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Chances for coaches

Chances for coaches

Do home-grown managers get enough opportunities? Peter Beagrie looks at what can be done.

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Paul Hunt (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I was disgusted with the performance of a British manager yesterday. David Moyes'' haranguing of the referee after the Everton v. Manchester United game was totally unacceptable. One could see that the referee was taken aback by the vehemence of Moyes, who should be penalised for his actions. Totally over the top and out of order and a terrible example for youngsters. Even his equally stupid acolyte, whoever he was, copied his reaction, like Phil Neal to Graham Taylor. Pathetic!

Posted 10:55 12th September 2010

Toju Apo (Arsenal fan) says...

I would love nothing more than to see more British coaches rise into top club management. However, I don''t think big premiership clubs opt for foreign coaches just for the exotic ring of their names. Coaches like Ancelotti and Wenger came in with credentials that matched the club''s ambitions at the time. Also, big clubs are drawn to coaches with continental exposure or exploits because they routinely face European clubs in UEFA competitions. I don''t think it''s a freak accident that Roy Hodgson is now managing Liverpool. What he did with Fulham in the Europa League was brilliant. Call it the Arsenal mantra but I believe that no one should be given a job in management or a place in a starting eleven because of the colour of their passport. Let your output speak for itself. After all that''s what happens in other elite occupations.

Posted 14:07 10th September 2010

Ibrahim Tholley (Arsenal fan) says...

Developing players is like that of for coaches too. The organisation should be scrapped and reformed. This time get people who knows about football rather than those looking for pay cheques and only there to chat rubbish and forcast on money flowing in and out of the FA. Look at the National Team today. Down below par!

Posted 16:34 9th September 2010

Stanley Evans (Manchester United fan) says...

(note league cups dont count teams send out there reserves in them. And the FA cup doesn'' count because its third on the list of trophies big clubs want to win. Clubs dont bring in a guy to win an FA cup or a league Cup lol. ) I have to disagree with you Christopher. I think the reason why Moyes and Redknapp aren''t getting any big jobs is simply because they haven''t won anything. Even Sir Alex Ferguson won something before he came to Manchester united. If you forget this is the man who broke the old firms dominance in Scotland and beat Real Madrid in the champions league final with Aberdeen. He actually won something before he got a big job, and thats how it should be. It is idiotic to say that you want some one to get a big job simply because he looks talent. The only way you can truly judge talent in football management is by trophies. What major trophy has Redknapp or Moyes won in management. Its not like we have gotten to a point where lets say a british manager ala bobby robson cant get a job anymore. Bobby Robson got big jobs home and a board because he is a winner. I''m sorry but Adkins& Southgate haven won anything (major), You could say that the reason why they are not winning anything is because they are not a big clubs, but thats idiotic to say when great brits like ferguson,robson,clough have actually won something before they got opportunity manage big clubs. The only brits manager i can think of right now who has won anything major (not counting ferguson) is Maclaren who has won the Dutch league. He is now rightly getting to the chance to manage one of the biggest clubs in Germany. If he does well who knows he could become the next manager at Manchester united, so i think brits managers should stop complaining and maybe even go aboard and get some silver ware like Robson and Maclaren. Then start complaining if they cant get a job.

Posted 16:08 9th September 2010

Christopher Ogboke (Aberdeen fan) says...

I do agree with you Peter. I believe there is opportunities, though the risks associated with employing any manger is... ultimately that he can stir up talented players, to become winners. It is sometimes easier to connect with people who are similar to you. Foreign managers are simply a product of necessity, to lead and inspire the number of foreigners associated within the respective clubs. The Homegrown rule has brought in some balance, and as British talent begins to mentally develop in character to compete and excel within the demands top flight footballer places on their professional and personal lives, more British mangers will get the opportunity to honour the change in culture. The marketing value of true professionals can only be exemplified by David Beckham, and highlighted adversely by Tiger Woods. Chairmen, and even the FA are fully aware of the effects personal lives have on teams and success. The more James Milners, Theo Walcotts, and Michael Owens we see, the more David Moyes and Harry Redknapps will need to be in place to manage them. Till then, I feel it is understandable for Chief Executives to look out with the country for the reputation and character to handle the influx of foreigners. Even fans are wary of risk and are as quick to swing the axe at British managers as Chief Execs have been in the past. Patience is the key. Ferguson, Moyes and Redknapp have all been results away from the chop, yet the Board hung on, and reap the benefits of longevity. Managers have more power / influence when players understand they will not outlast the manager. Peaks and troughs will always occur, and Paul Lambert is a fine example of an up and coming manager who has the balance and potential to re-establish the balance. It is a challenge to us all, to be and become better in character and capacity.

Posted 11:42 9th September 2010

Raymond Kennedy (Scunthorpe United fan) says...

I must agree with you, except that I hope that no one notices Nigel Adkins and leaves him at Glanford Park where he has done a marvellous job on a shoestring. He appears to have a way of noticing young players and then turning them into special players that the bigger clubs want. I may be speaking out of turn with him being given permission to talk to Southampton. heres hoping that his immediate future lies with the Iron.

Posted 11:21 9th September 2010

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