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The pain of Wayne

The pain of Wayne

The Soccer Saturday experts give their verdicts on where it all went wrong for Wayne Rooney.

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Jayne Hinds (Manchester United fan) says...

I have never heard so much rubbish coming out of people's mouth, amazing how the liverpool and city fans think Rooney is crap, well how about looking at other players aswell. Not one of the England players performed, including Gerrard, Lampard and Terry. And what the hell have the 4 pundits won in the world cup, not alot i would say. And you all know Rooney would get in any team. I blame Capello as well as the players, it's time they all were accountable not just Rooney.

Posted 20:44 1st July 2010

Michael Otoole (Manchester United fan) says...

Hmmm. It's always the forwards who get blamed when the team isn't scoring goals. I was stunned to see how dreadfully inept the Englad midfield were. . .Barry, slow and poor passing; Lampard, a ghost; Milner; slow and can't pass; SWP, can dribble, can't pass; Lennon loads of pasce, nothing else. . Carrick, didn't get to play. . .It was clear to me, we lacked a solid holding midfield player--Huddlestone, for all his lack of pace, can play that position and actually pass. The defence; Johnson, can't pass or cross; Upson can't pass. . . Actually, can't defend either; Terry so slow and static gaping holes were always left in defence. .and so, why did Rooney play so poorly? Why did Defoe? The service was awful. . .I have never in 30-years seen an England side that passes and crosses so poorly. .Put Rooney in the Argentine side; heck even the Japanese side, and he scores freely. . Not too much wrong with Rooney, really, just negative team tactics and players around him who can't really play at this level. . .I mean, are Upson, SWP, Lennon, Milner, Barry REALLY the best the premiership has to offer?. . .If yes, England got what they deserved and played exactly to the level of this calibre of talent. . .

Posted 20:42 1st July 2010

Lewis Dobson (Manchester United fan) says...

That's right all Rooney's fault. What happened to our other 'world class' players?? What did Lampard do in 4 games? Hit the bar once. I've never seen somebody hiding more than him. Johnson? i've never seen such an overrated player than him. He can't defend, has no postional sense and is more interested in attacking. People say fullbacks have to be attacking. Do they? As part of a back 4/5 his main job should be to protect a clean sheet and anything going forward is a bonus. What about Gareth Barry? He's supposed to be the 'insurance' in midfield. The only thing he insures is that he'll give the ball away more times than not and he can't follow runners from midfield and he'ssurely the slowest player to ever play international football. Gerrard played well for 2 games but England just aren't good enough. We've spent 8 years playing Gerrard on the left to accompany Lampard, get Gerrard in the middle and Lampard on the bench if we persist with 442. But every other team in the world cup was technically better than England. Every other team can keep the ball and play to its strengths England just got found out. Simple as That.

Posted 20:19 1st July 2010

Gareth Fieldstead (Everton fan) says...

Over rated and too hyped. Surprised at Mersons comment that he did put him in the same class as Messi! Sorry I am not a professional footballer but he is nowhere near that class. The premiership is over rated and it wasn't just the exit and the poor performance from the england team that had people concerned it was also the premierships top teams performances in last seasons CL. Rooney puts a decent performance in against Hull and pundits and the press are drooling. Please a sense of persepective here. He is a good player not a great one.

Posted 19:54 1st July 2010

Simon Craig (Arsenal fan) says...

Tired and Injured, we hear these excuses all the time, what about the last world cup and the one before that!!!. We are a nation in denial, players like Lampard, Gerrard, Terry and Rooney are NOT World Class and the sooner we accept that and give youngsters a chance that are not tarnished by the failure brush, then we will move forward like Germany!!.

Posted 19:43 1st July 2010

Richard Brand (Chelsea fan) says...

I thnk the failure of england at the world cup is firmly at capellos door. How anyone at the FA can still back this man is beyond me. 1) Squad selection - He put hs trust in a centre back that everyone knows is injury prone. anyone who has had an injury knows that your body compensates for that injury and with the intensity of pressure and higher level football and different training you are likely to breakdown. So it was a dead cert that king would break down. 2) How come Gareth Barry is the saviour of england and the answer to our midfield. For City he is average lacks speed lacks mobility is an average passer of the ball and certainly no pace yet Capello was hinging a squad decsion on his fitness - Madness 3) How many games is he going to give Heskey - he can't score - can't control a ball. Capello's tactics left a lot to be desired at international level you need to keep the ball and find the gaps - so you just can't play more than one player in a team who can't hold and give - so if you play Barry - Lennon and Heskey you are doomed. - Gerrard best position centre midfield so play him there - Lampard best position left of centre so play him there - 4 - 4 - 2 doesn't suit this team we don't have the players for it so change it Capello. Rooney has shone playing up front on his own so play him there. I watched the friendlys 4-4-2 didnt work we didn't look fluid - the only time we looked good was when we went 4 - 4- 1 - 1 for twenty minutes yet capello never went back to it WHY? In the friendlies he hardly played Adam ohnson - Didn't play Scott Parker (who I think is better than Barry in terms of speed passing movement etc was Capello scared the two of them may play well and replace some favourites. Why play or even take upson he has had a really poor season as well as Green - things stare these International managers in the face yet they ignore them - it's time for change - that is part one of my rant over

