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Changing odds

Changing odds

While New Zealand aren't going to be World Cup winners, they could be worth a punt to quality from Group G after one of their greatest results in history.

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Gary Williams (Vauxhall Motors fan) says...

Just had to pick "Vauxhall Motors" - if they are anything like the vehicle, they need all the support they can get ! I like your comments on the Sheep population, Steve. That's why the Farmers get up so early in the morning - You don't want to end up with an ugly one ! The All Whites will perform well. It's all about opportunities and attitude and now that they have the opportunity, they will make the most of it. I agree - they won't win, but they will have a hell of a time trying to upset some of the big names. All the best to you. I like your T Shirt. Regards Gary

Posted 07:32 11th June 2010

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