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Fleet Street's view

Fleet Street's view

Fleet Street have had their say on England's display in Basel. Here's how they rated an impressive 3-1 win.

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Roy Wilson (West Ham United fan) says...

Once again we start getting over enthusiastic about a win,but please can we bear in mind the quality of the opposition.When pitted against a World top ten team our limitations are exposed.The problem in my view is that we have many world class players in this country unfortunately very few are eligible to play for England,unless of course we change the qualification rules. Much as I would love to see England win a world or European Cup I fear this is a pipedream until such time as English players are more prominent in the Leagues.This of course could lead to years in the wilderness whilst we restructure,would the big clubs really want to be out of Europe during this period and loose valuable revenue?No I doubt it.And would Sky be satisfied to show just League and Cup matches ?No I doubt it

Posted 15:11 8th September 2010

Jonathan Ward says...

Am i missing something? We play 2 below average teams last night even worse than bulgaria, and now half the team are world class again, Gary Linekers writing an article about how defoe is a worldbeater, come on? the man scores 16 league goals, 8 less than darren bent who doesn''t even get in the frame! Comes on scores yet still nothing said give him a chance and he''ll put it away, lampard and terry offer nothing bar pure big unwelcomed ego''s. Shaun wright phillips can''t pass the ball 10 yards for an easy goal. Barry''s legs are shot, his show at germany proved that. Terry was found out at the highest level these players are only good because they have quality players around them. Rooney''s now a superstar not only in the bedroom but on the pitch, he must have gave the ball away more than any englishman on the pitch. Roll on 2012 naaaht.

Posted 14:20 8th September 2010

Spit the Dog (Liverpool fan) says...

Lets not forget that we weren''t playing world class teams so the defence wouldn''t be tested as much. 2 great displays though

Posted 13:58 8th September 2010

Arthur Gillett (West Ham United fan) says...

well as an england fan member who went to SA it was pleasing to see such a performance especially in the first half where Walcott and johnson were linking up well, defoe looked very good just like friday and with a bit more luck could have repeated last fridays hat trick. Rooney for the goal did what he had to do but unlike others I felt especially in the second half he was caught in possession or gave the ball away a lot. Leave Lampard and Terry on the bench but i would still put Rio in ahead of Lescott. Montenegro has now taken on a different importance so I wouldnt change to much but hope to see 2-3 new faces when we take on France in November

Posted 13:45 8th September 2010

Tunji Badejo says...

I agree with Lampard being dropped from the first eleven, but u guys have forgotten how good John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are. These are 2 players that have made thier respective teams have great defensive records. Terry 05-06 gave Chelsea the record amount of clean sheets and Ferdinand 08-09 helped utd surpass that. If u forget about these two players, England will regret this later. Switzerland have a poor attack, dont let this result fool u.

Posted 13:41 8th September 2010

Albert Hutton (liverpool fan) says...

its unbelievable!! an injury to frank lampard has confirmed what the whole world bar every england coach and no doubt every chelsea fan,over the last ten years has known. GERRARD is the king!! release him to play and he will do for england what he has been doing for liverpool for more than 10 years. he has scored in every finals he has been involved in and had less shots on goal to boot. against hungary he decided as he often does for us that "i''m not going to lose this one today" and he took charge. anyone who is honest and knows football will tell you that lampard looks great when chelsea look great. but when chelsea take strain,lampard dissappears. lampard is always surrounded by great players,take a look at the rubbish stevie g has been saddled with over ten years in the first team and you be the judge. steven gerrard is the best player ever to have played for liverpool. no disrespect to the likes of kenny dalglish. but kenny,in truth you played with some very fine players in some very fine teams. steven gerrard has been carrying liverpool ever since he broke into the first team. fabio,make him your permanent captain and make lampard a capable replacement.

Posted 13:28 8th September 2010

John O''connell says...

I felt that last nights and Fridays games were a step in the right direction. Defoe, Gerrard, A. Johnson, A. Cole, Walcott, Jagielka all deserve to be pleased with their performances over the 2 games. I think Capello needs to seriously think about keeping the squad as it is, maybe look to get Lampard & Rio on the bench - it''s important that the younger guys get more 1st team experience. It''ll be interesting to see whether the team get a bit carried away with these 2 games. There were good performaces, but they need to keep their feet on the ground, there''s a long road ahead.

Posted 12:26 8th September 2010

James King says...

its clear that jagielka is now the number 1 center back in england its no longer who will terry or rio partener its which one of them 2 or if any of them 2 will partener jagielka, last night he showed he can control the back line and lesscot has alot of repsect for jagielka and they understand each other, they where the 2nd best centeral defenders partenership in the league 2 years ago only behind Vidic and Rio. Hart - Johnson :S - Jagielka - Lesscot - Cole - Johnson - Gerrard - Rodwell - Milner - Rooney - Defoe should be the england squad for the next games.

Posted 12:03 8th September 2010

Colin Bailey says...

When does anyone remember Lampard having an outstanding game for England and us winning, will take you a while to think of that one I assure you. Plays well for Chelsea but not up there with class international midfielders I''m afraid....

Posted 10:19 8th September 2010

Kevin Gorry (Tranmere Rovers fan) says...

To be honest if i was Capello i would drop Lampard and Terry. What do they bring to the team that we didnt see last night ? The problem with England for a long time now is they pick players on their reputations and not their form. It is clear to me and some other England fans that Gerrard is a player who delivers on the big stage, more often then Lampard. There are a lot of bright young players coming through into the english game, even now, without a centre of excellence. Roll on Burton !!!!!!

Posted 09:48 8th September 2010

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