Posted 19:41 1st July 2010

John Woolveridge (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney isn't the only world class footballer not to live up to there billing at the world cup ronaldo torres (so far) drogba ribery to name but a few the fact of the matter (with the exception of torres) is none of the above play in great teams none of the above play with players with a similar level of skill and ability as them selves. OK Rooney has Gerrard but both players where asked to play out of position and where not given the freedom both players receive at club level. If you look at players like messi villa fabiano etc etc they all are part of fantastic sides surrounded by top class players also messi and fabiano are playing in there favoured positions and if anyone watches la liga they will know that villa loves to pull his markers in to wide areas then cut inside and shoot across the keeper so it isn't just rooney who had a poor world cup and i don't see anyone doubting christiano ronaldos skill and ability

Posted 19:35 1st July 2010

Ishtiaqur Rahman (Manchester United fan) says...

well Wayne is slightly overrated but u cant ever say that he is not a top player. No offense but i'm pretty sure that all of the fans of rival teams don't really watch MU football that much so u cant really judge him before u watch him for an entire season, at least. I on the other hand have watched him for more than three seasons and i can say he is light years ahead of your conventional player....BUT.....still not as good as Ronaldo or Messi. As for England,its simple, they had no passion, no pride for their country. They ran like mules while everyone else were Ferrari's. In football the only thing that trully matters is the spirit, which england lacked in gallons. Hopefully the Germany game was a blessing i disguise and can kick some sense into these guys

Posted 19:32 1st July 2010

Andy Robinson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Just an idea...why don tEngland football follow English Cricket and Rugby / s and organise a Team England formed with the best under 19 talent in the country,,,ignore premiershp clubs and put the squad of players into Loughborough University where they would work together for 4 years with coaches from all over the world...would play matches on a regular basis all over the world,and would finally be ready to challenge in qualifying for the next World Cup.Let the current crop of overrated and overpaid try to qualify for the Europeans...meanwhile train these young players to play lie nearly evry other country in the World Cup able to pass and control the ball..then unleash them on an unsuspecting world

Posted 19:26 1st July 2010

John Beaumont (Leeds United fan) says...

I have watched football for over 75 years and been privileged to see the great, the good, the bad and the ugly, but have never read so much tripe about the game in my life, I am convinced that most football journalist's know three fifths of nothing in respect of the game. Martin Samuels classic about if England had a brain. It's not England but Samuels that needs a brain. A few days earlier he was extolling the virtues of John Terry, who in my opionion was mainly responsible for England's defeat by Germany. I have seen better central defenders playing in the Sunday League in the UK and coached schoolboys in West Africa that were far better. Ken Bates appraisal of the England situation is well worth a read.

Posted 19:21 1st July 2010

Chris Wraight (Manchester United fan) says...

A couple of points Rooney had an awful World cup was a shadow of the player we saw for most of the season for Man U but he has not been right since the injury in Munich he rushed back, fair pplay to the lad he just wants to play football, but he has not scored since that game in munich! Rooney made Ronaldo into an £80 Million player by playing out of position for united and was still a better player if not so prolific. Truly world class players do have off days or weeks especially when injured and playing in a formation where none of the players know what they are doing as was obviously the case in all four of England's world cup matches. Maradonna world class? Nah would not even make my top ten all time players he was good but no where near great. The following were great players take the time to watch them and see the differance, Best, Charton(R), Cruyff, Edwards, Puskas, Pele, Zidane, Eusebio, Banks, Rivelino, Charles, Mathews, Finney, Beckenbaur, Moore,Zoff not in any particular order and in many different positions BUT all truly great players Maradonna does not come close to any of them as a player or as a man.

Posted 19:18 1st July 2010

Rodgers Omondi (Manchester United fan) says...

Wayne Rooney did all he could, you cannot blame him for the team's poor performance. The fact that he has not scored a World Cup goal shows a serious difference in the way England and Manchester United play. At United, he has Nani and Valencia passing the ball around, just where he needs them. With England, playing without wingers was one major mistake that Capello made, hence Rooney never got the ball like he should have. Besides, Rooney had an injury and was exhausted. Just stop blaming Rooney. As a Manchester United and Rooney fan, am fully behind him, and please, you journalists demand too much from him.. he is not God. Wait and see what Wazza will do for Manchester United and England. Viva Wayne Rooney.

Posted 19:15 1st July 2010

Keith Pearce (Manchester United fan) says...

