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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Gavin Allen (Chelsea fan) says...

The argument that we dont have good enough players now or coming through or enough players in the EPL is wrong. The simple fact is that the best players in each position will not win you anything. What we need is a good TEAM built around a few good players. In 66 Bobby Moor was the best defender but he was partnered by the 10th best, by his own admission, English centre half in Jack Charlton but they dovetailed perfectly. Even our best striker ever, Jimmy Greaves, didnt play that day. The Germans for example have 3 class players surrounded by better than average professionals that know how to do their job. Their main striker, Klose, is now the joint second highest WC goal scorer ever but I dont recall offers to buy him being made by AC Milan, Real, Barca, Man U etc Why? Is the second highest goal scorer ever in the WC not good enough? Why has peter Crouch scored so many times for England? Is he the best or just a good play that knows his job and just does it? If you want another example just look at the Greek TEAM that won the euro championship.

Posted 16:36 5th July 2010

Dave Molyneux (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Bundesliga players have had the advantage of using the 'new' world cup ball for a full season, this has definitely helped the Germany team.

Posted 15:42 5th July 2010

Dave F (Leeds United fan) says...

the top 4 clubs in the premier league have too much of a vice like grip over all the best youngsters in this country. they cant possibly hope to get first team games when you look at the established foreign talent those teams have. the next thing is two years goes by and then these players are then loaned out to league 1 clubs kick and rush style of football and then they have to rebuild their careers from there. for england to move forward i feel this has to be stopped. especially all of this poaching by chelsea and man utd of players who could have otherwise have gotten premier league experience earlier albeit at smaller clubs.

Posted 15:38 5th July 2010

Richard Deacon (Swindon Town fan) says...

a theory behind englands failure i have is that all of our squad all play in the same league. you'll get 3/4 playing on the same team but they all mostly spend all year competing AGAINST one another. other national team players are based all over the world. i believe this gets in the way of them being able to build a team mentality good enough to compete against other teams. england have experiance of simply the premier league. the countries have players in the top spanish, italian, german & english leagues.

Posted 15:05 5th July 2010

Craig Moore (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Should of took Paul Robinson who was by far the best keeper in form towards end of season and check out Phil Jones another one who no doubt make the England team sooner rather than later was brilliant last 8 games keeping the likes of Drogba, Anelka, RVP etc quiet.

Posted 14:45 5th July 2010

Steven Phillips (Liverpool fan) says...

I think no-one has really addressed the point, do we or do we not need to build for the future? Is James, Lampard, Cole, Terry, Carragher, Gerrard, going to be there in 4 years time? They will all be hitting ages of 33 - 35 (in James case early 40's) Would we not as a nation prefer to see a group of emerging youngsters that battle there hearts out with a view to the next world cup or just say, well the guys that were in the squad are the best we have so we will stick by them? I think its a cop out to say that we dont have enough players coming through,, what have we won currently, how have we played currently? God we are so conservative in this country we never give untested youth a try,, have faith in youth that could possibly play as a "TEAM", something we havent seen for years, time or money will have not have gone to there heads, passion and desire for wearing the badge will be restored, then all on England will get behind our boys for the future!

Posted 14:03 5th July 2010

Owais Siddiqui (Barcelona fan) says...

Thirty-seven Bundesliga stars were still in South Africa this week with 32 coming from Spain's Primera Division and 25 from Italy's Serie A. Only 18 players from the English Premier League were still involved. That are the stats of players left in the tournament at the start of quarter finals. Now if someone want to recheck I think the number of players left in the semis from premier league must be a few. How does the premier league becomes the best league with the best player. Yes richest league but best I will laugh at it.

Posted 13:29 5th July 2010

Mark Baumfield (Newcastle United fan) says...

In two years time at the Euros the thought of Hart, Shawcross, Terry, Smalling, Cole, A.Johnson, Lampard, Rodwell, Milner, Walcott and Rooney doesn't sound bad!

Posted 13:16 5th July 2010

David Ashmore (Leicester City fan) says...

Its a shame when we have to buy players from other nations, instead of putting the money into training our young english players. Could it be that soon we will not have enough english lads to make up a great World Cup squad. No player, no matter how good he is, is worth the millions clubs pay. Sadly International soccer has copied the US style of doing business, like large salaries, transfers, agents etc. Unfortunately cubs are suffering financially as a result.

