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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Steven Arrandale (Manchester City fan) says...

I think that Capello should think about playing a younger breed of players. Too many of our current players dont seem that bothered about playing for their country. Young ambitious players, such as Adam Johnson (who i think should have gone to the world cup) would perform better in the mix with the more experianced players. I also think that some Championship players could be brought in aswell. Too many players in the premier league expect to play for their country. With the suprise of some players from lower leagues replacing them might give them the kick they need. If the Premier League is the "best in the world" then why are we not competing with the best in the world? Keep picking the regular players and nothing changes, there is no fight to keep their places. The fact they get paid to represent their country is terrible. Especially with the recent performances, and astronomical wages at club level.

Posted 12:33 7th July 2010

Arthur Newsome (Sunderland fan) says...

there are two ways to correct this problem, either you, 1, make it legal for all premiership etc, players to play for England etc,( this would apply to other national leagues,la liga,bundesliga) or 2, you reduce foreign players two no more than two per team, that would include, the Scots, Irish and Welsh for they have their own competing associations

Posted 12:26 7th July 2010

Nik Hanes (Chelsea fan) says...

The problem is the price of english players - they are priced out of the premiership. Premiership clubs either develop players from their own academies or buy from abroad or players unwanted by clubs. Whenever a young player has talent from elsewhere, the price to get them is so high its not worth it financially. So the big clubs hoover up some players, but then cant compete with 'world class' players from around the world that comprise the first XI so dont continue their development, and the rest get ignored. The lower Premiership clubs should be the breeding ground of younger potential english players...but they're priced out of it and the stakes there are too high for the clubs to risk relegation. Reorganise the leagues to have 2 leagues of 16, which would then take the top part of the Championship, and have the money spread across both leagues. There is then less risk (financially) of leaving the top 16 and entering the 2nd 16. Theres less teams, so can have a winter break. All teams in the top 16 have a chance at getting into Europe (seriously - the bottom 4 as it stands are never doing anything other than battlign for survival so playing attractive football is never an option). Then any team going up, with the benefit of confidence and form from winning the lower tier actually stands a reasonable chance of doing something opposed to currently where a Championship side coming up against a ManU/Chelsea?Arsenal and the gulf means they get hammered and lose all confidence. In that scenario, theres more opportunity for english players to be used and get some profile..and remove the 'tired' excuse.

Posted 12:01 7th July 2010

Geoff Smith (Sunderland fan) says...

A lot of people seem to be looking to pick players who are either in or just coming out of the U-21's. We must get the balance right. It is said that Germany has a young team, and that may be true,but it's the freshness of youth blended with the old wise heads around them that makes them a good team. For example,Schweinsteiger,Klose and Podolski have been excellent. Yes,a lot of our current crop will be too old in 2014, but there are many players aged between 23 and 27 who we can turn to, aswell as the youngsters. Capello should stick to his original philosophy and pick top level players in form who are fit, no matter which club they play for. Sadly, on this occassion he changed his mind.

Posted 11:47 7th July 2010

Harper Stephen (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Sad to say our players are not good enough. Simple as. Gerrard and A. Cole are by far our best players and would get in most top teams in Europe "and stay there". There are no others not even Rooney.

Posted 11:23 7th July 2010

Aron Rowe (Aston Villa fan) says...

England don't have enough talent comming through the ranks simple as, think back to the united team when scholes, neville, butt, neville, becks ect all came through the youth academy it was brilliant. England have always had a good pool of talent to pick from but now we're lagging compared to our european companions... Germany have sacrficed their club leagues recently when the bundersliga has been poor and now it has come good with this talent in the national team. England need to do somthing similar to be successful, we need to teach out players and educate them the real princples of football like keeping the ball and defending yes it will take time and yes it will cost the premier league but tbh i think if you ask most england fans they would sacrfice the premier league for a worlc cup.

Posted 10:45 7th July 2010

Jon Bibby (Manchester United fan) says...