Worries me how the 'experts' blame Rooney for not playing.Well Liverpool fans you are right for the first game he was very poor but so was Gerrard who against Germany shot on 5 occasions when he should have made easy passes. Look at the team,when we had Linaker he had Beardsley,When we had Shearer he had Sheringham who does Rooney have .......Heskey...... To be a great finisher you must have the supply just ask yourselves how many chances were made for him? Remember we were too slow,could'nt pass the ball and should have took Johnson to play on the leftside with Gerrard behind Rooney. This way we would have controled the middle of the park and without Heskey we would not have been offside all the time.

Posted 18:56 1st July 2010

Mike Scott (Arsenal fan) says...

the reality is that Wayne Rooney is not world class, by that i mean posessing the quality that would put you beyond doubt in everyones team ie Messi, Lucio, David Villa. His goals for England have come against mediocre teams and outside of his performance against Croatia in euro 2004 when has he actually delivered for the three lions?? tired,injured,unhappy about the system, what twaddle. he played in that system all through qualifying (against poor opposition) and England qualified with its best ever record and he was declared a world beater. he's a prima donna who goes missing in the big non domestic games, anyone recall a top european side other than Arsenal (yes we are a top european side, but also in the prem league) that he has truly destroyed like messi, ronaldo,kaka,henry et al have over the years. It aint his fault he's just been bigged up by everyone who has failed to recognise that the premier league aint as good as they think.

Posted 18:52 1st July 2010

Andy Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

Well my view on Wayne Rooney¿s performance this World Cup is that every side that England played knew he was the main threat and they knew that if you mark out Wayne Rooney England you stop England scoring. In the Germany game you would see 2 or 3 players cover Rooney as soon as he received the ball and as he was being marked out of the game and the rest of the England players didn't have the answers especially as one of the best central midfielders¿ in the world was on the left wing, our most creative player was on the bench and Frank Lampard was producing poor passes. I don't think the debate should be why was Rooney poor at this world cup, the debate should be why was England so poor at this World Cup and the answer to that is players were out of position, England took their opponents to likely and Capello had no imagination when it came to substitutions.

Posted 18:37 1st July 2010

Emma Bamford (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

I agree with people saying that Rooney is overrated. I also believe that formations and tactics do not make a player unable to control a ball or pass a ball. These are simple things that he should be doing. He may have been marked out of a game and yes that is frustrating, watch messi, he is more marked then Rooney. He channels this frustration in the correct way and thinks of new ideas. Rooney is a very selfish player and is only interested in his own gains. When you are marked well you should be using that for your teams advatage, making diagonal runs to make space for your team mates as Michael Owen does and countless others. I hope he can learn from this but he is 24 now and should be mature and able to handle the pressures that come with big games.

Posted 18:34 1st July 2010

Ian j. Stones (Manchester United fan) says...

Only Cappello can be held responsible. His job is to select. motivate and manage the team. That includes tactics and roles on the field. If the players are not motivated, who else should be responsible? Without exception, each of the England players play better at their clubs where they are used in tactical roles that the team understands and enhance each other. Capello seemed to make the same mistake as Eriksson, playing good individuals is not the same as playing a finely balanced team. The 4-4-2 formation itself was only part of the problem, exacerbated by instructions to play players out of their comfort zones and to play long balls with the new ball. See how Brazil against Portugal built up attacks with short passes, just like ManU often does. Rooney wasn't just man marked, his supply was cut off. He wasn't running into his favorite spaces because he'd been told where to loiter by Capello. We know the team wanted to play different formations and I strongly suspect Capello's approach was the single demotivating factor. Ronaldo, like Rooney was marked, targetted and given few chances to get the ball. The manager alone is responsible. He is the man who should have flexibility and motivate the power of the team.

Posted 18:30 1st July 2010

Paul Locke (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Really obvious - playing for England is a step up and a few of the major names just can't do it for England - Had more than enough chances, close the door and move on.

Posted 18:28 1st July 2010

Steve King (Chelsea fan) says...

sorry guys, England got it wrong way before the world cup when they changed the captin for a non footballing issue and what was he thinking giving it to gerrard.

Posted 18:27 1st July 2010

Joe Mclean (Everton fan) says...

Some good coaches from the above fore mention, agree with most of them.As too Rooney, Everton progressed up the table from when he was left for Man U ? . When South Africa won the World Rugby Cup beating England in the final , their world cup selection squad were not allowed to place competitive matches 2-3 months before the World Cup started. Also if the had England management had done some ''homework'', they would have found that exercising on the high veld is not the best option for the older athlete ( thirty plus ) By resting your elite squad 6 weeks before the WC sure that Lampard, Gerrard, Cole and likes, England would be still in SA playing in the knock-out games. Try telling that to your season ticket holders in the Premier League. joe south africa

Posted 18:10 1st July 2010

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