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The pain of Wayne

The pain of Wayne

The Soccer Saturday experts give their verdicts on where it all went wrong for Wayne Rooney.

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Shiblur Rahman (Liverpool fan) says...

Ego and pride is what the English football team went into the finals with, its all good and proper if they actually do the job they promised the english faithful and even the world, but if your going to enter a competetion by blatantly telling the rest of your opponants who your best player is, they're not exactly going to ignore him. No doubt Rooney had an unbeliveable season after Ronaldo left,and as an England fan I praise him with the highest of compliments, but how can he perform if every single player he played against had him marked to perfection? the premier league is the most watched league in the world, that is where Rooney shines, but having a sign above his head saying 'COME GET ME' then expecting to get the ball in the net is highly unlikely. People with sense can easily see teams such as Argentina boasting big players such as Messi, but then again Higuain is the player who is putting most of the goals in as he is little known and oppositions did'nt expect to be up against that kind of hidden talent. The sheer pressure that the England team carry when they go into a tournament is unneccessary and over rated, relying on one player and blaming him for not netting the goals is just pure wrong, the whole England team performed atrciously and i was embarrased to watch them struggle against teams like USA and Slovenia. The England team of future needs to boast hidden talents and give the element of surpruse agains their opponents, the football they play now only looks good in their respective league teams, not in the worlds cup

Posted 03:20 2nd July 2010

Zweli Nkosi (Arsenal fan) says...

it had nothing to do with formations or injuries and fatigue for that matter. Messi played more games than him and Podolsi is an out and out striker and doesnt come in from the left at club level. Merson is right, Roo is just not in the league of really top players make something happen regardless of the formation and they dont dissappear for 4 games on the trot and important games at that.

Posted 03:18 2nd July 2010

Barry Roach (Manchester United fan) says...

I think the Premiership is the best marketed product in the world. The marketing, tv and the big money has convinced an ignorant viewing public and so called experts that the standard of football and the quality of players in the Premiership is the best in the world. That might be so for Club football but definitely not at a national level. English players are over rated, they lack skill and finesse and the ability to cohesively unite. What the English and their supporters have is passion for the sport that is their greatest attribute. A simple test, pick the 5 best players in each position in any conceivable formation and I guarantee that you will not find an Englishman in the top 55 players in the world. Another test ask any player in the English team whether they honestly think they are world class? Take a look at the 1/4 final teams, there are only about 20 odd players that play in the Premiership and not surprisingly some of them can barely get a place on their national teams. Argentina - 4 Brazil - 1 Germany - 0 Ghana - 4 Netherlands - 5 Paraguay - 2 Spain - 3 Uruguay - 0 What disturbs me as a fan of football is the disrespect to the rest of the footballing world particularly by British representatives. England vs Algeria, it was said that Algeria was low grade opposition by an English commentator. Ironically Algeria was a more balanced team and displayed greater fundamental basic skill which translated into greater ball possession during the game. The worst is yet to come for England because if this bunch are your best and there are no signs of better coming what does your future hold? But then UEFA is water downed with bad teams so that will always be your salvation. Thank for this opportunity.

Posted 02:31 2nd July 2010

Bruce Antell (Juventus fan) says...

I wonder if his non-performance was more a reflection of his unhappiness about something within the camp We've all seen the red mist descend on Rooney when he's trying but is frustrated but I don't think he even got a Yellow Card this tournament, in other words he gave the impression that he didn't really want to be there. Maybe he was missing his wife and kid or the alleged dissent in the squad got to him, but I think there's more to his poor showing than just an injury or being used wrongly.

Posted 01:41 2nd July 2010

Terence Harvey (Everton fan) says...