English football fans deserve an open and honest explanation from Fabio Capello, the players and the FA as to what went wrong in South Africa. Without this, I cannot see how supporters can begin to rebuild respect and confidence in their team. I challenge those mentioned above to do the decent thing, set the record straight and stop the undoubted speculation.

Posted 08:44 7th July 2010

Laszlo Nemeth (Arsenal fan) says...

I think the problem is that in England players are valued way way too much. For this reason it is easier to buy quality players from the continent or south america than signing an english. Same thing happens the other way round. English players never or very rarely play abroad these days. And to me that is down to money. Young talens should say: ok i cant get in to the top 4 here, so lets try to get Champions League football elsewhere like Germany, France or Holland, but that never happens, coz they cant earn that much elsewhere. Managers are the same. People always moan that young english managers never have the chance to manage an english team in the CL. Go and try to do it elsewhere then, like Mourinho, Benitez, Deschamps, Koeman, Rijkaard and the list goes on.

Posted 07:54 7th July 2010

Jack Grundy (Manchester United fan) says...

It seems odd that nobody has alluded to the real problem. The problem of being English. Look at two of the semi-finalists Uruguay and Holland, tiny populations,not much to pick from but players who are prepared to bleed for their country. This is not just football but sport in general, the English don't have the balls necessary to lay everything on the line.

Posted 07:08 7th July 2010

Xander Viwe (Arsenal fan) says...

Well its simple for me the style of has to change. I look at the teams on the continent like spain, france, portugal, italy, holland and now even Germany, and the technical ability is on a totally different level. The English pride themselves on determination and getting stuck-in or hardwork which is all good, but beautiful flair and skillful dribblers are seen as too fancy. We always focus on crossing the ball and getting it wide...come on the whole world has moved on from that kinda football. We need more flair based & technical players in the team, more possession football, players dribbling/taking defenders on and less getting it out to the wings and crossing it. Franky the closest thing we have to THIS is; Jack Wilshere, Carrick and maybe A.Johnson.

Posted 04:30 7th July 2010

David Paterson (Newcastle United fan) says...

If we had went to the World Cup with a few better players rather than the average ones not getting a game plus played our strongest team and formation then i can see the point for discussion. But Capello got it totally wrong and now he has surely had to learn from that. The guy doesnt know about the English game unlike other foreigners like Mourinho and Wenger. I keep reading England needs a English coach, I disagree. I cant seeing anyone turning down Arsene Wenger if he took the job. he knows the English game and would restructure everything. The likes of Ashley Young, Gabby Agbonlahor, Theo Walcott, Darren Bent, Tom Huddlestone, Carlton Cole, Scott Parker and Adam Johnson all had better seasons than SWP, Emile Heskey, Peter Crouch, Michael Carrick and Joe Cole.

Posted 03:23 7th July 2010

Brian Williams (Liverpool fan) says...

In response to Davie Rennie, how many Germany players play outside of the Bundesliga? They also have players of Polish and Turkish extraction. Obviously we need more players of Scottish/Welsh/Irish extraction that qualify to play for England! (LOL) Seriously, what we really need is to reduce our level of expectation!

Posted 00:28 7th July 2010

Mike K (Manchester United fan) says...

English players are just not good enough techincally. Why is it countries like Spain, Holland and even most South American countries are producing technically superior footballers to ours? Why are England unable to produce a Xavi or an Ineista, or an Ozil or Sneijder? Things need to change at the root level. I'd venture to say, on form, the Barcelona team with all of their home grown talent, would have simply out-classed and humiliated the Eng national side. If you're gonna play players out of postion, then you can't get the best out of them. The problem was, Gerrard did well against Solvenia on the left, and Capello came to the conclusion to stick with him on that side, and in the end it just proved, he wasn't being used properly. Capello needs to be ruthless and bring down the axe. That being said, we have plenty of young talented footballers like Tom Cleverley, Danny Welbeck, Chris Smalling of Man Utd, Walcott, Jack Wilshire, Gibbs, Randall & Lansbury of Arsenal are all very highly rated, Fabian Delph of Villa, Jack Rodwell, Gosling, Jose Baxter is are rated highly in Everton, Daniel Sturridge at Chelsea etc etc We have the talent, its just a matter them being nurtred to becoming top class footballers.