Posted 13:12 5th July 2010

John Steatham (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

realism is what's needed. It's very good to support our national side and to believe England will win every match they play 'because we have the best league and the best players'......but we don't. Also, I don't have the answers, merely observations. Is it necessary for a coach/manager to understand the players to get the best from them? Was such an understanding apparent in the matches England played? Where was the team spirit? Ghana arrived for their matches singing and dancing together.....England players arrived looking glum with their own personal head-sets on. I wonder if they had even spoken to each other during the day, or even knew if they were in the starting eleven! The reality is that we aren't the best in the World although we want to be. We aren't the best in Europe although we want to be. Let's get real. Let's go into the European without the baggage of expectation of winning. Let's qualify and take each game as it comes, that way, you never know, we might win....oops, there i go again.

Posted 12:32 5th July 2010

Harry Willetts (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

we do not have any players that are at the top of the european list yet alone world list, the facts are our premier league is overated and so are our british players, we should scrap the premier league and go back to the old first division down to the old fourth , pay the top wage of 1000 per week and then, we should see the blood sweat and real tears on a football pitch perform, the hole way these very overpaid and very overated players perform today is a disgrace.

Posted 12:10 5th July 2010

Russell Cooke (Notts County fan) says...

See Roy Keanes interview last week for the most sense talked on why England failed.... when asked why so many of Englands players could have 'great' seasons in the PL, but then fail in the WC, he simply asked back.... how many have had great seasons?? Apart from Rooney, Lampard and A.Cole both had good seasons, Hart & Milner did ok, but no other England player in the squad enjoyed a really good season prior to the world cup, so the team wasn't exactly in form!! Rooney & Cole were both back from injury too early so under performed, the rest just carried on from where they left off for their clubs, average at best! The main reason for me was the manager (and that pains me to say after the qualification). Our best three attacking players all played out of position in the WC, Rooney scored 35 goals for Utd playing the lone frontman, Gerrard plays just behind the striker for Liverpool, and Lampard has free reign to go where he wants for Chelsea with midfield protection behind him, yet none of them played those roles for England. How can that be??? We dont have enough talent to not make the best of those three and the manager should realise this. Playing one out the three out of position is acceptable, but not all three!! We also had a huge lack of pace and mobility down the middle of the field and were exploited accordingly. Terry, Carragher, Upson, Barry, Lampard, all of them one paced (slow), allowing the oppostion to run away from them at will both with and without the ball. People talk about this being our most talented squad in a long time, the Golden Generation so to speak. No chance! Merse is right, take a look at the 98 WC Squad. Owen, Scholes, Campbell, Seaman, Neville, Beckham, Shearer, Sheringham, Adams, Macmanaman, Ince..... all in their prime. That side would've crucified our current England side!

Posted 11:49 5th July 2010

Liam Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Jermaine Beckford. He excells this year and there is no reason the lad shouldn't have a shot in an england shirt at least he knows how to stick the ball in the net

Posted 11:08 5th July 2010

Mike Evans (Birmingham City fan) says...

I think you guys make too much, of this system 'micro babel'. "note" When the present German team lose the ball, and are forced to retreat, they immediately fall into a 441 or 442 formation! The sooner Cappelo gets rid of this back 4 that can't hold formation even when defending against a goal kick the better. (Upson at least stayed in the middle.) Although how the ball remained untouched; until it reached the penalty area, asks questions of the goalkeeper. To start with; I suggest change the back four and 'keeper. Throw in a few new younger midfield a attacking prospects. Whilst mixing in the some of the experienced midfield and strikers, during friendly matches. We have to get that defence right first. We don't need another ego.

Posted 10:45 5th July 2010

Davie Rennie (Montrose fan) says...

Being a Scotland supporter, I have had many arguments at work regarding this current England team. Prior to the world cup they were all going on about reaching the Semis, if not the final, and I was laughed at for saying they would struggle to make it out of the group stages. These so called "world class" players are made to look good for their club teams because they are surrounded by truly world class players and believe that they are as good as they are hyped up to be. On a weekly basis Rooney is supplied balls by players from Portugal, Spain, Wales, France, Scotland etc etc. The Chelsea team throughout are world class foreigners. The same goes for Gerrard at Liverpool. Why were there two West Ham players in the team, a goalkeeper and a defender, when they shipped in so many goals this season and narrowly missed relegation? Yet there were other English players available that played for teams that finished up in the top half of the league and were overlooked. Most of the other nations had players that play in every league across Europe. These are the top players, that can perform, hence the reason they play for foreign teams, and receive a very high wage packet. How many English players are playing for big clubs abroad? If they were any good the big clubs would come knocking. England as a national team will do nothing until such time that there is a restiction on the number of foreign players coming into the premier league, playing for extortionate money.