The comments from your pundits, with the exception of Paul Merson (whose play I watched many times with admiration) were touching on the core problem with the England squad but none of them managed to get it quite right. The reasons are numerous and have a single source, Capello. I was against his appointment from the moment it was announced. Not only did he not speak English, and still doesn't, he is clearly incapable of speaking 'football' which is the language our squad is best at. During qualification he gathered our boys from their clubs where each was doing well and over three or four days made his selection based on club form, what he thought he saw during his training sessions and input from his English-speaking Italian deputy along with Pierce and other coaches. Fortunately the boys were able to perform to qualification standard because their psychological strength came from the clubs they play for and sticking to Capello's ill-informed, unintelligible, hide-bound training instructions didn't rock their confidence. However, once he got his hands on them for six solid weeks we were able to see the multiple inadequacies this shallow, rigid, unsympathetic and moronic immigrant contains. He undermined the confidence of our world class players by putting them in positions their intuitive styles were simply unable to accomodate in six short weeks. You can't ask a player like Rooney to share a space he has worked in successfully for a season and get the best out of him. The two players who would have best served him and themselves, Gerard and Lampard, have played with a single striker for at least two seasons. That partnership was the key to our winning and Capello was unable to see that. Finally, he should have stood his ground against pundits, media and the FA and not sacked John Terry. Any England manager with character and integrity would have called the events a 'domestic' issue and not undermined his captain.

Posted 01:14 2nd July 2010

Eric-martial Reonigneaud (Manchester United fan) says...

The circus surrounding Wayne must stop now. Sir Alex once said that things start going wrong when players believe in their own publicity. Who bets with me that when the Prem restarts we'll be gassed up again with the same litany that the Prem is the best league in the world and Rooney arguably the best player on earth? The delusion is bred by the media and the players fall in the trap. Just like Beckham, brilliant amongst Galactic ones and lost in translation amongst players like himself.

Posted 00:42 2nd July 2010

Paul Barber (Manchester United fan) says...

Let's all get on the blame Rooney bandwagon! An opportunity to have a go, but admit it, you'd all love it if your own team signed him! Rooney is world class but he didn't front up, England were ordinary, nobody performed, including Capello. Tired after a long season? Rubbish, these guys get paid more in a week than an ordinary person gets paid in a lifetime, they live a life of luxury. They don't have another job to go to when the game is over, it's what they do. The World Cup is a knockout competition. England just didn't put it together on the day. Other teams have done it better. End of story.

Posted 00:30 2nd July 2010

Abdi diriye Warsame (Bayern Munich fan) says...

He is overated by light years.a creation of english the biggest stage he is poor.two world cups and zero goals.let him bully other in they league with all sort of tackles and kicks.this the world cup the biggest price not your english league.

Posted 00:05 2nd July 2010

Marco Cruz (Manchester United fan) says...

rooney wasn't played where he does for united so how can you compare his two performances? at united he plays as a lone striker with nani and valancia on the wings getting the ball in, behind him is carrick scholes and flecher all of whom get the ball to him. at england he plays behind heskey and then with gerrard and lampard who both try to make something happen themselves without utlising rooney. try him like united do and then the real rooney will show up

Posted 23:50 1st July 2010

Will Taverner (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Rooney is not over rated, he just had a poor world cup, some of the games he played for united last season were brillent and he scored 33 , one bad world cup doesnt not suddenly make rooney a bad player he should have played up top with gerrard in behind, Charlie right there

Posted 23:09 1st July 2010

Krishna Balasubramaniam (Manchester United fan) says...

Trust Liverpool and Chelsea fans to jump straight into the "Wayne Rooney is over-rated" bandwagon. You have no reason to feel smug about making such comments - it only goes to show the quality of service Wazza got from United's wingers last season. Just compare the likes of Valencia and the rejuvenated Nani to Aaron Lennon and especially SWP and you have your answer! You'll be swallowing you're comments midway through the 2010-11 season MARK MY WORDS. Glory glory Manchester United!! Btw... has Fernando Torres turned up this WC??

Posted 23:09 1st July 2010

Gunski Gmanz (Manchester United fan) says...

Masaba Paul are you an idiot? Rooney is not a top player, you dont just play like that and score that many goals if you are average really...doesnt make u a top player but Rooney clearly is! He is awesome and its right to be recognised...i dunno why he didnt perform but its not a lack of for your example of playing well after injury/illness...well good pick in ronaldo...he played brilliantly in the 98 WC final after his mini stroke! he cud barely stand up and was never the same player again...he still went onto become a legend but its a fraction of what he would of acheived if his stroke and injuries didnt happen.

