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Torn on the 4th of July

Torn on the 4th of July

If you think Ghana got it bad, Martin Tyler suffers World Cup heartbreak at the hands of McManaman, and co.

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Christopher Nde (Arsenal fan) says...

I am starting a petition to ask FIFA to allow a goal rather than a penalty i.e. the case of Ghana vs Uruguay. FIFA is displaying the classic "Clarence Thomas" Syndrome. They think by banning instant replays in the stadium the problem goes away. Exactly the opposite, they are turning away so many fans instead of encouraging them. This is my Proposition; in the United States in Basketball for instance there is a goal tending if the ball is blocked on its DOWNWARD trajectory giving the shooting team the point. My proposition is quite simple. If the goalkeeper is out of position or the probability of him getting to the ball is zero, and a member of his team handles the ball on the goal line ( as with the case of Uruguay vs Ghana) in an attempt to stop a goal, the goal should be allowed rather than a penalty and of course the player given the red card. There can be no clearer example of goal tending than this. All other rules regarding awarding penalties should still stand.

Posted 15:14 5th July 2010

Dustin Duerson (Chelsea fan) says...

Watching this cup, I can easily say Suarez is THE villain of the cup. His absolute flop infront of goal over Khune after already losing control of the ball left SA in the gutter and their goalie on the bench. His move against Ghana was soalless and amoral. We all grow up on the game, and to say he's happy with what he did is downright evil. He has single-handedly given a gateway for further corruption of a game founded in honor. People around the world that were borderline interested are saying there is no point in watching a game that rewards cheats. It sickens me, and I think the appropriate ban would be from the next world cup COMPLETELY!

Posted 14:44 5th July 2010

Mike Cavanagh (Chelsea fan) says...

Surely Mullered comes from being on the wrong end of a Gerd Muller thrashing in the early 70s??

Posted 13:42 5th July 2010

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