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The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Paul Merson says Fabio Capello HAS to axe Robert Green as he runs the rule over England's performance.

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David Chaali (Barcelona fan) says...

It's amazing to know that in england they really think they can win the world cup. i don't think so and no one think so outside england and 80% in england don't think so as well. to win the world cup you need technically gifted players to keep the ball and you don't have these. and these players you called world class players are not world class and if you speak or understand any other language you would have known that outisde britain no one think of them as you do. the world class players and contenders to win the world cup are argentina and germany (both have shown why ) and spain, brazil and Holland will show it in the coming days. don't bame on capello because those are the players you have, he cannot manufacture them and it is his fault that media are dillusioned.

Posted 23:55 13th June 2010

Adam Perry (West Ham United fan) says...

Rob Green made a bad mistake, but he should get his chance to prove that he can be englands no' 1.... also don't put the blame on green... all are forward players were asleep in the second half. We should of scored at least 2,3 in that game. Blame the team as a whole, not just one person.

Posted 23:26 13th June 2010

Richie Quann-dowling (Leeds United fan) says...

The problem is england aren't nearly as good as they seem to think they are and with a few exceptions, an awful lot of the team arent nearly good enough to win the world cup without the right tactics. Yes thats right my neighbours from across the channel im pinning the blame for this average team performance on fabio capello. How does a man who finishes as the top english scorer in the premier league after wayne rooney be left out of the side? Darren Bents exclusion was capello's first mistake. Mistake number 2 was not establishing a first choice keeper, even by the time of the first match everybody was kept guessing as to who would play in Goal. Yet another mistake was the exclusion of joe cole, forgive me but i was under the impression you play your best players at the world cup? YET ANOTHER mistake( Am i sounding repetitive?) by capello was not playing a five man midfield. Rooney has been in the form of his life playing up front on his own for england so why on earth werent england set up to suit the Only proven World class INTERNATIONAL player at englands disposal? Michael carrick may not be at his outright best, but has he not proved himself to be good enough to fill in for barry for one game against the USA who im sorry but are a very average team. The problem with you english lot is that you have way to high opinion of yourselves. You over analyse everything and always have a scapegoat for your averageness. As an irishman i see past the seemingly flawless manager that is capello as i have not been spoon fed in regards to his " brilliance". Merse You have gotten it right capello wants to do it his way, which is apparently have a squad of players who are so afraid of making mistakes that they dont play the football they are capable of. Capello Playing heskey confirmed what i was fearing, That england would be hoofing the ball up in hope of a flick on. Have the players not proved they are capable of more??

Posted 23:21 13th June 2010

Michael Matthews (Manchester United fan) says...

Spot on Merse as usual. Fed up with meagre performances, inflated egos and weak excuses. We all knew our potential pitfalls long before the world cup, and, lo-and behold, they all came true; King injured, Carragher past it, Green; dodgy, Heskey is a battering ram rather than a player who doesn't fit in with modern football and Lampard couldn't reciprocate his home form. Not a disaster for those fans only wanting to reach the quaters but worrying for those stupid of us, me included, who actually believe we have the players, heart and resources needed to actually win the thing.

Posted 22:53 13th June 2010

Reno Diamonte (Manchester United fan) says...

I totally agree with Paul. One question I have to ask, why oh why did Capello pick Ledley King.? Sure, he is a top player, but he's got a big fitness problem and unfortunately he's injury with his knee wouldn't go away. And no matter they way you look at the game against the USA, England were almost outplayed in all departments.

Posted 22:45 13th June 2010

Julian Gibson (Manchester United fan) says...

Merse is spot on - Capello's main concern should be what is best for the England team not Robert Green, so for me he has to drop him next game. Still, we will never win the cup with this team Capello picked. Carrick over Scott Parker? Carragher over Wes Brown? No Darren Bent? We look ordinary in all departments, the worst England squad for a long time

Posted 22:40 13th June 2010

Callie Georgie (Chelsea fan) says...

I think Robert Green is usually a top class keeper (I think hes the number one reason why WHU have avoided relegation some seasons). Yes, he made a pretty bad mistake...but so did a number of English players during the game, and are going to drop all of them for a mistake/bad game? What was up with Gerrard's shoddy defending of Dempsey? Dempsey ran circles around Gerrard and then got that shot off leading to the goal. I though Gerrard was excellent for about the first quarter of the match, but then he was just so-so for the rest of the game. Heskey spent much of the match on the ground. SWP couldn't cross/pass/shoot to save his life. Milner was pretty horrid. Lampard and Rooney were absent from the game. It seems as though Capello has been unable to figure out a team lineup that plays to the players strengths. The US team was pretty good, but England should have done better. It was a team effort, and no one should be blamed for a lack of 3 points.

Posted 22:26 13th June 2010

Jostein Knutsen (Liverpool fan) says...

i do really hope david james will play the next games. Green made an unforgivable howler.. teammates confidence in him will be shattered, especially as he not is experienced in any way you look at it. As for the "point-saving stop" he made, i think it also would be unforgivable to let it in , at his near post.. which is almost did. Its a good sign though that they didnt convince more.. a draw is not too bad, yet! can only be better , which is the way to go!! i would like to see joe cole play .. and also barry against better teams.

Posted 22:14 13th June 2010

Dave Wokingham (Manchester City fan) says...

