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Wayne and blame

Wayne and blame

Wrong tactics, wrong subs, too much fear and woeful Wayne... Paul Merson takes apart England's draw.

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The english Tele santana (Arsenal fan) says...

no one can blame capello or the england team..the blame as to lie with the people that trained these players from an early age..we are miles behind foriegn players and coaches..we cant control a ball or pass it 5 yards and cant take a player on!!!its no surprise considering that we play in winter on cow fields.we need to play on astro turf as the pitches are not upto standard right threw out every league in england...we need to play in summer that would lead to better pitches better football less injuries and the players wouldnt be so stiff!!!but then again its tradition!!tradition is an excuse to do things wrong for a hundred years!!!!

Posted 12:20 20th June 2010

Mark Ayres (Chelsea fan) says...

Give terry the armband back,its simple,we now need a leader to step forward and sort it out..that man is john terry,gerrard is not up to the captains role with the national team,nor is ferdinand.come on england

Posted 12:09 20th June 2010

Tony Vidler (Arsenal fan) says...

had to laugh at the newspaper comments regarding the fan who asked beckham what was going on ,firstly what the hell has it got to do with beckham and secondly he should not be involved with the team with all his circus that go with him no doubt behind the scenes it has possible got something to do with the poor performances of the team. i said a while back unless capello got rid of beckham and his media circus we will not win a thing too much distractions,i will not change my veiws ,too late now to put beckham back on the plane home, get rid of capello soon as this is over and sooner the better, a new manager comes in and gets rid of the distraction ,bring in new players and go and win the europeon champinship in 2 yrs time.

Posted 11:57 20th June 2010

Steve Buck (Manchester United fan) says...

As anyone thought why England played so bad agaist algeria,i think it could have something to do with what Franz Beckenbaur said kick and rush football agaist the usa and that played a lot on the players minds and they wanted to change there play,Would love to ask each player if anything that he said changed there style of play.Also why why did capello take of arronn lennon he was the only player playing with a bit of passion and can allways cause a lot of danger to defences.

Posted 11:56 20th June 2010

Jenny Checks (Arsenal fan) says...

england is simply missing Theo Walcott.

Posted 11:52 20th June 2010

Gary Agnew (Liverpool fan) says...

I think it's been finally proven that the england players are overated,they all look good at home playing in thier club sides but they play along side better players who make them look good,ferdinand is carried by vidic at utd,carragher has been carried for many years now,we all seen last season the affect alonso leaving had on gerrard,lampard has a world class midfield playing around him,carvahlio carries terry every week.Rooney is probably the only player england have.They are out of thier depth and have been showed up for the players they really are.

Posted 11:38 20th June 2010

Tom Immins (Arsenal fan) says...

Great comments Merse, you talk alot of sense all the time, fancy the England job, ha ha, anyway, the changes England need seem bleeding obvious, why can't Capello see it, or is he just too stubborn and arrogant, the Joe Cole situ is the most puzzling, a player who has a bit of guile and quality and the ability to make something happen, maybe Capello knows something we don't, is he injured or more than likely said something to upset the proud Italian, I thought when the squad was announced that the obvious quality was missing, and maybe we should just face facts and realise we don't have the players any more, lesser countrys have now over taken us, quarter final is now about our limit, We don't seem to have anyone who can cross a ball, all those people who were calling for the Beckham retirement, eat your words because more than anyone we are missing him badly, Walcot should have gone, not to start but to come on 20 mins from the end and frighten teams a fantastic impact player, I don't think Capello can make wholesale changes because we don't have the quality on the bench just good average players, fillers, but Joe Cole must start with Gerard playing behind Rooney and Lampard who has been so so poor resigned to the bench, the likes of Spain, Argentina, Holland and Brazil have nothing to fear and I think they know it, Even though Spain lost to the Swiss, they had many chances to score and the Barca/Arsenal way they play if we meet them at some point they will pass us off the park, Capello your time is up bring back the pride give the job to Roy Hodgson.

Posted 11:35 20th June 2010

Daniel Shoebridge (West Ham United fan) says...

The England team should pick itself, the whole country knows the best team and formation but Capello continues to use a completely different style of play. A 4-5-1 with Rooney up top on his own, Gerrard in behind and Joe Cole on the left would make us a lot more solid and dangerous when we attack. Instead, Capello picks Emile Heskey, a player who cant even get in to the Aston Villa team, who gets in Rooneys way and is the man all our players aim for with a long ball to start an attack, it's a terrible system we have at the moment and if everyone else in the country can see what needs to be done then why cant a manger who is being paid £6 million a year ? Capello has to be less stubborn and actually change his ways or come Thursday morning the squad will be packing their bags, leaving their swanky, purpose built complex and jetting back home to England as a team that disgraced the nation.

