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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Mark Wadsworth (Manchester United fan) says...

We need to start bedding the U21s into the senior squad now to give us the best chance at Euro 2012, the current senior squad have had their chance and proven their not upto the task and now its time some of them move aside.

Posted 05:47 9th July 2010

Robert Lukes (luton fan) (Luton Town fan) says...

As for me I think many of us are missing the real point in the game. Football is enjoyment, a hobbie, a kick about with friends without the care in the world, but now its has changed its all about the money. I was born in the UK, played football in the UK and coached in the UK and I cannot remember a season I fully enjoyed the game, but yet still I have the passion for the game. Each year I return to the UK to visit my children and I watch many coaching sessions around the local parks. The first thing I see are young boys from the age of 7 busting their guts to get around a 400m pasture. "They are footballers not runners", Coaches give them the ball if you are going to do this. I here coaches on the line shouting at little Johnny to pass the ball. "let him express himself, Let him try and beat that fouth player" This is just a small reason why we are not producing the talent that is needed. Players are not confident on the ball as they was, take Georgie Best for instance Balance, Skill, Confidents beat one, two, three and still went back for number one, with the amount of overseas players in the country how can we create a Georgie,a Gazza. The young players of today are more smarter then we think, they know its not how good you are, its how lucky you are. Getting into football is like winning a lottery ticket and as for you coaches, "stop waiting for a talent to arrive, Create talent". Why is that centre backs cannot dribble and express themselves? "Lazy coaches, Lazy players". That is why the FA are not appointing an English coach. Deal with that panel

Posted 01:09 9th July 2010

Philip Walker (Liverpool fan) says...

watched most of the build up games for the world cup and my opinion has not changed. because leading up to the world cup these players had hardly played together more than 20 min or 45. England should field their best team in all games then we will find out what the world thinks after we win 20 games in a row learn from the competition ENGLAND needs to build a winning mentality The players are good enough they just need to play more together or they will continue to look like a loosely built tower that looks unstable with no confidence

Posted 00:13 9th July 2010

James Andrews (Everton fan) says...

i just been reading all these comments about we'll b in same position in ten twenty years tym we aint got the english talent comin through but if they were givin a chance there is some real good talent there, like wilshere rodwell, rose of tottenham hart blackstock plenty more comin, but at present there is onli one club who is giving there youth a chance and even if had money to am sure still would an thats everton, got rodwell vaughan if can stay injury free, coleman, goslin til recent events, an still got kids comin through an buyin an givin english talent a chance, johnson of city tha was a gamble but will pay off, use aint lookin at bigger picture and b surprised if u new even ur kids in reserve or anythin use all writin in

Posted 21:20 8th July 2010

Martin Westley (Northampton Town fan) says...

Jack Wilshire Jack rodwell Adam Johnson Gabby agbonlahor Ashley young Theo wallcott Chris smalling Danny welbeck Tom cleaverley Henry Lansbury Craig Edmonds Kieran gibbs Mark noble Steven taylor Joe hart Michah Richards Danny rose Danny sturridge Fabian Delph Lee Cattermole Nathan Delfouneso James Tompkins Micheal Mancienne We have nothing coming through?????

Posted 18:56 8th July 2010

John Fussell (Bristol City fan) says...

Just take a look at squad lists on SkySports website, Liverpools and Arsenals make interesting reading to see how many home grown players are in the squad, I haven't checked many others but it would be interesting reading I think......this is why English youngsters are not coming through. It would also be interesting to see how many English players played in the last stages of the European cup compared to say Spanish/Brazilian/German? The FA have to do something about how many English players have to be fielded or in squad before anything changes.

Posted 16:55 8th July 2010

Ali Miah (Manchester United fan) says...

i just think that their just to lazy and just make money from big clubs thier don't care about thier country except money!

Posted 15:50 8th July 2010

Michael Carter (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

lets face all the english players play in the prem league,,which is no where near as good or hard as la liga or the bundeliga,,,proof is ,,how many premiership players have shone in the world cup?(not many),the prem league is so over rated cos of the money involved when in truth it it's not that good.exciting maybe but not good football,,and until the f.a sort out a wage structure and stop an influx of second rate foreigners stopping our kids coming through,,the national team will always suffer

Posted 14:14 8th July 2010

Paul Kennedy (Portsmouth fan) says...

The FA cannot impose quotas on the number of homegrown players on the pitch because the PL comes under FIFA rules. However, they CAN impose quotas for the FA Cup. Scrap the Carling Cup for PL clubs. Introduce a winter break to allow our players to recover. Bring back the Home Nations tournament so England get more games every year. How about some of the TV money being used to fund more national academies that OWN the players until the age of, say, 25. These players are paid a basic wage by the FA, then loaned out to clubs on the understanding that they must play a certain number of games per season. The clubs get young talent for virtually nothing and the players get experience.

Posted 13:59 8th July 2010

Andy Pooley (West Ham United fan) says...

The current England team showed no pride playing for their country and it would appear that their multi millionaire lifestyles are to blame. They are average players surrounded by many world class foreign footballers in the Premier League. The Germans made them look slow and incompetant with no plan B. What next for English football ?

