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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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Barrie Vesty (Liverpool fan) says...

Quite simple bring in Gareth Barry, put Gerrard on the left and play five across the middle, rooney solo up top. Then get Frank doing his Chelsea job box to box with a bit less danger of over exposure. Thought the game was dreadful, thought the line up was wrong...Come on England want to see a big vistory next game and the Algerians will be no push over...they are good enough to beat us.

Posted 05:43 14th June 2010

Pete T (Liverpool fan) says...

Have to agree largely with Mers, I was furious at my telly at least 4 times in the second half when i saw Rooney with the ball in his hands after picking it up, waiting for someone to take it off him..... and throw it in! Poor, i lost count of how many passes where sent astray, or read easily by the opposition and cut out, simple as, Not Good Enough! Lennon making a brake down the right, to cross to the goalie! and well at least SWP put in some good tackles....but on himself! I've Cringed when England have taken the field in recent years, and am genuinly supprised when we win, and that is a TERRIBLE state of affairs! Answers??? i don't know to be fair, we seem to under perform in whatever formation, but lackluster, slow, holding the ball in our own half tactics would have the same result with 6 Kakas' and 4 Messis' on the field....and i completely agree on the Rooney alone up front approach, with some of the best goal scoring midfield players in the country supporting him directly behind like they do so successfully at club level exactly like Stevies goal in the first real chance of the game....We have to play to strengths, Gerrard mostly in our half, and Lampard playing a Carrick role is madness....but then, as professional footballers, why can't they play anywhere, does the game change from another position, or is it still 1 ball, 2 goals, team that scores the most wins????

Posted 05:36 14th June 2010

Sivakumar B (Manchester United fan) says...

England were ok. Few things to ponder for Capello, Goal Keeper, Central Defence (King/Carregher), Left side of midfield. Looks like Capello is desparate to have Barry so that he can free up Gerrard or Lampard for an Advanced role and with 4-5-1, Rooney upfront with Gerrard or Lampard playing just behind, the shape will be good tactically. Remember what Gullit said, slow start is always better than a rampant start and running out of steam as the tournament progresses.

Posted 05:24 14th June 2010

Sandy Peters (Hamilton Academical fan) says...

As A Scotland supporter judging bad goalkeepers has been easy for us up until the last 20 years but let's be honest Robert Green is not and never has been in the top three goalkeepers in England.He should not have gone to the World Cup and Paul Robinson should have gone instead just as Big Sam said.Unfortunately the fault lies with Mr Capello.You better have Calamity in for Friday to stand any chance

Posted 04:38 14th June 2010

Mike Mahoney (Manchester United fan) says...

Couldn't agree more. Deja Vu all over again! Same old England. Sven, Capello different managers, same players same results. We will be lucky to make it out of bracket.

Posted 04:33 14th June 2010

Rinaldi Jofika (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with your comment on England. For the next match here's my England XI: Hart, Johnson, Dawson, Terry, Lennon, Barry/Carrick, Lampard, Cole J, Gerrard, Rooney. Formation: 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1. We can rely on Hart do keep a clean sheet. The back four is our best right now. Dawson has pace and Terry has experience. With Barry/Carrick playing a holding midfield, Lampard can do what he does best coming late from behind to score goals. Lennon and Joe Cole have pace and trickery to run the flanks and cut inside. Gerrard plays behind Rooney just like he does with Torres at Liverpool. And last but not least, Rooney will guarantee you goals playing as a lone striker. With this team and formation, I can see England winning big against Algeria and Slovenia.

Posted 04:16 14th June 2010

Chris Bowen (West Ham United fan) says...

when Italy won the world cup in 2006 their top scorer of the competition finished with 2, So i think saying we wont win the world cup with heskey upfront is pretty ridiculous as he has alot more to offer than goals, in addition, Rooney on form if we did make it to the semi's or further should have about 4 goals himself anyway so i don't see heskeys inability to score being an issue. As for Rob Green, being a west ham fan, I don't think form should apply to him as we had an awful season and a leaky defence, even though he conceeded alot, for most of the goals there wasn't alot he could do about them. I still don't think he will play in an england shirt again due to media and he wasn't exactly first choice by a mile.

Posted 03:33 14th June 2010

Faisal Riaz (Manchester United fan) says...

