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My first World Cup

My first World Cup

Our panel - Jeff, Charlie, Thommo, Merse and Le Tiss - tell us about the first World Cup they remember.

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Darren Coulter (Southampton fan) says...

My first world cup i remember was Espania '82.That Brazil team were superb and i remember the game they played against the USSR awesome.But the best memory has to be Gerry Armstrong's goal for us(Northern Ireland) against the hosts in Valancia.What a performance from wee Billy's team!!!Then of course the next stage we had a goal dissallowed against France at 0-0.Who knows we could have went on to the final even!!!!!!!

Posted 19:20 1st June 2010

Lee Mackem (Sunderland fan) says...

Word Cup 1998, i was 14, sitting in my room watching England V Argentina, my dad souted up, "come and watch it down here", i stood up, went over to turn the TV off, as i lent forward Beckham played a ball over the top, 18 year old Michael Owen flicked it on and went on to score "That" goal. Word cups have been garbage since France 98.

Posted 19:08 1st June 2010

Andreas Aridas (Carlisle United fan) says...

For me it was France 98, i remember watching englands heartbreaking loss to argentina and the moment we all fell in love with michael owen! also scotland played brasil in the group stage and lost 2-1. Couldnt believe brasil lost the final 3-0! they always seemed invincible when i watched them play.

Posted 17:59 1st June 2010

Scott Sunderland (Manchester United fan) says...

Mine was '98 i was 7 years old. I remember sitting watching England lose to penalties against Argentina and michael owens wonder goal

Posted 16:41 1st June 2010

Dave Banks (Sunderland fan) says...

Like LE TISS i remember the 78 argentina v peru game. As i recall the game was kicking off in the early hours of the morning and as i was 12 years old and at school the next day it took some convincing my dad that i should be allowed to stay up and watch a game of such importance. even he eventually went to bed and left me to last the game started and argentina went on the attack, I promptly fell asleep and woke up just as the teams left the pitch . what a wounder i had missed the whole game and 6 argentinian goals. My most memorable world cup game i have actually watched has to be the england v germany semi final 1990 and how devastating it was as i was convinced the world cup was ours again, maybe this year !.

Posted 15:34 1st June 2010

John Murray (Fulham fan) says...

Italia 90, Lothar Matthaus (Inter Milan & Germany), was as close to perfection is his position as i think any player could hope to be, he was a power house in midfield, drove the Germans on & on, fantastic player.......................

Posted 15:24 1st June 2010

Danny Blockley (Manchester United fan) says...

I was six years old during Mexico 1986... I remember sat watching England v Argentina in 'The Strawberry Pig' in Majorca with my mum and brother... I remember being absolutely mortified after the 'Hand of God' scarred me for years!

Posted 14:44 1st June 2010

Lee Wakeham (Manchester United fan) says...

Can't beleive no one has mentioned Italia '90, Nessun Dorma, World in Motion, Gazza crying Lineker saying "have a word with him" to Robbo, semi final heart ache (the 1st of many for me), I was 12 and a rugby fan until Italia '90 introduced me to the great game.

Posted 14:01 1st June 2010

Andrew edwards (Liverpool fan) says...

my first memory was the 1982 semi final of germany vs france..probably one of the best games ive seen plus a awesome penalty shoot out which of course..the germans win..i was only 6 at the time but it was what got me onto the world cup bandwagon!

Posted 13:03 1st June 2010

Kev Humphreys (Liverpool fan) says...

MEXICO 86, great world cup, i remember mexico having that earth quake not long before but they still managed to put the tournament together brilliantly, the goals that stood out like rats for ussr, manuel negrete for mexico with an overhead kick. great games like france v brazil, france west germany. the french midfield of tigana, platini, giresse, fernandez. then of course argentina and el diego, despite that goal he was awesome an i dont think any one player will dominate a world cup again. the brilliant goal against belgium in the semis where he managed a great finish and kept his balance!! and of course the greatest goal ever the 2nd he got against england!! the agony of thinkin lineker had eqaulised with another header only to be decieved by the camera angle. and a classic final where germany came from 2 down. by far the greatest worl cup!!

