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Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange

With everything falling into place, Jamie Redknapp expects Holland to squeeze past Uruguay... just!

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William Maclean (Chelsea fan) says...

What a pity that the commentators persist with the incorrect pronunciation of so many names. Kuyt - is NOT Cowt. It should sound more like Kate. Sneider is NOT Schneider. It is Snayder. The "van" in Dutch is pronounced as fun not van. It shows great disprespect if people do not even attempt to pronounce a name correctly. You cannot anglisise names!

Posted 06:05 7th July 2010

Oliver Berlie (Montpellier fan) says...

This guy knows his stuff. Well done on this Forlan and Wesley prediction. Merci!

Posted 22:21 6th July 2010

Taiyub Shafieq (Arsenal fan) says...

Brilliant article Jamie, and I agree with youir analysis of the game that the Dutch will win, however, i think they will win this game by a big margin something like 3-0, due to the confidence that the Brazil win will have given them, rather than scraping through as they have been doing so far.

Posted 18:26 6th July 2010

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