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Thinking Cap on

Thinking Cap on

There are plenty of questions, but does Fabio Capello have the answers? Jamie Redknapp hopes so...

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James Fraser (Arsenal fan) says...

I don't agree with the defence... Dawson is a much better option and gives us some pace.. All the teams we face have pacey forwards and they will expose us everytime. Considering that Johnson is always pushing forward the 2 CD's are alone with Green as our safe hands (may be not). Green made anotnher blunder in the England v Holland game jumping late to the right (totally pointless) and was then out of position leading to the first goal (see youtube). I would say our best tactics would to start with heskey in 4-4-2, then dropping heskey at half time for a 4-4-1-1 bringing on cole for Heskey, then moving back to 4-4-2 at 70 mins bringing on Defoe for Barry if we need a goal or need to rest Barry. This will give the opposition and their manager a terrible time.

Posted 22:19 17th June 2010

Newton Heath (Manchester United fan) says...

"It will get better for England because I sat and watched Algeria and Slovenia and there really is nothing to worry about there." Really think so,eh Jamie???? Hope you're right,but I recall Mexico 1986 when England struggled to a draw against Morocco.Since he's now a virutal target,I think that Robert Green should be dropped in favour of David James. The PRD is spreading much too quickly,so let's just hope that James WON'T catch anything except the Jabulani!! what's the PRD?? THE PAUL ROBINSON DISEASE. Spawned in Croatia in 2006!! .

Posted 21:44 17th June 2010

Jason Walker (Manchester United fan) says...

I think if we keep green in goal it will be a mistake and if he is left out it would shatter his confidence but the team can't be in a winnng postion and have to worry about the goalkeeper not making a mistake again and i think putting carragher in defence with john terry is a bad idea because even though he has experience he is too slow! and dawson should get his chance and also they should play 4-5-1 with gerrard playing off rooney and lampard forward with barry in front of the back four and then rooney wil get more goals like he did for us this season

Posted 20:15 17th June 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

theres no problem to solve. the way to go is 2 wingers 2 forwards and no heskey,.....that means no also means no green who'd never even be on the plane in the first place......the way to win the world cup is ,dont worry about what everybody else is honestly think we need a man like barry to protect our back four against algeria,and slovenia,dont make me laugh,they provide as much threat as blackpool to the champions league next year,the managers a clown.

Posted 18:00 17th June 2010

Adam Lee (Newcastle United fan) says...

I agree with all you've said Jamie. I'm totally with you on playing the more modern 4 2 3 1, and on paper seems the obvious choice. However, I think this group calls for a 4 4 2 formation to get us through it, then after that we can flip to a 4 2 3 1 depending on who we play. I personally would love to see Gerrard up front with Rooney as Joe Cole is always a starter to me (you have to play the 2 Chelsea lads down the left) and you can then flip to the 4 2 3 1 without subbing and test it out for 15-20mins, but if he goes for Heskey up front then Lampard is the one who should be on the bench so Barry and Gerrard can play.

Posted 17:22 17th June 2010

Mark Bendall (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think we have a pretty solid defence whoever plays there, green was incredibly unlucky and we should get behind the lad as everyone makes mistakes,as for midfield and up front, playing rooney on his own is a big mistake as he is too slow to keep up with lennon and cole(if he plays!) we should play like the other 'world class' teams and play two proper strikers, two wingers, one holding and one attacking midfielder, however that would mean leaving out lampard and we're 'not allowed' to do that. Unfortunately, again, the manager is picking players on reputation and not ability.

Posted 17:05 17th June 2010

Daniel Smith (Norwich City fan) says...

I totally agree with your selection. That was my pick for the first game, apart from Carragher (but King is injured so he's the next option). 4-5-1 is the only way to get the best out of our team. It is the current formation Spain play, and although you might say "They lost their first game", just wait and see what happens next with them. Let's just hope for the win...and go from there!!

Posted 16:55 17th June 2010

Ben Wakeling (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Please, please, please put cole on the left and Gerrad behind rooney with lampard. Barry protecting the deffence and holding the ball. cole on the left so he sneaks in, he's even stated that he like being there. lennon on the right.....its so annoying that that formation could take us the finals it makes me want to scream. why has no manager seen that formation. All fans know it, so do pundits, just never the team or the manager! those players play that role for their club, and in champions league and look at how devestating they are....DO IT at international football, please someone at sky sports whos reporting over in SA, shout over the fense and tell Capello...he's a great manager just come away from 442 in international, why? cos our players are discustingly good in those postions at club level!

Posted 16:22 17th June 2010

Phil Cook (Luton Town fan) says...

100% the correct team to pick. I think you play each player to their strengths so it has to be a midfield 5 of Barry protecting the defence, with Gerrard & Lampard in behind Rooney with Lennon on the right and Cole on the left. With Johnson and Ashley Cole taking turns bombing down the wings, this is a team that would frighten ANY team at the world cup. I thought Heskey did play well but I do feel we need to keep the ball better and use Gerrard and Lampard's attacking potential more. It will be interesting to see what Capello does and I do have faith in one of the best manager's in the world.

Posted 15:11 17th June 2010

David Parsons (Manchester United fan) says...

Capello is unlikely to field anything other than 4-4-2. Enlgland just don't seem to function in any other formation. However could you see him playing a 4-4-1-1 with Gerard in a semi-free role behind Rooney? I think that's a easy way to make us play the ball on the ground and also make us far more dangerous. Joe Cole on the left for me, with Milner keeping his supersub status.

Posted 14:15 17th June 2010

Martin Crowley (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with you Jamie that he has got to stick with Green for the next match. I think tomorrow will be a 1-0 win and a nailbiter as i think we will score say 60 mins and then allow them to put the pressure on us until the final whistle! I hope I am wrong and we win but I can't see it happening!

Posted 13:49 17th June 2010

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