Posted 11:33 20th June 2010

Anthony Wilson (Coventry City fan) says...

England need to enjoy themselves, relax and play like they're playing with thier mates and try to play with a bit of flair and skill. Me and my mates could have done better. I was gutted that I had a night off work to watch it. COME ON ENGLAND sort it out!

Posted 11:31 20th June 2010

Reza Bodiat (Aston Villa fan) says...

As mentioned before, South African Premier League fans follow England and we have been let down just as much as the travelling English fans and those back home. Somethings not right and we only have the Slovenia game to put it right. I wont knock any player and certainly not Stevie G but it has occured to me that when Terry captained the team there was a sense of belief and confidence. This might not be the problem at all but i feel now as i did when Terry was axed that he should be leading England. The Slovenia game takes on a more important guise and the pressure is on. I do believe that the boys will have spoken amongst each other and will do something about it. England will win and when they do we'll concentrate on opponents in the knock-outs. C'mon England!!!

Posted 11:31 20th June 2010

Chris Mclaren (Everton fan) says...

its amazin how many people agree that we should be playin 4-5-1 with joe cole in the side, on wednesday i hope he goes that way but the fact its a must win game against a team we would easly beat b4 the world cup started, i would bring in joe cole an crouch stick with the 4-4-2 an drop lampard he is week link anyway, barry an gerrard in the center an dependin how things go then go 2 5 in midfield, c'mon england!!

Posted 11:09 20th June 2010

Sylvia Platt (Manchester United fan) says...

I must confess that I am a novice when it comes to football watching but really this recent game is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to witness. I thought Beckenbaur would have stirred something with his remarks but to no avail. I have seen better games at Fletcher Moss (local park). I would bench the lot of them and give the others a go - they certainly could not do any worse.

Posted 11:05 20th June 2010

Kent Bodhi (Barcelona fan) says...

All England team players are overrated, and the king of them is Rooney.. He has not been top scorer in Europe or even in EPL.. Majority of this goals are tap-in or simple header.. There are at least 10 forwards better than him today.. No surprise for England..

Posted 10:58 20th June 2010

Andrew Watson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wrong formation or right formation the team selected should beat Algeria no problem. Our under 12's should be beating Algeria. Having said that the formation is clearly wrong. Rooney, Heskey & Lampard should be dropped in place of Defoe, Crouch & Joe Cole. Rooney can come on as as sub, maybe then if he comes on he will want to prove he should be in the team. I also agree with above if he does not pick Dawson what was the point of bringing him, he might as well have brought Bent.

Posted 10:57 20th June 2010

Ji Matthews (Millwall fan) says...

What on earth has Joe Cole done to Capello !! He is the only england player who can actually beat people on the run. He must play, and should have played in the last two games. Having a non-scoring centre forward is madness. Crouch can do what Heskey does and score goals - look at his record. The poor decision to leave Walcott at home is now coming home to roost. Milner didn't look fit and Lennon has lost what little ability he had to cross the ball. Walcott had pace - something no defender likes - ask Carragher !! Dawson must play alongside Terry - he was the best rated centre half in the premiership and has nothing to lose. I'd also leave Lampard out and bring him on for Gerrard for the last 20 mins. For the rest, we have very little choice. Please don't go banging on about Beckham - the most overrated player that ever drew breath. A one footed free kick specialist - no pace, can't head the ball, can't beat a man, can't tackle and suspect temperament. Not my views but those of George Best, the best footballer ever to play.

Posted 10:52 20th June 2010

Frazer Porteus (Manchester City fan) says...

We will NOT win the World Cup playing 4-4-2!!! We have a very talented squad of players who are currently playing in the wrong positions in the wrong system!!! Capello is a very knowledgable and experienced club manager BUT he MUST revert to a 4-5-1 system with BARRY the holding midfielder J COLE on the left LAMPARD in the middle LENNON on the right ROONEY up front and GERRARD just behind Rooney if we are to have any chance of progressing in this tournament.

Posted 10:48 20th June 2010

Simon Jay (Manchester United fan) says...

