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A fast improvement

A fast improvement

Premier League pace was the key to England's win, says Paul Merson. But he still wants to see more...

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John Gillingham (Manchester United fan) says...

England were the better side, and better than they have been, but they were still very poor. Slovenia are an awful side and a good team should put them away by 3 or 4 goals comfortably. Rooney looks badly out of form and his body language suggests his confidence is lacking. He's not a shadow of the player he is for Utd. Barry was brutal and couldn't hold on to the ball, but he wasn't the only one guilty of that. Lampard has been anonymousand his set-piece taking has also been less than average. If Germany come out and play, with Oezil playing as well as he has been, England are in serious trouble!

Posted 17:36 24th June 2010

Drew Hopkin (Manchester United fan) says...

Totally agree, but this tempo thing is defo what we need to be looking at. everyone of these players have the ability to set the world on fire and yes that means johnson and rooney both outstanding players so, rooneys having a bad time at he mo but speed things up a bit and you'll see i watch the EPL every week and one thing we havent got so far here is the pace the tempo give rooney 2 seconds to decide where to put the ball and he'll mess it up give him a second no time at all and he'll score. my point is they all have the natural ability but when it comes to thinking about it thats where it all goes wrong, keep that ball moving and it'll be in the goal a lot more, C'mon england WE LOVE YOU!!!! oh and i remember a certain match england 5 germany 1 now wouldnt that be nice !!!

Posted 14:54 24th June 2010

Dean Jules (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I have to say i'm really dissappointed in Aaron Lennon. He's too quiet! i See him standing out on the wing with acres of space and he's not calloing for the ball because he's afraid he wont knoiw what to do with it when it comes! He may not be picked for the rest of the tourney, and thats down to a lack of confidence. If he just gets the ball under him at pace and gives it a go it might happen. Unfortunately he's turning out to be a one dimensional impact player who's been sussed out, his opposition markers in both the Algeria and USA games had been watching tapes of him all season - its showed in how they've stood off of him and watched the outside by not standing flat. I could't believe how many times Milner brought his marker in close but didnt have the pace to go around him in the first half. In lennon's defence, the first two games there wasn't an England player who knew what they were doing - a bit tough to fit in, Stevie G needs to take him under his wing a bit more. Milner was great until he got tired at the end, otherwise pretty much everything said here is 100% C'mon England you're getting better!

Posted 14:23 24th June 2010

David Stewart (Rangers fan) says...

I Think Mersons marks are a little high i would take 2 marks off most off the players.I thought Johnson,barry and Milner gave the ball away a lot and could have lost that late goal putting england out . I am Scottish and want England to Win but for that to happen they must be alot better against a good German side which passes the ball well and can score goals.The game will be a lot harder than some of the comentators think. Come On England !

Posted 14:15 24th June 2010

Sonya Collins (Manchester United fan) says...

I think this is the most balanced view that I have seen about the England squad. Was fairly disappointed at the critism reaped on Rooney. In the first two matches your midfield was non existent. If you dont control your midfield you will not control the match. Picked England to finish top. Proud of the USA but only two maybe three quality players in our squad. Looking forward to watching England beat Germany not so sure USA can beat Ghana. And the premier league is the best in the world even without Ronaldo and Messi.

Posted 14:11 24th June 2010

David Tr (Newcastle United fan) says...

Spot on as per from Merse. Its definitely time to go 4-5-1 now though. That formation worked because Slovenia are a weaker team. we cant play with 4 central midfielders across the park against germany because theyve got men that can get passed us on the flanks. we need to counter that with pace. Horses for courses....Cappellos strength seems to be that he can change the sides formation completely at half time and make it work and throw sides into confusion. Bring on the Germans, the confidence is back!

Posted 14:01 24th June 2010

Matthew Page (Birmingham City fan) says...

So we qualified in second. So what? I think this could be a blessing, because knowing England, if we had won the group at a canter, we would probably have thought we could beat the world with our eyes closed and lost to a 'lesser' nation such as Ghana. Now we've got Germany, we must raise our game - this can only be a good thing, especially as we may meet Argentina in the last 8. Germany are workmanlike and know how to win a tournament, but can be got at as Serbia and Ghana showed. Argentina are great going forward, but at the back? Not the best defensively. Beating the smallest nation in the World Cup 1-0 may not have been what we all wanted, but it's a start and other countries who have won past tournaments have started slowly - Italy for one. Come On ENGLAND!

Posted 13:29 24th June 2010

Drew Johnson (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

BARRy and ROONEY - 7??? They were nowhere near that good. Barry was abysmal and would have been lucky to get a 4. He was alright in 1st half but made mistakes which led to 2 chances which Slovenia should have scored in the 2nd. Rooney was too quiet again. He missed a very easy chance, and did very little else. He was much improved but this world cup has really shown that he just isn't as good as the hype. Crouchy to start against the Germans.

Posted 12:53 24th June 2010

David Jackson (Arsenal fan) says...

Considering how much was riding on this game its funny how there seems to be a lack of gratitude from the media and fans towards the goal scorer Jermaine Defoe and David James, who has been a reassuring figure at the back since taking over that Calamitous Green fellow. Hmm, i wonder why that is!! I guess you can say that , it is typical British behaviour towards those who they may consider deep down as not being British!!

Posted 12:22 24th June 2010

Martin Baker (Manchester City fan) says...

surely slovenia ain't as bad as people think, they did beat russia a team that beat england and finished above us in the 2008 qualification, they are also ranked above teams like czech republic, turkey romania, denmark and sweden. usa are ranked 14th in the world, so they ain't a bad team either. slovenia looked poor because england played so well and pressed from the beginning.

Posted 12:14 24th June 2010

Aron Rowe (Aston Villa fan) says...

I think mersons got the game almost down to a T but he has been a bit generous to gerrard with an 8, a 7 maybe... he wasn't the player i see carrying liverpool week in week out and we really need him to step it up and be the guy we know he is. I think his comments about milner not being good enough but working hard are unfair, his a better player than both lennon and swp. Lennon has proved to be another walcott, great pace no brain and whats worse is he gets in behind defenders less than walcott. Milner will make the rw his own for england and will be a real class act out there, this world cup will be the making of him. James was solid as was terry and upson. Up the performance against the germans as we did against slovenia and we will be in the quater finals. Typical England though making things difficult by finishing 2nd... its a tough run in to get to the final but i believe we can. If you want to be the best you've got to beat the best so germany, argentina, spain, brazil and whoever in the final WATCH OUT because England have arrived!!!!

Posted 11:02 24th June 2010

Andrew Dawson (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Merse' a legend, hits nail on head everytime, all ratings correct as well as analysis of match. Thought England played well but can still improve, once Rooney is back to best and team get more confidence. Thought Lamps played very well as proper midfielder rather than totally attacking 1 for chelsea, played with more responsibility for the team. Role on Germany, EASY!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10:22 24th June 2010

Terry Deegan (Derby County fan) says...

very much spot on (shouldn"t use that phrase with England) but the cabbage patch kid needs to be dropped he"s been innefective in every game,he had a good chance against Slovenia but panicked when he had plenty of time..drop him now.

Posted 10:15 24th June 2010

Harry Willetts (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

this was purely a team effort against a very poor team, it is right that england passed the ball well at times but that was only due to the balance of the team, i thought milner , terry and upson were solid but gerrard was england's best performer,, now comes the real opposition the germans who are england's bogey team.

Posted 10:06 24th June 2010

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