roon's success at ManU to see that he thrives in a fast moving side.

Posted 08:57 14th June 2010

Barry Edwards (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

a goalkeeper made a mistake. no one died! we will qualify no matter which goalkeeper we play.

Posted 08:44 14th June 2010

Shane Scrivner (Manchester City fan) says...

capeelo said his team will be picked on form - how did heskeys form put him ahead of bent ? bent is the 3rd top goal scorer in the prem who no offense to sunderland fans has little chances created for him, and to pick green ahead of hart - what is english football coming to ? so what hes young so what hes hungry for success - isnt that what creates champions ? green looks miserable and heartless out there, milners sick so why start him ahead of j. cole ? j. cole was englands top performer 4 years ago- hes like podolski may play bad for club team but for his country he plays like its his last game he will ever play. something enlgand need in the team. Gerrard played superb. needed barry in there to free him up, lampard was stiil in london. well played to terry thought he did well and shame for king - hope he get back to fitness quick dominant player we need at the back. next line up against algerias gotta be - GK - Hart, LWB - a.cole RWB- Johnson 2 CBs - terry, dawson RM - Lennon, CMs- gerrard, barry, LM - j.cole CAM - lampard ST - rooney. or mers would you go for 4 -3-3 ? WITH LAMPARD AND GERRARD ON EITHER SIDE OF BARRY IN MIDDLE, stick rooney up top with defoe and crouch see who our top strikers are get them some morale and goals and bring the cup home in fashion ?

Posted 08:07 14th June 2010

Jezza Jezza (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Absolutely typical of the british media and commentators at a world cup....all having a go at green...why not heskey as he missed what was virtually an open 3 year old would have buried it, and if he had scored Greens mistake would be a mute point...sure it was a clanger but the out field players should have buried what is a weak USA side..score in first 5 mins,. most good teams would have gone and won at least 3 or 4 nil..hope Capello is reading riot act to the whole team...keep SWP and Heskey away from the side and we have a chnace of getting out of group...keep them and we will not even make it

Posted 07:33 14th June 2010

Mark Holdcroft (Stoke City fan) says...

Green plays well, but has a howler which costs us a goal, and gets '0', Heskey plays well, but has a howler which costs us a goal, and gets '8'. Well at least now I know why nobody want to be a goal keeper in this country.

Posted 07:26 14th June 2010

Alvin Lsp (Liverpool fan) says...

Don't expect to every game by 1-0. Our wingers are quite poor. Play gerrard on the right, j. Cole left, Barry holding and lampard forward. This way we can get more goals.

Posted 06:40 14th June 2010

Shaun J (Sunderland fan) says...

Nice to know someone is talking sense. Sack Capello get Merse as manager. Heskey is a walking disaster for England, he doesn't score enough. Okay okay, he plays decent link up, but we need prolific scorers. Darren Bent should have been a 5th striker in Capello's squad. Should he really have took a risk on King's fitness, hmm probably not. King is an awesome defender, but his fitness is unreliable. I've never been a big fan of Green, I'd have rather seen Kirkland called up. David James should have played there, he has the experience of such build up and expectations. Think Capello needs to realise his own errors, and soon.

Posted 06:39 14th June 2010

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