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Right in the mix

Right in the mix

Jamie Redknapp kicks off his World Cup column... and says England can end 44 years of hurt!

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Freyan Avari (Manchester United fan) says...

I hope Jamie is right but for some reason I just don't feel that England have what it takes to win a cup. Its seems that capello is adamant of playing a 442 when the rest of the world is now playing 4231. All the top clubs in prem league have moved to this formation and so the players should have no issues adjusting to it. I think the problem for England begin if they take the lead in a match they generally dont go for the second instead they sit back which totally isolates the strikers. Playing 4231 allows the 4 attacking players relatively greater freedom cause they know they have 6 players at most times to defend. Plus if u have players with pace and intelligence they can break much faster from corners and set plays. England starting lineup should be Hart, Johnson, King, Terry, Cole, Barry, Lampard, Millner, Gerrad, Lennon, Rooney. In this formation barry can be the deep holding midfielder and lamp, mil, gerrad are intelligent enough to cover for each other. Lennon should be told to play as high up as possible to ensure that the opposing team dosnt get an opportunity to double up on Johnson plus giving an outlet for an early ball over the top of the left back. Now that Ferdinand is missing England are defiantly short of a quality holding midfielder (capello probably thought King could play that position but now he will be needed at the back) so not calling up Paker was a big miss. Anyways now its too late just hope the team stays injury free and plays some good football.

Posted 09:06 7th June 2010

Aaron Gouveia (Chelsea fan) says...

I like what you've said Jamie, very promising words... The chief players in the squad are certainly in their twilight years and the next world cup probably wont feature the likes of Gerrard, Lamps, JT, Rio, Carragher, D.James, and there are probably more on the list I've missed out. World class players should win world class tournements and this is their last chance... SUrely thats alot of pressure?

Posted 08:55 7th June 2010

Margie Dalton (Liverpool fan) says...

If you think you are defeated before you - start then you are!!!!!! England all the way for me. Go England - you can, and you will do it for us. Your faithfull and believing followers

Posted 08:49 7th June 2010

John Brady (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

So an England team without a decent keeper, a decent right back, a decent left midfield/winger, with their only defensive midfielder injured, their 2 centre backs injury prone and with only 1goal scoring striker and you think they are a good chance of winning??? I wish I could have some of whatever your smoking... Steve Gerrard has had a poor season and looks lost without Alonso who is about 5th choice for Spain but would walk into the Eng team. Lampard is quality but hasn't delivered for Eng. Rooney is quality but at the highest level his frustration gets the better of him.

Posted 08:27 7th June 2010

Soban Hussain (Liverpool fan) says...

i think that if lampard,gerrard and rooney will play every match england will win the world cup

Posted 22:49 6th June 2010

Mike Hamilton (Liverpool fan) says...

I really hope Jamie is right but our last 2 quality performances at major tournaments by coincidence included by far the most outstanding creative midfielder of the last generation, Paul Gascoigne, a player who could not only pass and run but dribble past the opposition. That said, I do believe that Lamps and Gerro are fantastic players and can play in the same team. Apart from Rooney though, who is genuinely world class up front ? If he stays fit, along with J Cole and Lennon, we certainly have a chance and our side of the draw is the weak one, as Jamie says.

Posted 22:35 6th June 2010

Simon Ramsden (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Of course we have an excellent chance!!! Well said Jamie. all these people that slate England and are English aint got a clue !! get behind ya team boys!! COME ON ENGLAND

Posted 22:01 6th June 2010

Dean Cooper (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

People on this message board make me laugh. England have a great chance of winning the cup. They always have, its just that luck hasn't been in our favour . I have never seen england get outplayed in a tournament. They just keep bottling it in penalty's! If Italy did it last time then so can we! So why don't we get behind the boys and support them instead of being negative.

Posted 21:54 6th June 2010

Rich Sanders (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Redders has it spot on. I think in the past the spotlight has been right in the players faces; with Capello, it all seems very professional at last! I think everyone agrees with what Bill Smith has said - NOT!! What planet are you on?? Your not biased at all! Manchester fan, says it all! We do have world class players, all the squads have suffered injuries so it will show who has the quality in depth. I do think in Carra and King, we have 2 quailty replacements. Do us proud boys!!

Posted 20:55 6th June 2010

Steve Grainger (Arsenal fan) says...