I think there's only one word to describe england's recent performance is absoluet disgrace, this players have no for passion for their nation . Lets stop blaming the manager, Fabio 's a good manager, with an excellent record. The players should stand & be counted, no matter, no matter wat formation the manager use this players have no passion , no desire to perform for england. wen was the last time england win a major honor ? 1966. this players are a big shame to great nation. shame on you all. all they always wanted is to make headlines for themselves in the media. shame on u all england players. you are a disgrace !!!!!!

Posted 10:47 20th June 2010

Mike Brotherton (Bradford City fan) says...

Are Capello and his players so cocooned they don't see what the rest of us do, that we are playing so poorly in a hopeless formation?. It is de ja vu. As with Erickson, turn the heat up on Capello and he seems incapable of change and exerting any influence. Do we pay him the money he is on to come out and say he doesn't understand why we are playing so badly and with no spirit when they play so well in training! His job is to get the team and formation right and get the best out of the players and he is failing on all counts. The whole team looks knackered - why? Terry, Johnson and Carragher - look like they'll be fried by anyone with pace and ability. A. Cole - done okay, but formation has limited his attacking opportunities. Lampard - As usual, Mr invisible in an England shirt and the most overrated player in world football. Lennon - scared stiff. Wright - Phillips - the pace of a perigrine and the purpose and direction of a headless chicken. Milner - an honest player, but not an international one. Barry - an ordinary player, but our best option in the holding role. Gerrard - out of position and wasting energy chasing all over the pitch trying to cover for other's shortcomings. Rooney - unfit and carrying that ankle knock. Heskey - 7 goals in 80 caps says it all! Crouch - 21 goals in 40 caps (half of them as substitute). What is the point of giving him 5 mins a game? For Slovenia -: Defence - James, Warnock, Terry and A.Cole Midfield - Barry, Johnson, Carrick, Lennon, J.Cole, Gerrard Forward - Rooney Gerrard linking with Rooney in attack and Barry shoring up the defence. The 6-man midfield will encourage possession football and not long-ball stuff. If it is not working out, then look to bring on Lampard and Crouch - but look to change early. Capello has simply not reacted at all during two terrible performances. Gerrard and Rooney must work close together, they are our only hope.

Posted 10:41 20th June 2010

Goran Unkovski (Valencia fan) says...

I disagree with Paul on one key point. At the end he says: "If we win our group, it looks like quite a comfortable passage to the semis." This is the typical English arrogance that has put your team in the spot of bother you find yourselves in. If you asked a Spanish journalist before the world cup started whether Spain would win the world cup - he'd say... "Probably not, there are strong opponents out there"... if you asked a Brazilian journalist the same question - he'd probably say "It will be tough because Spain and Argentina are very strong"... only the English media in general has gone on and on about this being "England's year!"... get your heads out of the sky and look at your competition... stop putting down smaller nations and acting "surprised" at your lack of achievement... both USA and Algeria are not bad teams... there are no bad teams at this stage - only the hungry ones and the not so hungry ones... when will England learn this? When will you learn that all the skill and talent won't win you tournaments unless you show humility, sportsmanship and respect towards other teams - only then will you say "I'll do my best and we'll discuss the result afterwards"... if you are already dreaming about a passage to the semis... you are on a wrong track... judging by the latest performances of the two teams - I'd say Slovenia are the favourites going into the final group match... so concentrate on playing well rather than on who will be your opponent in the semis. Paul you yourself admitted that had somebody "said to me before the game that it would be a 0-0 draw and we wouldn't look like scoring a goal then I'd have laughed at them"... This is precisely the attitude your players and entire country had prior to the match... unfortunately it is the wrong attitude to have in sports... and is the direct reason England has underachieved, not only in football, but sports in general....

Posted 10:38 20th June 2010

Aneesh Joshi (Chelsea fan) says...

It was a total horrible match! I just cant understand Fabio Capello's plans. Already lennon was playing bad and he brings on wright-phillips who is worse than lennon. Those who saw match should remember 1 moment when wright-philips was just standing and defender took ball away from him easily. Mind you, he was alegirian defender...not someone like canavarro or lucio. What on earth he has Joe Cole for? For cheering England team from bench? I think best formation for england is 4-1-4-1 with barry as holding midfielder joe cole on left lennon on right and lampard and gerrard in middle and rooney alone ahead Rooney plays best need of emile heskey. England cant win matches on his physical domination. Also glen jhonson should watch his defending...he lets his area wide open when he goes forward...any side like spain or argentina might rip apart his defence. But even if whole ENGLAND shouted in Capello's ear I dont think he will listen and will make same mistakes.

Posted 10:33 20th June 2010

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