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Top Ten - Left out

Top Ten - Left out takes a look at a selection of big names to have missed the cut for the 2010 World Cup.

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Oliver Ashmore (Manchester United fan) says...

The only reason Ronaldinho was dropped is because of his work ethic, apparently. Thats what Dunga says as all the other players tracked back and worked hard. Alright then, so Robinho and Elano did that! Brazil missed his flair and set pieces. England should of took Bent, he was miles better than Defoe, Crouch or Heskey all season; he may have had a better goal tally than all of them put together!

Posted 10:05 1st October 2010

Owen Brade (Arsenal fan) says...

im most shocked about the ommission of cambiasso and zanetti wot is maradonna thinkin? although it may come as good news for england cos if we come up against the argentines we'll hav 2 less world class players to worry about not all bad ay?

Posted 14:03 2nd June 2010

Mike Bradley (Hearts fan) says...

Why is everyone surprised with Benzema being left out???? He has had an absolute shocker for Real Madrid and is lacking a lot of confidence. Not really the type of player I would want in my team!! But Zanetti being left????? Maradona, Maradona, Maradona, what are you thinking. Even at the age of 37 he was one of the star Performers in the Champions League this season and should have been given one last chance to win the trophy missing from his collection and rap up the perfect season to maybe even retire on.

Posted 13:21 2nd June 2010

Ryan Duggan (Manchester United fan) says...

I Tought the biggest shock was leaving out Scott Parker. He practically carried westham last season. He should be in front of carrick everytime.

Posted 21:16 1st June 2010

Steve Fake lastname (Barcelona fan) says...

I agree with comment about Viera and Ronaldinho past their time. they should let the new players come through

Posted 20:57 1st June 2010

Sameerio Alfredo (Manchester United fan) says...

Alright... i get all these these names not going World Cup.... Though i think its absolutely stupid for players like Zanetti, CAMBIASSO!!, Samir Nasri to not go..... What more... they havent meant ALEXANDRO PATO... who should definately should have a place

Posted 19:36 1st June 2010

Michael Adekunle (Manchester United fan) says...

I think coach Domenech made a big mistake by dropping nasri and louis Saha, also i think maradona has a bias mind for dropping Xavier Zanetti

Posted 18:27 1st June 2010

Darren Gibbs (Arsenal fan) says...

the most craziest decision here is probably cambiasso. it shows that maradona is nuts. i hope they go out in the first round and this might well happen. they played canada as a qualifier who arent even in the wc (i think) just to boost their confidence which shows how desperate they are. they have outstanding individuals but so have england over the past years and we havent done anything because our manager wasnt good enough (until now). cambiasso is a rock, he won everything at club level and would have been great for the team balance. he was mourinho's holding midfielder, just like makelele was - that tells you something.

Posted 17:42 1st June 2010

Stuart Town (Aston Villa fan) says...

Ronaldinho is past it... he is good for 30 minutes and then disappears out of the game... so it is understandable that he has not been picked... Zanetti and Cambiasso will be gutted... this is why I have not included any Argentine players in my world cup fantasy football team... becos Maradona is a lunatic... Vieira hasn't played enough football and is too much of an injury risk to be included in the squad... Benzema is quality but has fallen into the void that is the Real Madrid bench... it happens to so many... when will they learn!!! Grosso and Toni haven't had the best of seasons and Italy always produces good players in all positions, it is unsurprising that they have not been included, Lippi is no fool. Van Nistelroooy well... see comments about Benzema...!!! and Senna just isn't good enough... i'm not sure what he is doing on this list to be fair... he seems a bit out of place... so in conclusion... pretty much all of them have not done enough to be at the world cup, managers that pick players on name alone never succeed... which is why very few managers do (apart form Sven Goran Erikson)... with the exception of Zanetti and Cambiasso who are victims of an evil joke... punchline of the joke will be unveiled at the world cup finals...

Posted 17:39 1st June 2010

Santosh (man united fan) Pinto says...

I just failed to understand how could maradona ignore Zanetti. although he is 37yrs, he is the most fittest player in world football. rich experience n great skills of zanetti will be missed by viewers like me. see the role he played for inter milan this season. i am a big fan of maradona but i think he got it wrong while ignoring zanetti.

