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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Wez Ford (Manchester United fan) says...

there was a number of factors in englands poor showing in south africa....1. the media attention every squad gets for a major tournament is ridiculous!! its all hype hype which rubs off on the english public then we all end up disappointed..let the boys get on with what they have to do and see what happens instead of piling a world of pressure on rooney for example the boy was clearly not fit but the media put the boot in to him because he had a bad tournament? 2. selection..i think capello must take a big responsibilty for the poor showing as he went against every word he said prior to the world cup..heskey,SWP,carra,king?? how many of those players played regular or had good seasons? none! there was no balance either he took not 1 natural left midfielder..A.Johnson,young,downing? why not take 1? or how many of our wingers he took can actually cross a ball?? crouch scores goals why not play him instead of heskey and give the boy some ammo from a player who is good crosser of the ball? i think capello should have taken a few risks with his squad selection and tried some more young hungry players who were playing more regular..3. keeping the ball..we cannot keep possession any longer than a minute without deciding to hump it 50 yards (terry king carra and upson being the main culprits) i feel were just not in the sameleague as spain germany and brazil tecnically..that needs to be addressed from grass roots about keeping possession biding your time until you play forward and concentrate more on a players tecnique and ability rather than smashing a ball in a net..nevertheless i feel players coming through now look very promising you can see alot of potential so lets hope the next generation get the opportunity for club so they can stake a claim for country so we can build for brazil in 2014

Posted 11:35 26th July 2010

Anas D (Manchester United fan) says...

england have players that should of went to the world cup gerrard and lampard can''t play together this is probably their last world cup in brazil they for me have to have joe hart in goal he''s way better than green and james rooney and agbonlahor walcott adam johnson rodwell wilshire these players maybe for the next world cup but i support brazil and england have 2 have a new superstar rooney simply isnt as effective wen he plays for england

Posted 23:22 25th July 2010

Desy Balmer (Manchester United fan) says...

The Premier League may be the best in the world but it doesnt mean the England team is one of the best. England are awful tourists. There always seems to be problems with boredom, the food, the digs despite it being the very best on offer. They get homesick more than other nations. The team and the manager bow to the pressure of the media instead of just getting on with it. anyway, one of the best teams last year was Arsenal. One of the worst was Portsmouth. How many english men play for them? Of the top 4-5 teams there is half a dozen top Englaish players most of whom are helped look good with an array of top class foreign talent. Stop picking the best players automatically and pick the best team. there is hope - Wilshire, Wellbeck, Richards, Young, Milner, Hart etc. but pick them, add in some ''lesser paid boys'' now and then and make peopel put a shift in and work for their jersey. 1st and foremst let Gerard and Lampard know its one spot between them and the best man gets it. competition, youth and some courage is all thatgs needed and maybe England could do something other than capitulate.

Posted 09:50 25th July 2010

Aisosa Omoigui (Manchester United fan) says...

people talk about how foreign players are detremental to young english players coming through. but the positives havnt been considered. if it is getting harder for english players should come through then the talent that does manage to emerge will be better than average. its no good playing an english player ahead of a good foreigner just because they are english, if that happens then the standard of football will decline. the premier league was only started to be considered the best league in the world during the mid naughties, when more and more foreigners came to play in england. in the 80s english football was ridiculous (with the exception of liverpool) thats why top stars like linekar and keegan went to play abroad, because the standard wasnt good enough in england. and that was in a time where it was almost only english players. playing with foreign players allows english to develop and appreciate different techniques and styles of play

Posted 14:33 24th July 2010

Dave Deboo (Peterborough United fan) says...

Gonna get shot down in flames here i guess :-) Why not create an ''England FC'' team? Get Fabio Capello to manage a squad of English players, bought by the FA and enter them in the Championship for next season. They will be the team who plays in a competitive league, hopefully get promoted and will represent the country at the Euro''s and World Cup. Any player who would rather play in the Premiership and the Champions League will have to dip out from national honours. But that should leave a group who really want to represent England, play as a team, understand each others'' game and also know that if they do well, then they will be rightfully declared the ''golden generation'' . :-) Long shot i know, but a complete shake up is needed if we are going to be competitive on the world stage. Because judging by the performance of our boys this summer, they were never going to live up to all the expectation. It''s only football and should be easy to play. Spain made it look easy. Don''t see why England as a team can''t either.

