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Right in the mix

Right in the mix

Jamie Redknapp kicks off his World Cup column... and says England can end 44 years of hurt!

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Curtis Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is no one giving England much of a chance this year? the articles really good and he's putting faith in the England team. loads of fans this year aren't for some reason. i think other teams should fear us. if we win this year im sure you'll be backing them for the next few tournaments

Posted 11:29 5th June 2010

Kalem Bateman (Chelsea fan) says...

i think that argentina certainly have the attacking players to do the job and are gonna bean amazing side the group stages brazil, spain, holland and england will be there biggest problem

Posted 11:20 5th June 2010

John Cole (Leyton Orient fan) says...

Bill Smith what you on about man. Lampard is a phenomenal player. He gets so many goals because he is such a dynamic and intelligent player. If you think half of them are penalties and the other half are deflected then you've been severely misinformed. Not only is it his goals though, as an all round midfielder theres no better man than Lamps. He's a great tackler, his vision and passing is phenomenal and he's also a lot more skillful than given credit for. Gerrard is another match winner with a wealth of experience, end of. And I agree with you Jamie about Heskey, if it means Rooney is more likely to score then he should be there.

Posted 11:06 5th June 2010

Mike Bond (Chesterfield fan) says...

I agree with Brian Hamill, Jamie's heart's in it but he can't get his head round the fact that England 'bottle it' when the pressure is on. We all want England to win the World Cup, but realisically it has to be Spain, Brazil or Argentina. Mike (ex-pat, now living Bulgaria, where beer is 50p a pint !)

Posted 09:16 5th June 2010

Wayne ' (Manchester United fan) says...

Win it ,you have got to be joking it will be the same old story about how we were unlucky and what if this or that had happened.I think we will qualify from the group stage but as soon as we come up against the top teams we will once again prove to be not good enough.

Posted 09:11 5th June 2010

Roger Raymond (Arsenal fan) says...

I don't know who these footballing experts are and under what iluusionary tree they live but England will not get past the first round. It takes more than a great coach to motivate a team. It would have taken Terry Venables. A foreign coach had no bloody idea about the make up of an English football player. What makes him tick and what he requires to perform. Banning our players from taking their wives/ girlfriends is not it. Let them enjpoy themselves in some rompy pompy and have a pint with their loved ones. One would be amazed at what a real incentive that would prove to be. And now we learn that Ferdinand is out of the world Cup. Well, he should not have been chosen in the first place. It is a matter of history what happened to him with Man United and his long period of injury. Also he is quite frankly past his prime. If we are going to pick a Team Captain at least let's choose someone articulate and handsome instead of some ugly specimen. Cruel I know but coaches should listen to what the men in the streets say. I feel sad for England. Of course I want England to win the World Cup but it's an unachievable dream until we pick ourselves a solid English Coach and get rid of players who can't even manage their private lives with dignity.

Posted 08:25 5th June 2010

John Symonds (Real Madrid fan) says...

Jamie Why do you all you football the other football pundits write that England have world class players, oh really name one or two, ok perhaps 2, believe me they do not have a lot no matter what you write / say. I hope England do well, (although I¿m from Wales, a rugby supporter at heart plus living in Spain) I really want do Spain to win the World Cup, which I think they will. England to win no way José, this will just not happen, how come England always want to avoid the better teams, and are always thankful if the drawn against weaker teams (remember 1952 USA 1 England 0) so don¿t count your chickens to early; surly a good England team should be able to beat the best in the world if they want to be known as world champions

Posted 07:50 5th June 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

i'll tell you what,if england win the world cup i'll donate the sale of my house to charity.i think youve been on the sauce jamie.beat a team.that clown manager couldnt even beat an egg,he cant even speak proper english and for the 6 million a year,i could of done his job and won our qualifying group on 6 quid.when he came up against brazil and spain in friendlies he got absolutely caned and he will again,.thats on the chance we beat the 3 walkovers in our group.dont believe the hype........english flags will be packed away by the 2nd week of the tournament.have a holiday then come back and see real champions when we win the premiership again.perfect proof to why we dont buy british.......

Posted 06:54 5th June 2010

Dave George mills (Chelsea fan) says...

I do appreciate the column and Jamie does express some truth, but come on let's be realistic guys, England got no chance of winning the World Cup. Comparing Lampard and Gerrard to the likes of Ronaldo etc are utter rubbish. Were going to get smashed in the quarter finals by some mediocore team. Jamie mate stick to what you know and don't embarass yourself with such foolish comments.

Posted 03:57 5th June 2010

Ian O brien (Leeds United fan) says...

Lampard,Gerrard,Rooney and Messi in the same class yea the first three wish!Rooney the closest we've got and he's not off by a ridiculous amount but its still a distance,Gerrard had a mediocre season he has just been ok all season,I do think we have a good chance to win it but lets not kid our selfs leading into it,personally i think king is a better player then Rio,obviously Rio wasn't going to get dropped since he became captain and that but think king would be a huge boost to the defense.