As always Mr Merson, I disagree with a lot of what you have to say. Yes, no-one can deny Green had a howler. He admitted it himself. Why are you so hell bent on ending the lad's international career? Your calling for James to replace him but have you forgotten that he's had howlers for EVERY team he's played for? Your 'analysis' comes across as more of a rant than anything else. The result was disappointing sure, but c.mon Merson, you were full of praise for Capello's tactics when he got us through qualifying with such easy but after one game at the World Cup, which we didn't even lose you are already slaughtering the country you apparantly support. What kind of fan are you? Yes SWP on the left, as well as Milner starting was a bad call, but the fact of the matter is that putting Joe Cole up there would not have won us the game. There was no spark in the team minus Gerrard and Heskey. Rooney was feeding off scraps and you can tell he'd rather be up front on hiw own. But Capello got us to the World Cup and I am sure he will get us through a tricky group stage. Also, I'm sorry but Rob Green has to stay in goal. If Cassillas or Buffon made that mistake would people be calling for their heads? I strongly doubt it. James is more of a liability than Green and Hart is just too young, despite having an excellent season with Birmingham. It would be unfair to throw him into the fire with the eyes of the world on him. England will beat Algeria and qualify from the group comfortably. All that needs to change is Joe Cole and Gareth Barry coming into the side. Capello MUST try playing Rooney up front on his own at least once. He didn't score 30+ goals at United with Berbatiov feeding him. He relied on the service from his midfield and England have some of the best passers in the world. Just it try out Capello, if it fails at least you have extra options. England all the way!

Posted 03:27 14th June 2010

Trevor Gordon (Middlesbrough fan) says...

let's be honest,england are just not good enough to win the world cup.every four years we have this delusional dream that we are the best.if u look at our history,we failed to make the world cup in 1974,1978 and 1994.also the 2008 euros.the top tier teams like brazil,germany,italy,and argentina etc...never miss out.this the same old england.

Posted 03:03 14th June 2010

Terry Brady (Chelsea fan) says...

Paul, the simple fact of the matter is England are just not god enough. Over hyped as usual. Do you actually believe that a team relying on long balls to Emile Heskey for Gods Sake is gonna win the world cup.Capello had the qualifiers and warm up games to solve the lampard gerard problem but did nt. England cant keep the ball against usa. If they play Spain or Brazil they wont see the ball. Some of the other comments are laughable. Paul Robinson? Is that person for real ? England are an average team. They dont even have a bit of spirit about them. Most of them dont want to play for their country. They would rather be on a beach. Rooney best in the world? I really do laugh at the english media sometimes. He would nt be fit to tie Messi s boots. I can think of twenty players better than Wayne Rooney.

Posted 02:46 14th June 2010

Shane Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

Spot on Mr Merson. Everything you said is what my mates and I said as we watched the game. We were baffled with Milner starting and then even more baffled when Joe didnt come on in his place. The only thing that im unsure of is if Barry plays who will be dropped? Can only think of two possibilities for me. We should have Joe Cole on the left, Barry in the middle with Lampard, Lennon on the right and Gerrard behind Rooney or play Gerrard out of position on the right, and have Crouch or Defoe upfront. I dont think it was Lampards fault he wasnt in the game. He didnt get much of the ball. We were just punting it long to Heskey. Dawson has to start at the back for me. He is at least mobile. Carragher looked a liability to me and makes us really slow down the middle. The Germans would tear us to shreds . Green has to be dropped. Give Hart some world cup experience now. He has the talent just needs experience so let him get it now! Green looked dodgy receiving the ball at passbacks. Made me cringe everytime he took an extra touch to get the ball where he wanted it or played a casual pass back out. I thought Lennon showed he can be dangerous but like you said he skinned his fullback once and then stopped trying. He should have been running at him all game and really stretching them. We had no movement, were really predictable and lacked ideas. The Germans showed us how to do it today. Their passing and movement was superb. We have players capable of playing like that. They just need to play it simple, pass and actually move instead of being so static!

Posted 02:34 14th June 2010

Charlie Chatfield (Millwall fan) says...

Green being in the squad to start with was a mistake, the guy has made more errors leading to goals all season than any other player, also how are our so called top 2 goalkeepers (james n green) praised so much and put in front of Joe Hart, all the pundits saying about 'EXPERIENCE' WHAT have james and green got experience of exactly????? getting knocked out of world cups!!!!!!! and making ridiculous mistakes!!!!!!!! As far as i am concerned you pick your BEST 23!!!!!! Its like Upson getting picked ahead of Michael Dawson who without doubt has had the season of his life Spurs finish 4th west ham narrowly avoid relegation?? how do green and upson get in?? people involved with England and all the pundits on skysports have to wake up and stop saying experience is KEY, If youngsters like HART, DAWSON, WALCOTT ETC Don't get the chance and we carry on choosing 2nd rate players (calamity james, rob green upson wright phillips) how will we ever win anything????? where was Beckham had no WC Experience when he pinged in that free kick against columbia!!!! Owen Had no WC Experience when he roasted Argentina, if our young guns don't get the chance we will always be mediocre quarter final specialists. PS Rob Green should retire from football entirely, he should be ashamed!!!!!!

Posted 01:47 14th June 2010

Charlie Bolt (Millwall fan) says...