Posted 18:51 23rd July 2010

Augusto Fernandes (Manchester United fan) says...

everyone going on about how this and that player performed below par, at the world cup, if we look at all the highly rated players like Rooney, Messi, Torres, Kaka and mostly C. Ronaldo they all failed miseribly. There were exceptions in upcoming younger players most of them now playing in either the UK and the Continent. Also i don´t see any reason to complain about the fact that England was hammered by Germany, if we analyse the fact, that, had Lampard´s goal been allowed i am pretty sure that things would have turned out rather differently. Germany, Spain and yes England did not flare well in the Opening round bur then look at the end result. England has enough talent to compete at World and European competitions. Sure ther is room for improvement, but then so is in any other team.

Posted 16:43 22nd July 2010

Scott Lennon (Liverpool fan) says...

Furthermore, Id like to see Ryan Noble (Sunderland) get a chance. He'll be 19 at EURO2012 and 21 in Brazil. 10 goals in the reserve league and 1 goal in 2 games for England U19s. This boy will be huge, mark my words

Posted 03:36 22nd July 2010

Scott Lennon (Liverpool fan) says...

Id like to point out Brazil and Argentina, and also Holland when people claim that we need to have more players based in the Premier League, yes Spains starting 11 are in La Liga clubs, but a lot of peoples favourites to win it were Brazil and Argentina. Now how many of the Brazil and Argentina squad play their football in South America? And same with Holland, only 3/11 of their team (Stekelenburg, v. Der Wiel and v. Bronckhorst) play in the Eredivisie. It isn't about getting first team football in the PL, its about getting first team football anywhere. Loan a few young players out where there going to play, and if an English player is sitting on the bench week in week out, (Wright-Philips and Crouch) then sell them to teams their going to play. We also need more English managers in the PL because managers like Wenger dont care about the state of English football, id like to know the ratio of foreign players to english players in Wengers squad since taking over compared to that of other teams. We also need to start playing 4-1-2-1-2. A flat four across the middle leaves gaps behind the strikers and infront of the defence. With two central midfielders who dont know which one to go forward and which one to sit back. Play with fast, tricky wingers that'll get the ball in the box and beat players. Id also like to see an English manager, as I seriously doubt Capello will be crying into his cornflakes if England go out. His wages need to be slashed. Its ridiculous money, a 12-month rolling contract with his wages decided on the last years success, make him earn his money if he stays. An english manager would bring back the passion and fire in the belly. So Steve McLaren didn't work, dont condemn all English managers because of one mans failings. I'd also really like to see this team in the Euro 2012 qualifiers. Hart, Johnson, Dawson, Upson, Warnock, Barry, Young, Milner, Gerrard, Rooney, Defoe.

Posted 03:06 22nd July 2010

Jamie Morrow (Manchester United fan) says...

Lampard and Gerrard are to similar to play together, over the last 5 years Lampard and Gerrard has been two of the best players in the world in their position, but thats the problem they play the same position. So how does England resolve it, we play Gerrard left midfield, terrible idea as Gerrard is not a winger and will not stay wide. We need to look at what Holland do, they have two world class players in Sneijder and Van der vaart but like our english duo they play the same, so the dutch be smart and drop one of them and p.s i dont no bout you but johnson for man city could have been englands thomas mulleur.

Posted 00:21 22nd July 2010

Ervine Okuboh (Liverpool fan) says...

Unbelievable !! Even after England's abject failure, some fans still think that the current England players are good enough. The most deluded football nation in the world. On June 14th I predicted on this site that England would get thrashed by the first big team that they met. No need to be Einstein to predict such an outcome. One major problem is the professional pundits and the majority of fans in England know absolutely nothing about international football. They mistake the Premier league and the Saturday night thrills and spills as a measure towards winning the World Cup. This is a sickness permeating through English football since 1970, with the laughable and risible comments that the English First Division was the best in the world. The same is said about the Premier League today. For a nation that watches so much football the majority of English fans, players and pundits are unbelievably ignorant, arrogant and totally deluded. Support the team, be passionate about the team by all means. As for 2014, forget about England winning the world cup. Spain and Germany will be even stronger. Argentina will want to win the cup in Brazil, and the Brazilians want to win on home soil. Keep up the twaddle about England having the best players and get ready for another humiliation in 2014. One ray of light. The weather should be hot and steamy, and provide a good excuse for another humiliating exit. !!!! I have just returned from an international conference, attended by over 50 countries. Everyone laughed at England's dismal performance and joked about the deluded and arrogant fans. How many more decades will it take before you acquire some humility ?

Posted 21:48 21st July 2010

General Chapman (Arsenal fan) says...

i believe the england squad is not up to scracth in what is epectsed proving the fact that the england squad needs more young blood and needs to take example from teams such as holland argentina and germany where players knew what there given role was meant to be given

Posted 21:00 21st July 2010

Big Al (Manchester United fan) says...