Posted 22:53 1st July 2010

Rhys Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

Anyone that says Rooney is over rated or is not the top player we all 'thought' he was either has an awfully short term memory or has been hibernating in a cave for the last 6 years, he's englands standout player by a country mile and failed to perform at this years WC, big deal, everything about England from the system, to the passion, to the form was just off and theres nothing we can do about it except move on...Btw Viveshan Phillips I would like to know your opinion on Fernando Torres as a player after this WC? Is he over rated too? The truth is Rooney is one of the best footballers on the planet and will continue to showcase his talents for years to come, us United fans will be laughing at the doubters next season when he helps fire us to the EPL..

Posted 22:51 1st July 2010

Paul Hinds (Hibernian fan) says...

Rooney's mind was not on football: it was and probably still is on the outcome of his well publicised court case the outcome of which is likley to result in him being ordered to pay the plaintiff £4 to £5M!! If this is correct, then any thoughts he might have had about the court case were ceratin to impair his performance on the field. A great pity this was not appreciated by others before the tournament started.

Posted 22:43 1st July 2010

Gurvinder Sahota (Arsenal fan) says...

Is Lionel Messi tired? Hes still performing after a great season at Barcelona. Thomas Muller of Germany has scored 3 goals at the World Cup and his Bayern Munich team went all the way to the Champions League Final. Tiredness is no excuse. It was a combination of Rooney playing poorly and the wrong tactics. As Merse pointed out even if a great player has a bad game they can still do one thing of brilliance but the tactics didn't alow him to.

Posted 22:05 1st July 2010

Graham Garrett (Arsenal fan) says...

Rooney does not become that bad a player overnight, something had to be wrong, my guess is he wasn't fully fit, we never saw any quick turns of speed, his positionally sense was non existance, with the daft sides Capello pick and the ridiculous substitutions he never had any support up front the buck stops with Capello. Rooney will play again for England and will be much better. but he needs to be fit and have a manager who can manage him, change is needed

Posted 22:03 1st July 2010

Ravin Bullocks (Hamburg fan) says...

It's laughable how people blame his lack of fitness. Nicklas Bendtner was playing with a groin injury and he was more useful than the so called "world class" Rooney. And tiredness? I do recall Dirk Kuyt, Nigel De Jong, Bendtner, Drogba all play in the Premier League with the exception for the latter (obvious injury) problems, they showed up for their countries. So perhaps, Rooney isn't as you all hype him to be. He's not better than David Villa, Samuel Eto'o, Drogba, Torres and other offensive players and like Milito says, Rooney is not in the same class as Messi. He's just a very good players with very clever and hard working players around him at Manchester United. You guys overrate your players so much it's comedic. Will you please admit, your team is not that good. Your team was outclassed by an "average" German side.

Posted 21:51 1st July 2010

Twanny Bugeja (Manchester United fan) says...

i.m sorry, rooney looked bad, because England had no players like: Nani, Valencia, Fletcher and Scholes. And that's it.

Posted 21:51 1st July 2010

Colin Forwood (Portsmouth fan) says...

Who cares.. its all speculation...rooney this, rooney that.....thats just the problem your eyes and realise its the million tonnes of pressure on 1 young mans shoulders..who lets be honest has always been rapped up in cotton wall at united and shieled from everything...suddenly he KNOWS he has to perform and cant......suprise suprise

Posted 21:24 1st July 2010

Edwin Boland (Chelsea fan) says...

Charlie & you Man U fans, Ferguson ruined Rooney, he played every week ,when he was injured he could not wait to get him back, Ferguson`s Ego was more important on winning his fourth title than Rooney appearing for England. The man has also mentally affected Rooney who may not be quite the same player he was,. Thanks Ferguson Typical Scot.

Posted 21:12 1st July 2010

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