Posted 03:31 5th June 2010

Dave Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

As a United supporter, I'm glad Rio is injured (again). His form has been less than stellar and didn't deserve to go in the first place. Hearing Dawson has been drafted in bought a smile, he deserved to go from the off. Makes you wonder though.. if Fabio thinks Dawson is good enough to replace Rio, why the HELL did Fabio pick Carragher ahead of Dawson? Insanity! Don't get me started on Heskey either, useless lump of turd. Bent should be there instead of him, hes got a natural eye for goal. Whereas Heskey... well just look at the sitter he missed. Bent never would of missed a chance like that, ever. I don't know if Ashley Young is injured and thats why Fabio didn't pick him, but if hes not injured.. Capello has lost the plot. Does he need reminding Young is a NATURAL left footer! I'll stop picking holes in Capellos selection now for the sake of national moral.

Posted 03:05 5th June 2010

Dennis Moriarty (Chelsea fan) says...

England have a good, solid squad, their players have bags of experience, and in Fabio Capello they have a manager who has got results and delivered trophies wherever he has been...yet a lot of the public and the media are getting on their backs saying they haven't a hope...why?? I agree with you on this one Jamie, I fancy England to go all the way but I reckon Capello will try to grind out results in the group and then kick on in the same fashion in the knockout stages...he is Italian afterall, and boy do they know how to grind out results when it matters, they're the best in the business at it! Dennis, Ireland

Posted 01:10 5th June 2010

David Chaali (Barcelona fan) says...

To be honest, before i moved to England i never thought that in England they think they can win the world cup. I know it's a great football nation but that's because of fans and teams full of foreign players not because of producing world class players. Except rooney, i can't see any english player player who can get to any major teams in the world cup. I know it's a tabbo to talk about technique and gifted players in this country but that's the key; the rugby-like football by kicking the ball and run doesn't win matches against major nations. As sad as it is , Gerard , lampard and other so-called world class players by the english media can't control the ball and can't dribble and if you can't get hold of the ball against Mexico you shouldn't dream to see it against spain, brazil, argentina, holland or even portugal and italy. you see how the list is long before you get to england.

Posted 01:03 5th June 2010

Gary Davidson (Celtic fan) says...

I dont know who has the best chance to win the WC but I am going for the netherlands. England will not win the world cup, I wish the media and all the england fans would get over there selves. They embarress themselves every time saying this is it, we are going to do it and BANG! home early doors again. England are no better than my subueteo team and they will as usual be shown how rubbish they are against the Big Boys. And before I get the pelters I know Scotland are rubbish and we allways will be. We just go for the laughs and are delighted to get a corner never mind win, but the craic is brilliant and the Tartan Army are the best ever on Tour. No Trouble no tears just smiles and memories.

Posted 01:02 5th June 2010

Darren Hunter (Liverpool fan) says...

Well jamie it would be lovely to see our boy's lift the world cup and it would hopefully bring another national holiday because lets face it it's been a long time. Rio out already he's not going to be missed he's been overated for years, rooney i will guarantee he will lose the plot at some stage and get himself sent off. I would love to be positive but with all the history of the let downs over the years it's getting harder and harder to get to over excited anymore. I think there is one team that nobody will stop and that's Spain they are world clas all over the pitch even their bench is better than most of the other teams first XI. i will have my fingers crossed and hopefully i will end up with egg on my face but i can't really see it.

Posted 21:54 4th June 2010

Bhavesh Dharni (Liverpool fan) says...

England to win the world cup with Gerrard as captain!

Posted 21:31 4th June 2010

Jonathan Sadler (Arsenal fan) says...

I have to say there are about 8 other teams in my view that will put us to the sword, are team are quite simply not good enough, i do fancy Holland or a south american team to win the world cup, and England to possibly go out at the group stages if not then the quarter finals at the very best.

Posted 19:32 4th June 2010

Mithun Siddarth (Chelsea fan) says...

Its very hard to accept comments put in by Bill Smith. Do you mean to say Lampard is not world class? Come on stop coming up with this nonsensical things that Lampard Scores only through deflected goals and penalties. Then why hasn't the likes of Gerrard never managed to Score 20goals consistently, he takes penalties too. Since you are a manu fan you want to say Rooney is the only hope for England. This is an International tournament. At-least now me an England fan !!

Posted 19:20 4th June 2010

Jack Preston (Blackpool fan) says...

I think in my humble opinion. Jaime is right, sure England are going to miss rio as he is englands most naturally talented centre back. However if ledley king can stay fit he can also perform at the highest level. Let's get behind the team and stop slagging them off at every opportunity England have aresonable draw and hopefully will get to the semis when any thing can happen. We have players who can change games by themselves, we are due a bit of luck so who knows. Come on England

Posted 18:54 4th June 2010

Badman Rentaghost (Arsenal fan) says...

Why is everyone so negative of england on here? No wonder we never win anything. We have a better chance than most. And you slate Heskey, but his perfomances with Rooney have been outstanding and unselfish. Its not the players its the way they gel. Its like its cool to be negative when the world cup comes around. it makes me sick. Nice one Jamie lad.

Posted 18:23 4th June 2010

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