How did Green get into the squad in the 1st place, S

Posted 01:36 14th June 2010

Andy Palmer (Fulham fan) says...

'...not one of those American players would get anywhere near our team. In fact with the exception of maybe Landon Donovan, we could pick another squad of 23 and I don't think they would get in that either.' Donovan played better than Milner, Lennon, and SWP, has the pace to match the latter two and has better delivery than all three. Or, to put it another way, England doesn't have a keeper who would make the USA 23...

Posted 01:29 14th June 2010

Ste Evs (Birmingham City fan) says...

I think England couldn't of had a better start. Captain Gerrard scoring, Heskey assist. Unfortunately I was watchin ITV HD so had to cheer when I realised we was 1-0 up. When Rooney gives the ball away a number of times, you know something is up...things just wasn't falling for him...either the ball got caught between his legs or deflected against a player.... We did try to play it on the floor and in the second half there were many attacks. But Wright Phillips is blinkered. Head down and just runs seeing how many players he can pass until forced to pass or loses it completely. Lennon should of taken his opportunity. Gerrard cancels out Lampard and vica versa. When a player attacks the other midfield has to perform a defensive role. Just instinctive which makes one of them dissappear. Gerrad was determined to attack early. You can't have two players taking it in turns to attack. You either play both off a single front man or include a defensive midfielder instead, Barry. Adam Johnson only had 5 mins leading us into this, he should of had 90 mins. Being honest I would of loved to see his intelligence on the wing. Before the tournament I wanted Jo Hart in goal. He is simply in form. Inexperienced,yes, so shud of been played more in the friendlies. He looks confident. Green looks nervous. I disagree with Merson for his big fat zero. We are not here to destroy people. But I do agree that playing Green again will damage the confidence of the team and the supporters watching. James is also prone. Hart has had a magnificent season for Blues...But James will get the nod I feel. Heskey won every ball in the air for us which I don't think Crouch can do. But Crouch does score and goals are key. Against Algeria, I would play Rooney up front on his own. Supported by Lampard and Gerrard. Barry if fit holding midfield. Joe Cole on the wing and Hart in goal.

Posted 01:14 14th June 2010

Mitch Waddon (Exeter City fan) says...

Ok, So Rob Green made a mistake. When a striker makes a mistake it's usually a poor shot, but when a keepers makes one, it unfortunately means conceding a goal. If Rooney send three or four strikes wide I doubt we're going to see Fabio dropping him. But the keeper makes one and suddenly everything is his fault. My point is, EVERY PLAYER MAKES MISTAKES. I'm a goalkeeper myself, and I make great saves and I let in poor shots! It's football! It's part of the game! What England needs to do is be behind Green and the rest of the squad, and cheer them on against Algeria on Friday. I'm gonna make a prediction right now. Green WILL be in the starting XI. Guarenteed.

Posted 01:12 14th June 2010

Jack Mckinnon (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Merson is totaly right 2bh! Green should not have started at all i dont see how he can be Englands number 1 !! especially over Joe Hart! the premier league table speaks for itself (west ham near relegation, birmingham top half) duno what's going on in capello's head about that! anyway.. gk - Hart rb - Johnson lb - A Cole cb - Terry cb - King/Dawson rm - Lennon lm - J Cole dm - Barry cm - Gerrard cm - Lampard st - Rooney and were sorted :) x

Posted 01:06 14th June 2010

Michael Fleming (Arsenal fan) says...

What a performance! Immediatly after the game I placed a £100 bet that centers around England NOT getting thru the group stage. Dont know what was more laughable - the players performance (all bar Gerrard) the managers idiotic tactics or the imbecilic unjustified optimism of the commentary team - take your pick - but for sure - England are NOT winning a game in the group stages.

Posted 01:06 14th June 2010

Robert Day (Manchester United fan) says...

I know it's hard for some Brits to admit it but the U.S. have come a long way.Our defense was pretty solid and for the most part shut your forwards down.England lacks cohesion and heart.and that is where we shine.

Posted 00:40 14th June 2010

Jamie Ziegler (Aston Villa fan) says...

Forgive me for sticking up for my side, but I find it astounding just how little respect is being given to the United States in the fallout from this "devastating" draw. It is beyond doubt that on paper, England are a much better side than the United States, but football matches aren't decided on paper. What the US lack in star power, we make up for in our teamwork, work ethic, and grit. We'll take the draw, learn from it, and push on. Meanwhile, you English lynch your players and your manager out of contempt. The English reaction to the result belies a deep-seated sense of arrogance and entitlement stemming from the fabled achievements of a bygone era (I could extend this to other regions of the English psyche, but let's stick to football). From the perspective of an outsider, it might be in your best interest to start there: you've got a strong squad, but you should probably to work on your attitude.

Posted 23:57 13th June 2010

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