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Shocked and in awe

Shocked and in awe

Martin Tyler finds the locals delightful but the electrics dangerous as he kicks off his World Cup diary...

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Ian Coult (Sunderland) (Sunderland fan) says...

Martin Tyler, you are a fantastic commentator, just a pity we wont her you commenting on the games. Keep up the good work and enjoy the fantastic country that is SA. RIP SIPHOWE NTSHEBE, he would have been singing the song 'Hope' at the opening ceremony and died of meningitis just last week before he could realise his dream. Such a tragedy.

Posted 15:08 9th June 2010

Garry Paterson (Motherwell) (Motherwell fan) says...

The spirit here in RSA is amazing - all of the population has embraced the tournament, even the rugby-mad Afrikaners! I am going to three games at Loftus in Pretoria and I can't wait. I'm tipping Brazil or Argentina and can't wait to see who the English will lose too on penalties this time!!

Posted 11:05 9th June 2010

Phologo Pheko (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Martin. Welcome to South Africa. Thanks for the positive words. Indeed, we are buzzing with this World Cup. We are looking forward to the games, and hopefully a good showing from the host nation. I'm follower of the English team and think that they are one of the most talented sides. However, I have noticed that they tend to play phenomenal football between world cups, but disappoint at the event. Whilst most other teams lift their performance by a couple of levels, England seem to stay at their levels. Personally, I wont be suprised if they don't qualify for the second round of the cup. Any thoughts??

Posted 09:51 9th June 2010

Jerome Naicker (Manchester United fan) says...

For the Non-South Africans reading this, i wil not shy away from the fact that crime in our country is a problem BUT if you follow the rules and regulations in place you will be safe here just as you would be in your own homes. And to those foreigners still undecided about coming here let me tell you book your Flights to Durban now, i live in the best City in South Africa. dont believe me? do you research!. there is a reason why Durban is the Number 1 destination for holidays and parties for South Africans! if you take the mountain away from Cape Town they have nothing, if there was no gold in Johannesburg there will be nothing, but Durban the biggest port city in Africa, the Warmest place to be in South Africa, we can walk out on a cold day in shorts. just got news that fifa is throwing a Beach part all the way from Ushaka's Beach to SunCoast beach. live it up in Durban the City of Kings

Posted 08:46 9th June 2010

Marco Cronje (Chelsea fan) says...

Great article, glad youre enjoying it! come on BAFANA!

Posted 23:50 8th June 2010

Rubien Chinniah (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey Martin! Great to have you die-hard commentators in SA. By the way, I think your report should be read out live on Skysports and convince those soccer mad fans that its going to be ok to be at the World Cup. 2 days and I cant wait for kick-off!!!

Posted 19:15 8th June 2010

Retsilisitsoe Moholisa (Barcelona fan) says...

Thanks for positive view Martin, hope you will enjoy your stay in our beautiful country.FEEL IT,IT'S HERE

Posted 15:38 8th June 2010

Andre Valentine (Manchester United fan) says...

Nice to see the greatest commentator in football loving his time in our country. But first of all Mr. Tyler if your going to learn the local lingo you need to be able to spell 'Vuvuzela'. I'm almost certain you wouldn't have known this one but Kaasie is a nickname, and judging by his behaviour that name is justified as the English translation for it is 'Cheasy'. Anyhow hope you enjoy your time in the country covering the world cup, and hope you'll be down in Cape Town covering a game and sampling the true beauty of the country.

Posted 14:49 8th June 2010

Brendon Pillay (Liverpool fan) says...

Hey Martin. I feel obliged to say THANK YOU as a South African for the kind words !!! We are indeed buzzing here and the country has become really united with the WC on our doorstep. I wish I was driving you around. I owuld have got you there (Rustenburg) in an hour and a half. Shame I have to work. I've lived in the UK and can't say that it is fotball crazy as it is here. We love our football here and and nuts about the Premier League. We watch La Liga and some German, Dutch, Brazilian & Portuguese and French but nothing fascinates us more than the PL. Too bad for my beloved Liverpool but I sense something is simmering and we'll be back with a bang in a year or two.

Posted 14:28 8th June 2010

Julian Gopaul (Manchester United fan) says...

Welcome to S.A, Martin. glad to read that you have experienced the warmth of the south african people.Hopefully if England & Rooney have a good opening game, then we should suggest a name change to " Roo-stenburg"!Kaasie will need to upgrade his satnav- in any case...since it took 3hrs to get there!Max driving Time from Jhb--- just under 2hrs. Yes we have come a long way since your last visit, and hopefully you will experience the diverse culture we have in this country when you follow the england team to Cape Town & Port Elizabeth.

Posted 13:00 8th June 2010

Allona Abdulla (Manchester United fan) says...

Thank You! Something positive being written about my SA - did you see the report about the New Zealanders not being able to practise because of the smell (fog) from the early morning fires that were being burned in the township! LMAO That's why the rugby fanatics say soccer players are sissies

Posted 12:56 8th June 2010

Roger Hartley (Liverpool fan) says...

Glad you are enjoying it. The spirit here is awesome.

Posted 12:40 8th June 2010

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