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Jamie Redknapp tells you who to back, steer clear of or just sit back and enjoy, at the World Cup finals.

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Tristan Eichhorn (Manchester United fan) says...

di natale 50/1 for top scorer... he might not seem like the obvious choice but he was top scorer by far in the serie a this year with 29 goals.. and look at italys group. i put a quid on all their strikers just in case one scores a hat trick against nz, and then your in with a real shout.

Posted 03:59 11th June 2010

Davie Gorrell (Rangers fan) says...

Im a proud Scotsman but if the English are good enough to stand side by side with us on the fields of Iraq and Afganistan then i will support their cause. That said i can't see them going all the way, semis would be great but my money's on Holland or great article Jamie.

Posted 17:39 10th June 2010

Kevin Appleby (Newcastle United fan) says...

Whilst I will be supporting England, their chance of winning the competition is not slim, it is practically zero. The usual hype is of course surrounding the build-up to the world cup and the repetition of the phrase 'we've got the players to win it' can be heard in every pub and household around the land. Firstly, we haven't got the players to win it. We have one player, Rooney, who is probably world class but whose reputation has been slightly elevated because has had is best season so far in English football. Messi, Kaka, Xavi or Iniesta he aint. As for the rest of them - with the amount of caps they have, I would struggle to think of half a dozen international games where the likes of Lampard and Gerrard, among others, have had the impact their reputations and wages would suggest they should. Secondly, even if we had the players to win, previous tournaments have clearly highlighted that we are missing both the winning mentality and mental toughness posessed by the likes of Brazil, Italy, Argentina and Germany. In too many scenarios we capitulate. Too many times we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And on too frequent an occasion I have been lulled into a sense of belief and optimism only for it to end in disappointment. So my hopes are not high for this tournament. I really hope I am proved wrong and these comments are looked back upon and scoffed at. The only chance we have of that happening is the Capello factor. If that does turn out to be the case, I will happily be the butt of the jokes. Think I am safe from ridicule though.

Posted 14:25 10th June 2010

Peter Shannon (Liverpool fan) says...

i also am an irish man but i disagree with my 2 country men , i cant wait to watch you under achieve then go out on penalties. GO ON SPAIN

Posted 13:19 10th June 2010

James Vickers (Manchester City fan) says...

As far as betting is concerned I would steer clear of Portugal, Italy and France because they've been by far the worst three teams coming in to tthis world cup

Posted 11:37 10th June 2010

Joe Pakenham (Manchester United fan) says...

Ha ha what part of Dublin were you in Jamie? I can safely say that 9/10 people here would rather see France win than England. The only problem with England winning is that we would be hearing about it for the next 50 years every time we turn on a TV. England won in 66 and you most English fans believe that means they will win it every time it comes around. Although England do have a great squad, it does not compare to Spain, Brazil or even Argentina. England will possibly get to the quarter finals but will come undone once again at that stage...

Posted 11:02 10th June 2010

Ian Mooney (Manchester United fan) says...

I for one will also be supporting England and I am irish. Like it was said before we pay to watch our teams in the Premier league and players like Rooney (United Fan). Whats in the past is in the past. I really hope England life the cup and would love to see Rooney top scorer. In saying that though my bet is on Holland winning it in a Holland Spain Final.. your looking at about 66/1 on that :)

Posted 08:31 10th June 2010

Trevor Gordon (Middlesbrough fan) says...

i like brazil to win the world cup.i think spain will choke as they usually do in the world cup.i give england an outside chance.everything would have to be perfect.(no penalties to decide game) and no injuries to key players.englands weakness is their goalkeepers.if we had a young peter shilton or a ray clemence then i would go for england to win.

Posted 04:11 10th June 2010

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

im as a neutral tryin work out how u put england as best of the rest and holland as dark horses. im english but if holland have a fully fit squad they are far better than us at naational level

Posted 00:06 10th June 2010

Nick Taylor (Manchester United fan) says...

Great article Jamie, I think you're spot on with most of your predictions, though I would put David Villa as favourite to be top scorer. He's had a good season with Valencia, will be high in confidence after his move to Barca, was top scorer at Euro 2008, and Spain have the easiest group in the whole World Cup. I can potentially see him getting 5 or 6 in the group stages alone.

Posted 23:44 9th June 2010

David Chaali (Barcelona fan) says...

20%, in england, believe they can win the world- 20% also believe there re aliens living with us on earth.

Posted 23:43 9th June 2010

Michael Murphy (Newcastle United fan) says...

Well another great artical ! i read one of the comments of an Irishman stating he will be supporting England during the worldcup and... As an Irishman also i would have to agree with him. The rivalry between the two countries is dead and we should move on putting things in the past so this year i will watch the English matches and support them all the way best of luck lads ! we're rooten for ya !