Posted 13:54 8th July 2010

Darren Worthington (Portsmouth fan) says...

This forum is only serving to perpetuate one of the fundamental problems with English football; we fail then turn our attentions to the next generation, holding them up individually as saviours before they've even had the chance to prove themselves. Jack Wilshere hasn't got a chance in this climate. We really do need to contextualise our situation a little better. As the old saying goes 'expectation will only lead to disappointment'.

Posted 13:18 8th July 2010

Phil Sellars (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

I cant believe no one has mentioned Phil Jones. He is only 18 and got man of the match performances against chelsea and united. The most experienced player for his age and already linked with arsenal and other teams. But because he is from Blackburn he is ignored and defenders like Smalling are mentioned when they havent got a patch on Phil.

Posted 09:29 8th July 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

with the players we have now,in the team and the ones going through the under 21's etc........and the clown we have in say we'll still be at this stage in 10 maybe 20 years time.its not even worth dabating

Posted 07:06 8th July 2010

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

put it this way, james milner (english) for £35 mill or david villa (spanish) for £31 mill? milner aint even i nvillas league n thats why top clubs unless they are stupid like man city wont pay for them

Posted 00:22 8th July 2010

Bryn Douthwaite (Birmingham City fan) says...

What is this obsession with Gerrard all the time? He is blatantly not good enough, he just runs occasionally shoots and tries to play "killer" balls across the pitch, didn't even do that the last couple of games. He is a "me" player, selfish in every respect the same as Terry and Lampard. They should all be bombed out of the England team as they've had their chance: its time to go with the young lads who don't have an over inflated and unjustified opinion of their own brilliance. If you look at the Dutch or German teams can you really say they are man for man better than anything we have in England? No! Its the system they play and the fact that they pick the right players in the right places, players who want to work for each other and are committed to the cause. Capello must take most of the blame for the shocking performances as he picked the squad as a previous comment noted against everyhing he said he would do. Players in form, in position and most of all fit! James, Green (an accident waiting to happen) Ferdinand, Upson, King, Carragher (who gave up on us a few years back), Carrick, Wright-Phillips, Lennon, Heskey: all either unfit or not in their respective teams a lot of the season (Green and Carragher just had an awful season). On top of that Lampard and Gerrard can't play together because they don't want to, each wants to be the glory hunter. Is there any truth in the rumours about why the camp was so divided? Has Gerrard had a gagging order on the press due to his ua preferences? Did Rooney get caught again? These maybe just rumour and innuendo but it would explain an awful lot!

Posted 21:32 7th July 2010

Tony Burton (Liverpool fan) says...

Does it matter who is coaching England for the next couple of years does anyone really believe we can compete with teams like Holland, Spain and Germany at the next European championships or the next world cup assuming we make it

Posted 17:16 7th July 2010

Shahi Rahman (Arsenal fan) says...

sad to say but thers no talent in the england squad maybe 1 or 2 hard working players thats it they have fabregas warming the bench we have heaskey lmfao wat a joke

Posted 17:14 7th July 2010

Paul Radford (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

There is no quick fix to the current dearth of talent coming through. The FA needs to take a long hard look at itself from top to bottom, members are so out of touch with reality and seem more interested in their FA cup final ticket quotas than what needs doing for the good of the game in general. Look at the ages of the various county FA reps, a bunch of doddering old men who are so out of touch with the modern game its embarrasing. We need to get rid of anyone who calls the game a "product". Kids football needs a complete rethink. There should be no full sized pitch matches until under 15s. The ball and goal should be smaller until under 13s. Its quite simple really, anyone who's watched under 10s running around on a full sized pitch can see that the only tactic involved is "hoof it" into space for the sprinter to race the "big lad" at the back and shoot past a 4'6" goalie, into a full sized goal. It's time for our youth coaches to shape up or ship out, they've been in the comfort zone for too long. No more "stick the big lads at the back" and "the sprinter up front". Granted it may work but by the time the kids are 15/16 the "hoof it" culture is too ingrained. We should be encouraging the kids to pass, dribble and be creative with the mind and ball. Who cares if a few passes go astray when the vision was there to see the pass in the first place. I believe that by adopting this approach to juniour football we will generate the type of players that will be comfortable on the ball and confident in their own and their team mates abilities. It may take time but it'd be worth it in the long run. Thats it, rant over.

Posted 14:30 7th July 2010

Richard Kashmiry (Arsenal fan) says...

English players are not good enough technically, let me ask a many englishmen have played abroad and been a success i the last 20yrs???....Becks?..hardly...steve mcmanaman....not really can you think of any one???? nah didnt think you could! the problem steems from grass roots leval where if you strong, quick and willing to plough through the nearest person you will succeed! we play the game at 100mph with no protection from the ref's and managers who put so much pressure on kids to not fail and stay in there positions! with a system like that is no wonder we are behind the rest of world technially!!!

Posted 14:06 7th July 2010

Keith Hall (Chelsea fan) says...

englands prob is simple to solve,pick players who play in their positions for their clubs and not move em about the pitch.keep it simple tell em i picked you because ya the best in that position now go out and play like ya do for ya 4 3 3 cause thats how they all play now and let the other team worry about us for a change

Posted 13:32 7th July 2010

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