Posted 19:45 6th July 2010

George Bizzle (Manchester United fan) says...

Team for Euro's......Hart, A.cole, G.johnson, R.Ferdinand, L.king, O.hargreaves, S.gerrard, J.wilshere,J.cole,A.lennon,W.rooney.....4-2-3-1

Posted 16:34 6th July 2010

Jason Leigh (Arsenal fan) says...

What's all this talk of the 'Golden Generation' at every world cup? I'm afraid the Golden Generation was 1990 so why are folk still waiting for it like the 2nd coming of Jesus?

Posted 15:45 6th July 2010

Christopher Higgs (Real Madrid fan) says...

The problem facing English Football and its National Team is the fact that all the players play in their domestic league. England is the famous country where even if an english player plays abroad it is considered extremely rare. This is an issue since it doesnt give the players enough tact to face all types of International Environments; the Champions League is not the answer here. The other main issue is the culture around the Team, the ridiculous pressure by the famous English media, who bombards society with stardom like news, and sensationalistic behaviours! England needs to be more international, players need to move around more, and there clearly needs to be less attention given to the players, less worshipping; more responsibility and humbleness.

Posted 22:17 5th July 2010

Adam Catlin (Manchester United fan) says...

I reckon the team for the Euro 2012 tourney should be: Hart, Gibbs, Dawson/Cahill, Smalling/Shawcross, A.Cole, J.Milner, Rodwell, Wilshere, A.Johnson, Gerrard(behind striker), Rooney. That would be the way forward I think. ;D

Posted 20:54 5th July 2010

Martyn Crimmins (Manchester United fan) says...

There is always a fall-out after a dismall tournament performance by England that the pool of players is not good enough, there's too many foreigners and have you over hyped the team to world class. I think these are all non-entities, i firmly believe that gerrard, lampard, rooney, both coles, hargreaves and maybe even carrick could play for the top, top european teams. You could easily see them at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Bayern etc, so that's not the reason. There are only too many foreigners if they are below the standard of the english talent the clubs have, Inter won the champions league without an Italian playing regularly but how many of those in the Italy world cup squad would get in that team? As for over-hyped, this will always be the way where there is passion, pride and a decent qualification campaign, so certainly not wrong. There is a problem though, that USA and Algeria can take points off you and then labour to victory over Slovenia. They just do not seem to build any momentum in any tournament group stage, the old cliche about only caring about getting out of the group stage first is indicative of their performance, always drawing against mediocre opposition. How about they gain moment and confidence by actually winning group games, as they can't just turn it on in the konck outs. They have been playing like McClarens England, new manager but same tactics. They should outlaw 442, can anyone name a team that has won anything this season outside the championship who play this formation?

Posted 20:45 5th July 2010

John Peterson (West Ham United fan) says...

Many of you say we should keep the England players in the same club team week in week out. Maybe other clubs should stop buying off West Ham. 3/4 of the England team could be playing together today if they wern't sold to Man Utd and Chelsea.

Posted 20:18 5th July 2010

Mat B (Manchester United fan) says...

i disagree i think there is plenty of young talent to look at. first off people seem to forget about micah richards and outstanding player who started to recapture some of his old form last season. then theres welbeck and sturridge two promising strikers. wilshere, rodwell, henderson (has everyone forgot about how well he did at sunderland?) cattermole, gosling, noble, stanislas, wickam, hart, onuohu, smalling, walcott, huddlestone, dawson, lennon, taylor, guthrie, carroll, brown, shawcross, cahill, michael johson, mancienne, beckford, delph, agbonlahor, young etc and your saying theres no talent?! look into it and theres loads!

Posted 20:00 5th July 2010

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