Posted 12:36 1st June 2010

Wayne Low (Arsenal fan) says...

has to be 1986, it was when the world cup grabbed my attention i was 7 at the time and remember a great brazilian goal against N.Ireland it was also the first time i cried when that infamous little argie broke English hearts.

Posted 11:15 1st June 2010

Mike Jackson (Manchester United fan) says...

USA 94 I still look back on this with fond memories, from Diana Ross screwing her 6 yard open goal penalty wide in the opening ceremony, Jack Charlton and John Alrdridge bursting blood vessels on the touchline, Baggio, Hagi, Klinsmann, Romario, Stoichkov and others lighting up the tournament as well as some lesser known players making a name for themselves (Kennett Andersen, Saiid Al Owairan, Daniel Amokachi) However, my greatest memory of the tournament isn't technically football related-its how bright, lively and sunny the whole tournament was. It was quintessentially american with all the music, colour and advertising.

Posted 11:12 1st June 2010

Imanga Muwanei (Manchester United fan) says...

Mexico 86 aged 9 at the time. The most lingering memory Brazil's Elimination in the quarters by France. I was shell shocked when Zico missed his penalty in regular time. Brazil were the talk of the tournament and being impressionable at 9 naturally I rooted for them. Hence i started swallowing the bitter pill of losing at quite a young age. And now being a Liverpool supporter I guess I am used to it.

Posted 09:56 1st June 2010

Trevor Fairley (Rangers fan) says...

Has to be the 66 world cup ( and that's fae a scotsman ) On holiday in Ingleton, Co Durham back in 65, phoned home for extra cash ( reverse charge call thru Darlington exchange ) gave operator our number Stirling 2341 and dad's name, the operator asked a few details about my dad and asked to speak to him after our call, turned out they were both in the same shell hole on the beach at Dunkrik and until that moment neither had known if the other had made it home. I was then invited down to stay with Ron and his family and along with his son he took us to 2 games at Ayrsome Park, Korea against Russia and then the famous one Korea against Italy, when a massive world cup upset took place with Korea winning 1 -0, it was an amazing experience for a 14 year old lad fae Stirling, Bonnie Scotland and yes I supported England all the way that year. True story folks, ye just couldn't make it up.

Posted 05:17 1st June 2010

Jonathan Groombridge (Arsenal fan) says...

My first memory of the world cup is the same as Merse and LeTiss 78 final with that amazing scene of streamers etc.. what a sight..but I watched every game of Espania 82, i remember just getting in from school and sitting down to watch Englands first game of the tournament, as soon as I sat down Bryan Robson scored the fastest goal in the world cup finals, that was As good as it got for pretty good England squad, even though we never lost a game, so many great matches Brazil v Italy probably the best wc game is all time, with Zico, Falcao, Socrates, Eder, along with the Holland 74 squad, Brazil 82 had to be the best in the finals not to lift the world cup. For me Englands 1990 enters that hall of fame to.

Posted 01:10 1st June 2010

Gurvinder Sahota (Arsenal fan) says...

For me it was the 2002 World Cup, I was 10 years old but I knew when I saw Brazil play it was something special. They had so much talent with the '3Rs'. Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Posted 00:44 1st June 2010

Mick Turnbull (Sunderland fan) says...

1964 and Italy's infamous encounter with host nation Chile when both teams finished the game with about eight players apiece - tackling at its most horrific.

Posted 19:10 31st May 2010

Adam Rigg (Hearts fan) says...

The first world cup I really remember was '94, awesome tournament with quite simply the worst final in history. Everyone remembers Houghton's wonder goal and Baggio going from the best player of the tournament to the guy that lost it. Also Sweden almost pulled of a massive shock by getting to the semi's and only losing because of a squad full of injuries!

Posted 18:30 31st May 2010

James Witcomb (Aston Villa fan) says...

For me, as im 15, its the germany v italy semi final at he 2006 world cup going into extra time and grosso scoring an absolute wonder strike, for me i was gutted as I cant stand Italy but its just an unofrgettable moment in world cup history

Posted 17:29 31st May 2010

G T11 (Manchester United fan) says...

Italia 90! Baggio, Matthaus, Klinsman, Maradona! Reggie Miller, Gazza, Waddle World in Motion

Posted 17:12 31st May 2010

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