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Press briefing

Press briefing

Fleet Street gives its reaction to the World Cup final. It is fair to say many reporters were not impressed.

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Frank Hanen (Arsenal fan) says...

What is with the anger old boys? the past weeks have been full of anti-dutch sentiments. We don't understand this, you guys did so well, you qualified this time! Please stop with the one-sided rubbish. Yes it was a though game, who started it does not really matter now does it? Both teams were eager to win and in the heat of the battle the Dutch were a bit worse than the Spanish. Yes the ref made mistakes on both sides and yes by not handing a corner to the Dutch Webb DID influence the game in a way he should not have. The best team won and that is what matters. Reaching the finals is the way to honor our hero's like Cruif, Neeskens etc. We reached the finals, you got kicked out in the first round and that my dear English friends IS a disgrace

Posted 11:39 12th July 2010

Owen Vanderhoven (Portsmouth fan) says...

(please do not be fooled by the last name, I Am English) I think it's a little unfair to say the Dutch have betrayed football, and were thugs. We in the premierleague have many hard games like this, and we don't start going overboard then. If this was England, we would be saying that the game was full of passion, with 'mistimed' challenges. The Netherlands were just trying to rough Spain up, and as Spain are quick and full of flair, it's inevitable there will be hard challenges. Look at Christiano Ronaldo when he played here, I remember seeing people go straight through him week in week out, but he got on with it. Spain got their trophy through a tough battle, and Holland got what they deserved on the night. So please, although it was almost battle field like, lets not judge the dutch as this team of thugs, but a nation desperate to win the iggest trophy in the world. At least there was some passion

Posted 10:03 12th July 2010

Simon Janicki (Barcelona fan) says...

Well done Spain, it was a very well deserved win. Mr webb,you did a fantastic job under the circumstances,some players should have walked in the fist half though. Holland..What a shame! You were a disgrace, I expected so much morer from you and Mr Robben,how did you manage to stay on your feet so much?

Posted 09:47 12th July 2010

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