It wa a lot to do with the tactics that made some players look worse than they actually are, our back four were seriously exposed against the Germans. A strong defensive system will help prevent serious 'kickings' which we got against the Germans. Some new players are definites, Scott Parker, Adam Johnson, Jack Wilshire, Ashley Young, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Kieron Gibbs, Joe Hart, Joleon Lescott, Phil Jagielka, Jack Rodwell, Steven Taylor, Lee Cattermole, Gavin Hoyte & BenFoster added to existing players Rooney, Crouch, Gerrard, Milner, Barry, Lennon, A Cole, Dawson, Ferdinand, J Cole & Defoe. England were not helped by a huge injury list, (Woodgate, Ferdinand, King, Lescott, Brown, Jagielka, Hargreaves) defensively. Some players should seriously worry about their international futurese.g. Terry, Lampard, Glen Johnson, Matthew Upson, Robert Green, Emile Heskey, Wright-Phillips, Carrick, Walcott, Warnock, Baines & Huddlestone. Put aside the World Cup now look to 2014, build a strong base, ignore the media, believe in your system, let the plyers play without all the pressure and enjoy being an England fan!

Posted 12:01 21st July 2010

Richard Morgan (Arsenal fan) says...

The spanish blueprint is the one to follow, get the english managers to coach and play the same way. Look at the spanish team not necessarily the most creative team but they pass the opposition to death from 0 - 90th minute they are not scared to go backwards with the ball and start again. Opposing teams are then under pressure when they have chances and this causes them to panic. If you look at the spanish stats for their last two tournaments they have had an average of 63% possession all the players are comfortable on the ball even the ones who are less able. The spanish side and way of playing is the way forward wenger tries it at arsenal but all our premier league side should be doing it and all our acadamies should be playing that way but with more english players. if you look at the stats 30% possession equates to about 28 mins of the ball not much is it when you need to win matches. The liverpool teams of 70's and 80's kept possession and tired the opposition out and that is the way forward for england pass teams to death and just keep possession not worry about going back and restarting from back wait for your chances to come

Posted 11:29 21st July 2010

Jake Butler (Gillingham fan) says...

Some people on here are right because we need an 'english syle of play' like all other big countries have, and looking at the young players in the prem (when they play) they look so suited in amongst the foreign contingent of the prem clubs, rather than gerrard, lampard, terry, a.cole etc. have been playing since the mid-90's which means they have gone through years of different teams, just think how much chelsea and liverpool have changed over the years? we need to play at least half of the u-21's at the qualifying for the euro's, maybe even players like franck nouble who is away playing for the under-19's and is such a natural born finisher, and if cappelo is so against playing players like agbonlahor and walcoot and bent he may aswell pick, cos he's better than rooney and heskey, (sorry but rooney was our worst player this world cup) talk about torres underperforming? watch rooney. just play 4-3-3 cattermole, wilshere, hargreaves, lampard, gerrard, barry, etc. it goes on and on, they are all central midfielders and you only ever see three, why not stop picking a new right back every freindly, stop picking a new striker(s) and a new keeper, and let some new midfielders play with our current team and see how our u-21 team does in qualifying for the euro's, i still think parker and cattermole should play more, and we need cappelo out, a new start, a whole english back management.

Posted 09:58 21st July 2010

Douglas Au (Manchester United fan) says...

Because Premier League teams are under pressure for instant success, it is going to be impossible for the younger generations in general. As a good solution, some teams from very low divisions should get sponsored and invested by the England FA to field teams that bring England 's best young players together as a team to compete in lower divisions. Salaries should be modest, as they should not get too big headed too early. If they're good enough and improve, they might even reach the Championship or even the Premier League. It will basically be an England youth team playing in the lower leagues and working their ways up. The England FA should then make an age limit to where players can transfer out e.g. age of 23. That way, young players can play week in and test their abilities in a competitive environment. The age limiter can prevent big clubs from stealing good talented young players, who tend to rot in the reserves league.

Posted 07:50 21st July 2010

Don Mackay (Arsenal fan) says...

