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United statement

England have to hit the ground running, but it won't be easy against a well-drilled USA side, says Jamie Redknapp.

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Jonny Perrin (Portsmouth fan) says...

I'm just glad that Fabio's the manager and not some of my fellow commenters. England to win 2-0.

Posted 01:53 12th June 2010

Rikk Mani (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am watching the match in the US, as I'm working here and, contrary to public opinion in england, the US seem to think they have a real chance of winning it! Let's prove em wrong. I agree about the lineup except for GK: Hart-Johnson,Terry,King,Cole-Lennon,Gerrard,Lampard,Cole-Rooney,Crouch Although if Barry becomes fit, we should shift to 4-5-1 in games 2 and 3: Hart - Johnson,Terry,King,Cole - Lennon, Barry (holding role), Cole - Gerrard, Lampard - Rooney

Posted 22:01 11th June 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

if you cant beat a load of burger waiters in a mickey mouse league by 4 or more clear goals give up...........hard.........your joking........england should win all three group games by 4-0 at least..........even then theyll be home well before the final

Posted 21:46 11th June 2010

Steven James (Derby County fan) says...

jamie....i think you've hit the nail on the head! i have to agree with you on the fact that people everywhere are saying USA will be pushover's but this game will prove to be alot tougher than we all think. i think that rooney playing off heskey would be the preferred choice for me anyway but i cant see peter crouch starting any match this world cup,i believe he will be our super sub.i know people always say 'england wont win it' but with the talent and ability we have in the squad this time we really can do it. COME ON ENGLAND!!! BELIEVE!!!!

Posted 17:46 11th June 2010

Dave Collins (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Think I agree with your Dad on this one, Jamie - 4-4-2 should be the way to go. USA are absolutely going to be organised and disciplined, knowing that most of the pressure is on us, and will try to exploit it, so we need to fight fire with fire, really get am them and signal our intentions. I'd also start with Crouch and Rooney, as all attacking aspects are pretty much covered, and no matter how many times I've heard it, I fail to believe that players of Gerrard and Lampard's quality can't play together in the middle. Lennon's pace can cause problems, and if his delivery continues to improve then the front men are going to be very dangerous. I'm going for a 2-2 draw as well - can't help but think there may be one or two defensive/goalkeeping howlers at some stage in the tournament...

Posted 17:21 11th June 2010

Dave Wokingham (Manchester City fan) says...

I don't often agree with suppporters of Championship teams but I have to agree that Terry and King don't look a good combination at the back. I'd prefer Terry and Upson for this match and save King for the other group games and defending leads in midfield later in the tournament. I think playing Rooney in a free role will nullify the American midfield and force them to break from much deeper. Saving Terry's legs for a start.

Posted 17:06 11th June 2010

Mark Mullen (Manchester United fan) says...

I think England should play 4-5-1.. Rooney is the main man! and he was unbelievable for united this yr playin in that formation! I would pick my team around him! Stevie G and Fat Frank can both bomb on then without leaving a gap in midlfield behind them!!

Posted 16:21 11th June 2010

Adam Ross (Newcastle United fan) says...

Unfortunately Jamie, Idisagree with you on pretty much everything :) I think England should play a 4-5-1 with Lennon and Milner on each wing, King as the holding midfielder with Gerrard and Lampard supporting Rooney. I wouldnt play King with Terry purely because there would be no pace at the back - Dawson is a much quicker centre-back. I wouldnt start Joe Cole because, in my opinion, Milner has been the stand-out English midfielder in the Premiership this year. In goal, Iwould pick Joe Hart. Why?,Again, it's down to form. He has been the most consistent English goalkeeper in the Premiership this year and hes always looked solid for England too. Emile Heskey should not be anywhere near the England team, if Capello picks 4-4-2 then he must go with Crouch whose record for England is actually very impressive. The one thing I will agree on is Gerrard. He is a key player and, as the captain, the players will look to him now. Good luck England, I predict a 2-2 draw.

Posted 15:26 11th June 2010

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