Posted 21:59 9th June 2010

Valentine Nwakacha (Chelsea fan) says...

I think Spain are my favourites. I fancy an england-spain final but spain will win it. Spain have got the quality and have a cool head which will see them through the tournament. My final 4 teams are Argentina, England, Netherlands and Spain. This is based on the fixtures for the knockout rounds and my predictions will be England beating Argentina and Spain beating the dutch to reach the final. But a good article Jamie. My odds for brazil to win are low cos they have to play spain in the QF if they get there and I think spain will win. Cheers

Posted 19:15 9th June 2010

Mark Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

I also think jamie is pretty spot on with his predictions. I have got my money on holland to go all the way this year. Been too two finals before and lost both but could be third time lucky. Robin van Persie didn't play much last season so he is very fresh compared to everyone else and will be looking to make up for an injury hit season with a big show at the world cup. He came back for the last 3 or 4 games of the season and scored a few goals and has also looked on fire in hollands warm up matches. I just have a feeling he is going to steal the show and show the world that when he is fit he is up there with rooney, messi, ronaldo and co. With sneijder, van der vaart and robben doing there stuff behind RVP, holland are an outstanding attacking force. If they can get there defence right i think they are the ones to beat.

Posted 19:09 9th June 2010

Mark Bollands (Middlesbrough fan) says...

nick blackburne- all the wealth of talent argentina have, you choose to put gutierrez in your list. i no your a geordie but come on, you could have chosen aguerro, di maria, veron, milito before him. Argentina play messi, higuin and di maria as a front 3 so higuin has got to be best value at about 18-1 for top scorer. i have to agree everyone who has spain down as winners. remember the last euro champs spain won and david villa was top scorer. chances are that could happen again, especially as spain are in a fairly easy group.

Posted 17:32 9th June 2010

James Widdowson (Liverpool fan) says...

I've got a gut feeling that Germany will win the World Cup, and who would bet against them. They've done great at the last two major tournaments and they always seem to do well at the World Cup.

Posted 16:26 9th June 2010

Richie Pontcanna (Getafe fan) says...

pretty spot on with the predicitons jamie - although i think you overstate the quality of lampard and gerrard at this level. @adam boyle - i dont know a single irishman, scotsman, or fellow Welshman who will be following the english! for me, its AR-GEN-TINA all the way!

Posted 16:24 9th June 2010

Chris Orange (Chelsea) (Chelsea fan) says...

Good article jamie. I tend to agree with you on most points, i'm backing brazil to go the whole way and i think luis fabiano is a good shout for the golden boot, he is proven at international level and will have chances created for him. I would also say another dark horse is serbia, they seem very strong and i would back them to get to the semis at least.

Posted 15:29 9th June 2010

Nick Blackburne (Newcastle Utd) (Newcastle United fan) says...

Agree with Jamie on most of it. Start with the favourite's, I think everyone thinks Spain but I dont think you can over look Brazil, they looked quite strong in qualifying for the finals, Dunga is quite under rated and so are a few of their players. I think they got the best defence Lucio, Maicon, Dani Alves and Julio Cesar in goal, they will be hard to beat as usual. Spain are the strongest going forward with their amazing midfield (Xavi, Iniesta, Silva, Fabregas) then Torres and Villa are probably the best at their positions in the world. So it's out of them and I can see that as the final. Best of the rest... England have a fair chance Im a bit worried about defence the likes of Johnson who is fantastic going forward but looks terrible defending, could let us down and I dont think our goalkeeping position is very strong. Argentina with Messi, Tevez, Aguero and Gutierrez will be good but dont think Maradona has what it takes to mastermind a win. Germany will be lucky and go far they usually do. Dark Horses... I think Holland also have a good chance with their way of playing and players like Sneijder and van Persie will be on fire this year. White Elephants... France they look very poor. Haven't got much quality Thierry probably their best player but not much good without any supply like he's used to from the likes of Zidane. Also Portugal, think they will struggle to qualify. Out of Africa... Ivory Coast are good but will be half the team without Drogba. Toure, Kalou and Keita are good. Ghana are ok but Essien is missing, Nigeria look tasty and I think South Africa will do well as hosts. Golden Boot... Wayne Rooney depending on how far we get, otherwise Torres or Villa will fight it out.

Posted 15:27 9th June 2010

Adam Boyle (Manchester United fan) says...

As Jamie has said here in this article, I for one as an Irishman will be supporting England at this year's World Cup. Nothing at all to do with the French incident. The old rivalries of the past are dead and buried for me, and these players are the ones I pay to watch in the Premier League. (Especially Rooney, being a United fan) Add to this the fact that England are our closest neighbours taking part in the World Cup, Im hoping there's a lot more Irish people getting behind the England team. Best of luck lads! We're behind ye!

Posted 13:59 9th June 2010

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