Posted 09:20 5th July 2010

D'lima Stephen (Arsenal fan) says...

Its amazing how English pundits, commentators and fans lack any objectivity when it comes to analyzing the English team. Foreign coaches, foreign players in the EPL and team formations are all made scapegoats for Egland's poor showings in major competitions. Formations are criticised only when the team loses. After a victory, discussions of formations are way down on the list of what went wrong or right. Reducing the number of foreign players in the EPL will only water down the product. The only reason I pay exorbitant prices in NY to watch The EPL is because of the high skill level of the Foreign players. When English players have to compete with players who are technically better than they are, the competiton can only improve their abillities. If foreign players are barred from the EPL, your league will be a second tier league. As for coaches, England has had many coaches since the glory days of '66, and all but two have been British, yet England has had no major success in the World Cup or the Euros. The bottom line, which the fans and pundits for the most part refuse to acknowlege is that England is technically inferior to most top footballing nations. Another reason for England's poor showing at this year's World Cup, is that they are mentally weak. This is brought on by pressure from fans and media. The expectations are so high that the players begin to crumble when something goes wrong or things aren't going their way. Six months ago the team was told how easy their group was. They were supposed to top their group, with the slightest challenge coming from the US. Algeria and Slovenia were marginalized by media and fans, without taking into consideration their desires; hopes; courage and their abillity to seize the opportunity, something England has been unable to do over many competitions. As you prepare for Euro 2012, identify and fix your problems and don't create scapegoats.

Posted 00:05 5th July 2010

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

some of you make a point that cus they wont play regular for big teams they may not handle international pressure. well what good has playing for a big club done for the likes of terry, rooney, cole, gerrard, lampard etc? what these players need no matter what club they are at is to be trained the technical side of football but also shown how to scrap

Posted 23:09 4th July 2010

Tim Rodden (Fulham fan) says...

Too many players with basic skills that really should not be good enough for selection. How many players on the England team cannot kick the ball with both feet ? Tactics - Possession, passing, movement off the ball are the basic components of the game when watching Spain, Germany, Brazil. Tactics - Very few long ball punts to a Heskey type of player who has limited skill and is very slow. If you don't have the ball you cannot score. Rooney did not play well - change your tactics and selection. Oops, the manager left some of the fastest players at home for slow and old established players. Ferdinand didn't play all season; Terry had a poor season with Chelsea and was so slow it was embarrassing, same for Carragher. The keeper makes one stupid mistake - don't replace him with another old player. Where is the future in that ! If you want to drop him then use Hart who had a tremendous season playing in the Premier league. Selection has to be based upon current performance not what you did 2 or 3 years ago.

Posted 22:46 4th July 2010

Frank Cole (Chelsea fan) says...

One name, Josh Mceachran - creative midfielder, 17. One of the most naturally gifted English youngsters since Rooney, if this lad develops well he'll be an absolute star. Not to mention he just won the Euros with the England u17's, we beat Spain in the final. We may not have the quantity but the quality is deffinately there to nurture. Joe Hart is a top goalkeeper, one of the best in a long time infact. Then theres obviously Jack Rodwell, Adam Johnson, Jack Wilshere...and don't forget about Sturridge, he still has a lot of talent to give and hopefully he shows that next season. Then even more obvious, theres Walcott, a player with so much talent but I feel he may need to go to a different club to get the best out of him. England have the quality there, are producing quality and will always produce the quality. But we deffinately have a more naturally gifted crop of players i've seen in a long time for England. Who knows why, maybe the foreign players having a positive affect on our younger players?

Posted 22:32 4th July 2010

Chris Wright (Liverpool fan) says...

When older English teams played badly, they go back to their home town pub, get a good ribbing and probably a kick up the arse from Dad, Uncles and Grandad. Nowadays, it's off back to the exclusive athletic club and all is forgiven if you buy a round Dom for the girls. New rule - All England players must immediately be forced to a pub crawl through Oldham, Stockport or equivalent kind after a tournament.

Posted 22:25 4th July 2010

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