Overated, overpaid and will struggle to make the semi-finals!!!! when will people realise the likes of Gerrard, Lampard and anyone else you care to mention only look good playing for their respective teams because of the array of talent around them!!!!.... The likes of Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Holland and even the mediocre Germans will be one of the teams to lift the cup Stop dreaming...... Ps i,m not anti Lampard, or Gerrard i,m just a realist excellent players as they are theyr,e just not good enough against truly world class players

Posted 20:15 6th June 2010

Ron Evans-brookes (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

I thinko pull this off the most important thing everyone is forgetting about is the climate in South Africa, which given it is in the southern hemisphere, is our best ever chance of winning it down under!! Too cold for the Spanish,Portuguese,Italians and the French, different air for the rest of the teams, for once we will be able to apply a lot of pressure on the ball for long periods of the game, and Capello is the best manager in recent years to pull this off, sure Spain should be favourites and I wished we were further away in the betting as this will help not hinder the lads if most of the odds suggest we have no chance, COME ON ENGLAND, I think half the other writers on here must be cheering for other countries rather than England when the world cup starts???

Posted 19:17 6th June 2010

Russell Thomas (Portsmouth fan) says...

Admire the optimism and you make some excellent points but I just don't see us winning it. Reminds me of the golden generation talk! Although Capello gives us some hope. However once the tournament begins I shall be as deluded as the next England fan.

Posted 19:03 6th June 2010

Dringo Star (Everton fan) says...

England lack skillfull players e.g Arteta ! lampard and gerrard are good at what they do but they'd both be better with a flair player ! somebody who can keep hold of the ball and dictate the play ! most teams have one except ours ! and we're bad to watch ! looking forward to seeing other teams play rather than England ! prob the most boring out there !

Posted 16:54 6th June 2010

Scott Mckenna (Everton fan) says...

I still don't get why Baines was left out and you dont feel sorry him Jamie??!

Posted 16:10 6th June 2010

Cian Mcgibney (Arsenal fan) says...

England do have a chance ,but it is always the same someone of the players will lose there cool and get sent off in a crucial game , but if that doesnt happen then the penalty shootout curse could strike again .

Posted 14:42 6th June 2010

John Doherty (Manchester United fan) says...

I wish the England team all the best and one thing you know when following England in a major tournament is that you know you are in for a rollercoaster ride. England have many things going for them, have a great support structure and many fine players but honestly I think at this tournament they will fall just a little bit short.

Posted 13:31 6th June 2010

Graham Bywater (Leeds United fan) says...

On paper England have one of the best if not the best squads in the World Cup even without Rio, but it all depends on what happens on the pitch. The key men for me are Gerrard, Lampard, & Rooney. If they turn up for every game and perform it will filter down to the whole squad & give the the whole team confidence.Then the England are capable of then reaching the semi-final. It will take a bit of of luck &, confidence to reach the final , but with the team playing as a unit we have as much chance as anybody of winning it. In the last WC it can said Lampard was poor and Gerrard not much better, and of course Rooney was sent off when it mattered and of course Errickson had a brain fog. In fact Becham was Englands best player on and off the pitch. So this time with Capello lets hope we can live up to our potentional. I still would have found a place for Bent.

Posted 13:14 6th June 2010

Dave Wokingham (Manchester City fan) says...

I think the key games are against Slovenia and Algeria. England should save Terry and Lampard and attack in the spirit of '66. A back three of: Joe Cole, Dawson and Ash Cole. Half-backs: Milner and King. Covering midfielders: Gerrard in front of Joe Cole and Milner, with Rooney in the Bobby Charlton role and a Hunt/Hurst/Peters attack done by Lennon, Crouch and the quiet man Heskey. If Dawson gets support from King and Ash Cole there should be some great attacking football and high scoring at the other end.

Posted 12:59 6th June 2010

Terry Greenhalgh (Manchester City fan) says...

come on guys stop the negatives with england and balance your views out with the other teams faults. Argentina and brazil struggled in qualifying and rely too much on their star players. Germany, italy and holland have injury problems, portugal and france are both struggling, the only team we need to worry about is spain but in a one off game anything can happen. We may not have the superstars like messi, ronaldo, villa or kaka but we do have a well balanced team and a manager with sound tactical skills. We need a bit of luck as all teams who win the world cup do but don't write us off just yet.

Posted 10:07 6th June 2010

Benjamin Dawson (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Jamie's got it spot on. We can win it, with some luck and a few decisions going your way, why not. There's less hype about the team and paper talk this time round. That isn't a coincidence, it's good management. Cappello wants his team to do the talking on the pitch, and due to the players not coming out with their predictions etc. and quietly going about their business, the press have no headlines or stories to print, and therefore there's no pressure or over hype by the fans as a result to the headlines. We haven't got the attacking prowess of some teams, but it's not all about having 4-5 options in attack. I'm a gooner, and just seen our best season in some time from a team where we had van p out most of the season and Eduardo was half the player after his injury, yet with a team of potential goalscorers we went on to run the top 2 close and score loads. England have talisman Rooney, Defoe and Crouch, who has great record for us, Gerrard, Lampard, Milner, Terry and even our left and right backs have been scoring for club and country. The players are at the right age, peaking in their careers, a lot with valuable champions league experience etc. I'm positive and think with a bit of luck, maybe, just maybe.

Posted 09:24 6th June 2010

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