It is interesting to read all the comments regarding England's failure in the world cup. Tactics, team formation, players attitude and many, many other reasons but was the number one reason not the fact that the skill factor of the English players was vastly inferior to the Germans, the Spanish, the Dutch and the South Americans. Why? Could it be the fact that from an early age in this country the main priorities are size, attitude and speed when the most important priority should be skill. This cannot be a coincidence that the countries I have already mentioned are technically far superior to the England squad that went to South Africa. Yes, England do have quality players but their technique is still inferior to the top internationals from other countries. The way ahead is simple. Allow the kids to play with a ball to develop their skills. Fitness is important. Speed is important. Attitude is very important but you cannot hide the fact that the number one priority must be technique. Having worked in professional football most of my life and been privileged to see some of the top players in the world who all had one thing in common - skill. I think it was a famous golfer who talked about luck saying 'the more I practice, the luckier I become' so let's get back to the youngsters practising with a ball and not worry about size, attitude and speed.

Posted 17:16 20th July 2010

Kojo Mensah (Everton fan) says...

I just don't get when people attribute England's poor performance in the world cup to the infkux of foreign players in the prem league. I believe France had the greater number of foreign players in threir league in the late 90's yet they went on to win the the league. why is that not attributed to the fact that at the time star players such as ZZ, DD(c), Thuram, Desailly, Dzorkaeff, Blanc, Karembeau, ust to mention a few were all playing in different leagues and therefore took the chance to learn sometime from other leagues rather than staying in the own country and being overrated in the media. What about the Brazil team of 2002? The point is every manager wants to win and if you are good enough for the team you'll get the chance to play.

Posted 00:57 20th July 2010

David Hudson (Leeds United fan) says...

Thommo hit it on the head when he said ' People are always complaining that there are too many foreigners playing in our league, but I don't think anyone has an issue with the good ones; it's just there are too many average ones. ...We just need to get a few of these younger players into our top flight teams to show what they can do.' I cannoy understand why players like Wilshere and the like are not loaned out if they are simply not going to be played! There are far too many average foreign players and that takes up spaces for English players to ply their trade at the top level. As a Leeds fan, it would be great to see England U21 players (who are not getting first team football in the top flight) play for Championship sides like us week in week out, that way they get to play regularly in a very tough league!

Posted 12:33 19th July 2010

Kim Shaw (Manchester City fan) says...

I would love to see Owen Hargreaves back fit and playing, he was our outstanding player at the last world cup finals, I would definatley replace Barry for him, he has great pace, strengh, agility and he is brilliant at tackiling, he was a outstanding player for Manchester Utd in the 2007/2008 season which let me remind you helped them win the Premier League and Champions League. I would also change the whole formation in to a 4-1-3-1.The likes of Gerrard and Lampard cannot play together, their 2 exceptional playmakers and goalscorers, but i would love for one of them to play just behind Rooney, the way Oezil played for Germany just behind Klose. with their through balls and there excellent passing, would rip anybodys defence apart.we have a bright looking future ahead for our young talented midfielder with the likes of Wilshire, who plays for Arsenal, (loaned to Bolton last year) he should be learning alot off of the likes of Fabregas and Nasri with fantastic control of the ball,there 1-2 passes,and skill. Other midfielders.On the left wing Adam Johson, Fantastic, reminds me of Giggs when he was young great crosser, Joe Cole also, great trickery and crosser of the ball, great with both feet and wings, but i would love him on the left. On the right Theo Walcott great pace, needs to learn more though, his control of the ball isnt that great nor is his crossing, but practice makes perfect, Aaron Lennon also has exceptional pace and great crossing technique. James Milner too,fantastic. I will never leave Wayne Rooney out of my team, this tournemernt he wasnt at his best. but just a reminder he had 2 injurys before these finals, he had to much pressure on his shoulders, also he looked exhausted. I would also give Darren Bent a try, keep Defoe and Crouch.we need a pacey forward mayb with the likes of Agbonlahor who is fast and a great finisher or even Darren Sturridge, if hes learning off the likes of Drogba and Anelka

Posted 19:52 18th July 2010

Jim England (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Perhaps it's about time that we realised that our national team is just not good enough. They may have the ability to shine when playing in their foreign player laden club sides, or they may just be made to look good by the work of those players. They may also be good players in their own right, but they don't know much about teamwork. Fabio tried to instill some discipline into the squad, and what do they do - moan and whinge, they should be delighted to be there. The trouble is that some of these so called stars think they know better than their manager. This is what is wrong with our game, they are overpaid, don't work hard enough, and think they a right to be there. I read that one english player said he wouldn't retire from international football as he wanted to go out on a high. Perhaps he should be told that the manager picks the side. I would like to see every prima donna in this squad moved aside for younger and less experienced players - perhaps they would at least respond with the right attitude. Final note, I hear that some England superstars are not happy about the Capello index, and feel the manager has let the players down - excuse me, but whay do they think they did. Too high and mighty to do the hard work against Algeria? keep the manager - change the players!

Posted 02:08 18th July 2010

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