Paul, did you not get a sense of deja vu last night? Gerrard, thinking like a donkey, realises too late that his midfield partner has gone missing and gallops back to defend. He's turned inside out and the opponent, with full sight of both corners of the goal and time for a long backlift, mishits a speculative shot that goes in. Barry was his partner then though I'm not sure if it was Croatia or Portugal or both, but the result was the same. The American had time and space to hit an absolute screamer into either corner and fluffed it. There was rank bad defending, marshalled by Gerrard, long before the ball reached the keeper. I'd like to think that if Moore or Beckham had been captain last night he'd have owned up to his own mistake first rather than damn his keeper with faint praise. Should Gerrard be dropped for his bad captaincy or Lampard for going missing when he was needed? Lets be honest, an Everton sub and a cottager outplayed the Chelsea royalty and that should hurt far more than a goalkeeping slip and a missed sitter in front of goal. Even after Billy Whiz had been sent on to combat the pace of the Americans down the wing, Cole still didn't get into the game and Lampard just trundled and trundled and ballooned a free kick to Row Z and trundled some more. Dreadful! But enough about last night, we are where we expected to be, in a goal race with the USA against the other two teams in the group. We need goals! Paul, would you take a gamble against Algeria and play Joe Cole in the back four? Cole's quicker thinking on that side of the defence would release Gerrard to play a more Beckham-type role, firing in crosses from deep and making diagonal runs toward the centre of the Algerian defence. I'd feel more comfortable watching Johnson defending in front of Terry and Upson than any of Carrick/Barry/Lampard. What do you think?

Posted 22:04 13th June 2010

Darren Tomlins (Birmingham City fan) says...

you got everything right mr merson we were average at best germany showed tonight what we should of done to the usa

Posted 22:00 13th June 2010

Robert Bass (Dagenham & Redbridge fan) says...

He may not a great goalkeeper, but he is more of a man than any of the 'expert' critics and 'writers' I turn off Soccer Saturday due to Merson and his incomprehensible witterings/thoughts!

Posted 21:21 13th June 2010

Richard Cornelius (Gillingham fan) says...

Couldnt agree with you more Merse, Bring in Joe Cole, and Barry, out go Heskey and Milner. Green in goal on form, James for experience - Green as neither form nor experience.

Posted 20:44 13th June 2010

Mark Ackrell (Leicester City fan) says...

I'm sorry but I can't agree with your comment--"with the exception of Donovan, no US player could get into the english 23" ........ except any of the three goalies. If you include Keller and Friedal the US probably have 4 or 5 goalies better than anything England can muster.

Posted 20:16 13th June 2010

Charlie Rogers (Manchester United fan) says...

as much as heskey played well and was one of our better peformers, the fact of the matter is, the man couldn't finish his dinner. let alone put the ball in the net. theres goalkeepers with a better goal scoring record. 7 goals in 60 odd games should tell u all u need to know, as well as him smashing the ball directly at howard instead of picking his corner when he went thru on goal. basic stuff. rooneys scored 30 odd goals up front on his own. i dnt get why we feel we have to play him with someone. 4-5-1. rooneys our main man, play around his strenghts. put him up top on his own. gerrard in the hole. barry holding. cole lampard and lennon across the midfield. lets get behind our boys!

Posted 20:10 13th June 2010

Simon A (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

I agree Merse - James should have started. Joe Cole should have played. Couldn't believe when SWP came on. Just another Lennon clone. All pace no skill.

Posted 19:58 13th June 2010

James Mac (Luton Town fan) says...

Why is it ok for Aaron Lennon to "get into some great positions but the final ball didn't quite come off", but Theo Walcott was sropped for the exact same thing?? If it came down to a one-on-one with the keeper in a pressure game, I'd rather have Theo than Lennon or SWP.

Posted 19:48 13th June 2010

Ruben Frankish (Manchester United fan) says...

I do agree with certain points you are making Merse but your being a tad negative to say the least! I said to my friend at the start of the game that Green would cost us the game and thats what happend!! you are right, he has to go! and Lampard once again went missing which is a shame. Why Cappello dint play Joe Cole is beyond me and yes Hesky played well but his chance... any other England striker would of scored Bent, Owen you name it they'd of finished his chance one on one! Sad it is! Until England find a way to give Rooney more backup and better crosses were gonna strugle every game. But i feel if Cappello is still undecided about his starting lineup at this stage then were gonna strugle... but well it's still early days and if we get a result in the next game things could change fast.... at least thats what i'm hoping! COME ON ENGLAND lets get those cylinders firing!!

Posted 19:41 13th June 2010

Alex Kyrios (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I'll tell you one American who could make the England squad: Tim Howard.

Posted 19:38 13th June 2010

Andy Mclean (Manchester United fan) says...

Anyone who thought England had a realistic chance of winning the world cup with a team of pampered prima-donna's has just witnessed the reality of how far behind the rest of the world we REALLY are! It'll be a MIRACLE if we make it past the quarter finals! Get real people, England just aren't anywhere near good enough to compete at this level!

Posted 19:33 13th June 2010

Davie Cathro (Dundee fan) says...

its ok to blame the keeper,but as whu fan says who was tackling the goal scorer.its a team game and im afraid england aint good eneough

Posted 19:28 13th June 2010

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