Posted 12:25 31st May 2010

Shaun Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

I dont see what the fuss is about leaving Ronaldinho out. Last year Brazil easily won the Confed cup without his presence in the team. He was a great player,and had his time to shine.

Posted 12:18 31st May 2010

Brian Hamill (Celtic fan) says...

The omission of Alexandre Pato from Brazil's squad is far more surprising to me than that of Ronaldinho. Ronnie hasn't been performing like a top player for about 4 years now, he no longer has it. Pato could have been one of THE break-out players of the tournament. Very strange decision by Dunga.

Posted 12:05 31st May 2010

Jo Santon (Manchester United fan) says...

i cant believe france have left out benzema and nasri and viera out of the squad i think that is ridicules .

Posted 12:00 31st May 2010

Siyabonga fox Baloyi (Chelsea fan) says...

dominech made the worst decision ever by leaving BENZEMA.

Posted 11:45 31st May 2010

Awe Frei (AC Milan fan) says...

Definitely leaving out Ronaldinho was a big mistake, in all fairness Kaka did not play as well but he got a seat on the plane. I think Dunga is being unreasonable, anyways good luck with the world cup campaign

Posted 11:43 31st May 2010

Anthony Dossa (Manchester United fan) says...

i think dunga have personal hated on ronaldihno he has no reason to drop ronaldihno and pick the likes of batista,ramires, klaberson ronaldihno is far beter than those three players

Posted 10:58 31st May 2010

Kwazi Ngubane (Chelsea fan) says...

In all fairness i think that what Dunga has done is admirable, simply due to the fact that Brazil has so much talent, and by continuing with the same big name players, he would be killing the development of the youth to progress to the world stage of football. Players like Ronaldinho and Viera have already had their time to shine and they have impressed, now it's time for the youngsters to shine. An excellent example of this would be the Ghanain side, their U20's won the world cup and now a whole lot of them are playing in the senior side... I wish i could say the same for my country, but unfortunately for us development in football is pathetic and riddled with corruption.

Posted 09:56 31st May 2010

Wayne Heywood says...

no surprise with rudd being left out his carer went down when he left manchester united

Posted 09:52 31st May 2010

James Alura (Arsenal fan) says...

It really perplexes me to hear that some of football`s great and celebrated talent in Ronaldinho and Vieira were left out of their national squads even when they can still play better football. Dunga and Domenech should have thought twice or better still consulted the other stakeholders before making such bound blunders. Thank you.

Posted 09:50 31st May 2010

I C (Manchester United fan) says...

Viera and Senna were surely to be left out having barely featured this season. And surely it's about time for Lippi to blood new defenders, especially considering Grosso is the wrong side of 30, and is potentially facing players like Messi, Ronaldo, Lennon, etc; ie: players who would really test his pace! Similarly with Toni, he hasn't been in great form and is the wrong side of 30. Of more concern, I think, is the exclusion of Nasri, Mexes and Pato. Oh, and half the Argentine team, but that's quite explicable. Whilst one can argue that Ronaldinho could be a one-man Plan B from the bench, surely Pato could also add something to the squad? Fair enough, he was injured for the business part of the season, but he scored more for Milan, playing half the games of Nilmar! His pace and movement off the ball would surely augment the counter-attacking style Dunga has imposed. I understand that the strikers chosen are all in good form, with the exception of Robinho, so whilst it's an understandable decision, it would've been nice to see Pato at the World Cup. However, I cannot understand the decision to leave out Nasri and Mexes at all! Nasri would provide the perfect back-up to Gourcuff as a central midfielder with good vision and passing ability; as far as I can gauge, there are no other players of that ilk in the team! The fact that Nasri has covered competently for Fabregas when the latter has been injured should surely count in his favour! All other central midfielders are either too attack-minded or are defensive midfielders. An injury to Gourcuff would seriously cut the supply to the wingers and the forwards. Admittedly, I know very little about Valbuena, so maybe he can step in..? With Mexes, I have never understood his exclusion and never will. Has he not been one of the standout defenders at Roma for the past few seasons? I've tried to do my research before writing this, but may be wrong....

Posted 09:40 31st May 2010

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