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Right in the mix

Right in the mix

Jamie Redknapp kicks off his World Cup column... and says England can end 44 years of hurt!

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Mark Owen (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I've heard Redknapp senior is in line for the liverpool job. Surely spurs are a stronger team sqadwise and financially. The league table doesn't lie and we have champions league next season thanks to him. Liverpool may have a massive history, but spurs have a massive future ahead.

Posted 17:54 4th June 2010

Al Clark (Leeds United fan) says...

I think england have a great chance too, what we need to do as fans is do our part and get behind this team, stop critising the choices, players abilities etc. As fans we should be the 12th man, and if england dont pull it off at least as fans we've done our bit! Im sick of reading these comments about the england players cant do this and cant do that. What really annoys me is fans boing there own national team! If the team arent playing well its our duty as fans to get behind them and get there confidence up, not slate them the minute they slip up. COME ON ENGLAND, BRING IT HOME!!!!!!

Posted 17:46 4th June 2010

The Truth (Chelsea fan) says...

Gerrard/Lampard/Rooney are nowhere near as good as Messi

Posted 17:39 4th June 2010

Bill Smith (Manchester Utd) (Manchester United fan) says...

Lampard and Gerrard, same league as Messi and Ronaldo, Come on! Lampard is good, very reliable but half his goals are penalties and the other half deflected shots. He's always played alongside world class players at Chelsea who have made him look better than he is. Gerrard? Don't even get me started on his form this season. His performances for Liverpool this season have made Lucas look acceptable and it's not like he's ever turned up for England in the past. Rooney is our only hope and even he is going through a bad patch of form. His performances in the last 2 friendlies were average at best and since the Bayern game (1st leg), his performances for United were also distinctly average. With Rio now out, Terry off form, Johnson in the defence and no decent GK, our defence is hardly solid. Don't get me wrong, I think we still have a very good chance of winning it. However, imo, Spain are by far the favourites and then comes ourselves, Brazil and a bunch of others. For us to win it, we need ALL our world class players to turn up (whereas Spain only need 3/4 out of the 8 or so they have). Yes that means Lampard scoring like he does for Chelsea, Rooney to score every game (more or less) and Gerrard to re-discover some form and score a couple of 90th minute goals like he is known for doing for Liverpool. ps. I knew having Heskey in the squad was a bad idea. Not only is he a terrible player who as a striker, never scores, he's even injuring our own players now, and our best ones!

Posted 16:09 4th June 2010

Brian Hamill (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Jamie is letting his heart rule his head. The only chance England have of winning the World Cup is of playing defensively and grinding out 1-0s like Greece did to win Euro 2004 - but even then I do not fancy Capello's boys to achieve that as these days even Brazil have a strong defence, in addition to a vastly superior offence. If you look at the technical players in the squads of Argentina and Holland, they put England to shame. Argentina will most likely bench two of Aguero, Tevez and Milito, England might start with Emile Heskey. Enough said.

Posted 16:02 4th June 2010

S123e M222y (Liverpool fan) says...

jamie jamie jamie,did you say brazil? you must have sunstroke from sitting on that ship with louise! Argentine all the way mate

Posted 15:58 4th June 2010

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